Antibiotic Sensitivity

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By Patricia Buenaventura on Jun 20, 2024.

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What is an Antibiotic Sensitivity Test(AMH)?

An antibiotic sensitivity test or serology test is a medical test used to identify how susceptible a microbe is to a specific antibiotic. With the test, healthcare professionals can better identify which antibiotics can treat the patient�??s infection and find an alternative treatment to antibiotic-resistant infections. The test may also be used to identify the dosage of the antibiotic to be used.

Printable Antibiotic Sensitivity Test

Download this Antibiotic Sensitivity Test to assess your patient�??s response to antibiotics.

How does it work?

Step One. Access and Download the Template

Ensure you have a digital and printable version of the antibiotic sensitivity test request template form when needed. Choose between the two steps below to obtain a copy:

  • Click the �??Use Template�?� or �??Download Template�?� button 
  • Search �??Antibiotic Sensitivity Test�?� in Carepatron�??s template library�??s search bar on the website or app

Step Two. Assess the Patient

At this point, the patient is already diagnosed and formulating a treatment plan. Before requesting, it�??s best to examine the source of the infection, if possible, or check the patient's vitals. 

Step Three. Collect a Sample

After the assessment, the practitioner in charge may collect a sample. The process may differ depending on where the practitioner will obtain a sample. Here�??s a list of the five types of culture they may collect: blood, urine, wound, sputum, and throat. 

Step Four. Next Steps

Once the sample has been collected, results have been collected, and interpretations have been made, the next steps will be to provide a suitable treatment for the patient�??s infection. 

Step Five. Securely Store the Template

When the patient is in a stable condition, you should store the completed template in a secure physical location or on Carepatron, a HIPAA-compliant clinical documentation software, for future reference. 

Antibiotic Sensitivity Test Example (sample)

Here�??s a PDF file of a filled-out antibiotic sensitivity test request form template you can use as a guide, educational resource, or reference. Note, however, that the answers in the template are fictional. 

Grab yourself a copy by viewing the sample below or clicking the �??Download Example PDF�?? button. 

Download this Antibiotic Sensitivity Test Example:

Antibiotic Sensitivity Test Example (sample)

When would you use this test?

The referring physician, the nurse practitioner, and the physician�??s assistant can use and benefit from a copy of the antibody sensitivity test request form template. They�??ll find it especially helpful if they are caring for a patient with an infection that is hard to treat or antibiotic-resistant, like MRSA and tuberculosis. They can also use the form to request an antibiotic sensitivity test for patients with infections that aren�??t responding well to standard treatment. 

What do the results mean?

There are four test results one can get on the antibiotic sensitivity test. Here�??s a free list of them below and what each may mean:

  • Susceptible: This means that the medicine has killed the substance causing the infection, and it�??s the ideal plan for treatment. 
  • Intermediate: The treatment can be effective but only at a higher dosage. 
  • Resistant: The medicine did not kill the substance causing the infection and is unsuitable for treatment. 

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Who typically requests an Antibiotic Sensitivity Test?
Who typically requests an Antibiotic Sensitivity Test?

Commonly asked questions

Who typically requests an Antibiotic Sensitivity Test?

Healthcare practitioners who usually request are physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners formulating or caring for a patient with an illness that needs antibiotics.

When are Antibiotic Sensitivity Tests used?

Antibiotic sensitivity tests are requested when the patient has a hard-to-treat or antibiotic-resistant illness or their condition isn�??t improving even after standard treatment.

How long does an Antibiotic Sensitivity Test take?

Collection of the sample can take a few minutes. However, the analysis and the interpretation may take a while, depending on the number of samples that must be analyzed and the speed of the practitioners in charge.

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