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Gather information on patients who want to start a fitness program by using this personal training intake form template. Click here for a free copy.

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What is a Personal Training Intake Form?

A is a document designed specifically for personal trainers creating a fitness program. They can use this to gather information on a patient. Depending on the form creator, the content and look of the document may vary.

Our personal training intake form has the following:

  • Basic client details
  • Inquiries on one’s health problems, injuries, diet, stress/fitness level, fitness goals, and preferred schedule

Aside from the information mentioned above, our template isn’t only printable but also available to for editing on Carepatron or your local PDF editor. This is to adapt to the new practice of making it easier and quicker for both the client and professional to complete and access intake forms.

If you don’t have a personal training form, need to update yours, or switch to digital copies but don’t want to create new ones, we’ve created a template for you.

Read the section below to learn more about downloading and utilizing the template.

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Printable Personal Training Intake Form

Download this Personal Training Intake Form to streamline your intake process.

How does it work?

Access and Download the Template 

To access and download our printable personal training intake form, you can do either of the following: 

Fill Out the Form

Before planning the fitness program or the session, provide a copy or your client to fill out. You may give it to them to answer at their convenience and at the comfort of their home. 

Upload the Form

Once completed, don’t forget to upload the information on Carepatron’s HIPAA-compliant storage for security and easy access. 

Have the Patient Consult with a Physician

Before developing a fitness program, you should recommend that the client consult with a physician to ensure there aren’t any underlying injuries or conditions that must be considered when formulating a fitness program. 

Personal Training Intake Forms Example (sample)

Here’s our example of a personal training intake form sample in PDF for personal trainers, answered by a fictional client. Hopefully, you’ll gain insight into how this form may look completed. 

Grab a copy of our sample for offline use by clicking the “Download Example PDF” or viewing the example below. 

Download this Personal Training Intake Form Example:

Personal Training Intake Forms Example (sample)

When would you use this Form?

Professionals who create fitness regimens, such as personal trainers, can use personal intake forms to:

  • Gather information on new clients
  • Update information on old clients
  • Know more about the clients’ fitness goals and preferred schedule

Aside from them, practitioners such as general physicians, physical therapists, sports medicine physicians, and orthopedic therapists - all of whom are qualified medical professionals who can check the client’s well-being and capability to participate in a fitness program - can also benefit from a completed personal training intake form. 


Save Time and Effort

Since our free personal intake forms come complete with most information a personal trainer needs, they save time and effort creating an intake form if they start from scratch. To add, if given to the client way in advance, the client and the personal trainer also save time filling it up during the first part of their consultation. 

Gain Insight into the Patient’s Health

Our personal trainer intake form has inquiries on the patient’s health which will give the personal trainer and the referring physician, who will do a check-up on the client, insight into the client’s well-being and health. This is especially helpful so that the fitness program's creator will consider the client's capabilities and limitations. 

Personalized Program

With the information obtained using the personal training intake form, personal trainers can create personalized fitness programs with the patient’s condition in mind. Furthermore, further down the road, the client can answer the same intake form so the personal trainer can consider any changes and adjust their program accordingly. 

Digitally Accessible

Though printable, one of the main benefits of using our personal training intake form is that it’s digitally accessible. This means you and your client can access and fill it out on Carepatron or any local PDF editor on any of your gadgets. Plus, storage is a breeze with digital documents since you can effortlessly store them on Carepatron’s HIPAA-compliant, secure EHR. 

Why use Carepatron as your Personal Training Intake app?

It’s because practitioners and professionals can benefit from the features and tools on Carepatron, and you can too!

You won’t only be able to download, complete, and store your training intake form on Carepatron but do so much more, like automate tasks and streamline processes that’ll increase the caliber of your practice. Here are a few things you can save time and effort on with Carepatron:


Patients can make appointments independently for your approval on Carepatron. Any approved appointments will appear on your Google/iCal calendar and our built-in calendar. You can also reduce no-shows by automating reminders they can receive via SMS or e-mail. 

Managing Clinical Documents

On Carepatron, you can easily create and manage clinical documents. You can create your own notes, copy-paste existing documents on hand, and use any of the 1000 and counting downloadable, editable, and printable templates of medical documents. No need to worry about storage because Carepatron comes complete with secure, HIPAA-compliant storage for your benefit and ease. 

Handing Online Payments

Automate invoice creation, set up automated reminders, and process payments with a few clicks. With reminders and more accessible payment options, clients will be more encouraged to pay on time. 

All these and more are only available at Carepatron. Sign up for free to get an account today!

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Commonly asked questions

Who typically uses Personal Training Intake Forms?

The personal training intake for is designed specifically for personal trainers. However, other physicians may also find the intake form helpful after customization and tweaking.

When are Personal Training Intake Forms used?

They are used before a client joins a fitness program designed by the personal trainer.

How are Personal Training Intake Forms used?

They are used similarly to other intake forms, wherein they are the documents wherein all gathered information is placed.

Who typically uses Personal Training Intake Forms?
Who typically uses Personal Training Intake Forms?
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Patricia Buenaventura
Patricia Buenaventura

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