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Use our ECG diagram template specifically designed for practitioners who analyze and create notes on the patient’s results.

By Patricia Buenaventura on Jun 20, 2024.

Fact Checked by Ericka Pingol.

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ECG Diagram PDF Example
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What is an ECG Diagram?

An is a visual representation that provides information on how well the heart is functioning and how often/regularly the patient’s heart beats. One can see these pieces of information in the form of waves and waveforms.

What an ECG diagram contains varies depending on the creator of the resource. However, one can expect essential details and visuals involving reading an ECG to be standardized across resources.

Our ECG diagram template uses the standardized visuals of the PQRST wave, a sample of an ECG of a patient with a normal sinus rhythm, and a dedicated space for any notes you may have. You may use this template as a basis for comparison or a document for any observations/findings on a patient.

For a copy you can use in your practice, proceed to the next section for instructions on downloading and using the template.

Printable ECG Diagram

Download this ECG Diagram to ensure quality patient care.

How does it work?

Access and Download the Template

Access and download our printable ECG diagram template by:

  • Clicking the "Download Template" or "Use Template" button above
  • Searching "ECG diagram" in the search bar on Carepatron's template library accessible via the app and website

Use the Resource

Once you have a copy of the template, you can use it however necessary. For ideas, proceed to the "When would you use this template?" section below. 

Take Down Notes (Optional)

You are free to take down notes of the graphs or any notes/observations/findings on your patient's test results. 

ECG Diagram Assessment Example (sample)

Here’s our example of an ECG diagrams PDF template for heart specialists or cardiologists that can double as a document for the practitioner’s notes on a fictional client. You may use this example for educational purposes or as a reference. 

Grab a copy of our sample for offline use by viewing the example below or clicking the “Download Example PDF” button above. 

Download this ECG Diagram Example:

ECG Diagram Assessment Example (sample)

When would you use this Template?

To review

Our ECG diagram template not only features the breakdown of a single wave into the P Wave, QRS Complex, and T Wave, but it also has an example of an ECG result with normal sinus rhythm. Both of these can be helpful when you need to re-familiarize yourself with the knowledge you gained in medical school time and again. 

To explain 

In certain circumstances, having an ECG diagram on hand can help you explain how to read a result to practitioners who are younger than you or patients who may want to understand their results better through comparison. 

To take down notes

Since our ECG diagram template comes with an empty space, you can use it to take notes on the diagrams on the template or any observations/findings you may have on the patient/patient’s results. 


Simple to Use

Our template is simple to use. Mainly because it’s up to you how you will make the most out of the document. The template can serve numerous purposes, and we’ll leave it up to you how you will utilize it to your benefit. 

Provides Insight to the Patient’s Condition

An ECG in sinus rhythm image is provided on the ECG diagram template. You can use this image as a point of reference and compare it with your patient's results to check if they have any condition, such as an irregular heartbeat or heart attack. 

Improves Monitoring Process

Suppose you’ve made notes on the template. In that case, you can use it as a document to help you monitor whether there are any changes over time because of a change in lifestyle or medication so the referring physician can adjust accordingly. 

Fully Digital and Accessible

Our ECG diagram template is fully digital and can be accessed on any device you have on hand. Furthermore, you can give access to fellow practitioners who will help you with diagnosis and treatment plan formulation by turning on viewing access on Carepatron. 

Why use Carepatron as your ECG Diagram app?

Because general practitioners use Carepatron’s features and tools to manage and be more productive in their practice. And you can be one of them!

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Managing Clinical Documents

We have over 1000 downloadable, editable, and printable templates of medical documents in PDF form you can utilize. We have an uploader and note creator feature within the app for any personal documents and notes you need to create from scratch. Then, when your day is finished, all your documents will automatically be stored in Carepatron’s secure HIPAA-compliant EHR. 

Handling Online Payments

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Who uses ECG Diagrams?
Who uses ECG Diagrams?

Commonly asked questions

Who uses ECG Diagrams?

Our ECG diagram is designed for cardiologists and other practitioners needing to reference or analyze their patient’s ECGs. Therefore, they are more likely to use and benefit from a copy of the ECG diagram template.

When do you use ECG Diagrams?

You can use it when you need to review, reference, or educate the patient or their family about the condition of the patient.

What does an ECG Diagram assess?

It’s meant to check the electrical signals of one’s heart that may reflect a heart condition in a patient. 

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