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Collect essential information on your patient before they continue with treatment using our free and downloadable massage therapy intake form template.

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What are Massage Therapy Intake Forms?

A massage therapy intake form is a document therapists use to gather information on a patient, such as essential basic information; medical history, including conditions, allergies, and prior injuries; therapy session goals, and more. These pieces of information are vital to ensuring that the therapist is well-informed and has the patient’s concerns and conditions while formulating a treatment plan.

Similar to other intake forms, physical copies of massage intake forms were the ones that patients filled out for the past few decades. However, due to the pandemic, digitally editable versions became more available to allow patients to answer them before heading to the clinic or hospital. The result of this switch, as practitioners have discovered, saves the therapist and the patient a lot of time and effort and streamlines the intake process.

If you’ve always relied on physical copies of your intake form and need a digital one but don’t want to start from scratch, we have the solution for you. We created a template with all the needed questions and instructions to help you obtain the information you need. If you feel it’s missing a section or two, you can edit it on Carepatron.

Want a copy of our template? Head to the next section for directions on how to download a copy.

Printable Massage Therapy Intake Form

Download this Massage Therapy Intake Form to improve the intake process at your massage therapy practice.

How does it work?

Step One. Download the Template

Access and download our printable massage therapy intake forms template by doing either of the following:

  • Clicking the “Use this Template” or “Download Template” button above
  • Searching for the “Massage Therapy Intake Form” in Carepatron’s template library on our website or app

Step Two. Fill Out the Form

Once you have a copy, you can give it to your patient to answer independently at home or the clinic before the session. Ensure they don’t leave a question unanswered as much as possible to reduce the risk of any problem arising during the session.

Step Three. Store and Proceed with the Treatment

After filling it up, it’s recommended that you store the document in a secure place. If you plan to keep a digital copy, we recommend storing it on Carepatron, a secure HIPAA-compliant EHR/EMR. 

Massage Therapy Intake Forms Example (Sample)

Here’s our example of a filled-out Massage Therapy Intake Forms PDF template. Use this to gain insight into how this assessment may look complete. 

You can grab a copy of our template for offline use by clicking the sample below the “Download Example PDF” button above.

Download this Massage Therapy Intake Form Example (Sample) here:

Massage Therapy Intake Forms Example (Sample)

When Would You Use this Template?

Practitioners can use this massage therapy intake form template to gather information on a new patient or update a patient’s record. And because our template is customizable, you can make the most out of it by editing it to fit your needs. For example, if you think that your patient falls under any of the conditions or situations below, you may give them your edited, fillable document:

  • They haven’t gotten a massage, and you think it’s beneficial if they get one
  • They are training
  • They are stressed out or have anxiety/depression
  • They have any pain or tightness 
  • They don’t have full range of motion
  • They have trouble sleeping or don’t get enough sleep
  • They are recovering from a soft tissue injury
  • Their immune system needs help
  • You need to improve their blood circulation
  • They are babies who are colic, constipated, or have sleeping problems

We will leave it up to you, the expert and specialist, to decide how to maximize the document and when to use it that’ll benefit you the most.


Encourages Transparency

Since our template is comprehensive, patients are encouraged to be transparent and share their health and condition to prevent problems or reduce the risk of the patient getting injured or harmed during the session. 

Quick Screening Tool

Although comprehensive, it won’t take much time for the patient to complete the form. To add, because of the diagram provided, the therapist will efficiently and quickly see which part requires attention during the session.

Personalized Treatment

With the help of the template, therapists can quickly formulate a personalized treatment that will alleviate the patient’s pain without worsening their existing conditions. 

Accessible and Fully Digital

Our free massage therapy intake forms are fully digital. Anyone with a desktop or mobile device can easily access the template. Aside from sending filled-out documents to fellow therapists taking care of the same patient for reference, the therapist in charge can send a copy to the patient to be completed before the session at their convenience and comfort of their home. 

Research & Evidence

Practitioners know the importance of intake forms, especially ones for massage therapy. That’s why even before it was digitized, practitioners have been utilizing its physical copies.

Similar to a patient intake form, however, having a digital version of the document is now all the more useful and beneficial post-pandemic. There’s no need to follow up or confirm information, and all the required information by the therapist is right at their fingertips.

Commonly asked questions

Who uses massage therapy intake forms?

Massage therapists will likely use and benefit from our massage therapy intake form template. 

When do you use massage therapy intake forms?

Generally, you use it when you need information on a new patient or update an old patient’s document. Ultimately, however, it’s up to you when to use our massage therapy intake forms.

How are massage therapy intake forms used?

They function similarly to patient intake forms wherein the patient fills out the essential information, which the practitioner uses when diagnosing or formulating a treatment plan.

Why use Carepatron as Your Massage Therapy Intake Forms app?

Not only is Carepatron an app where you can get a guide and template for a massage intake form. It’s a leading practice management software with features that can help you automate tasks to streamline clinical processes. On Carepatron, there’s more to customizing and editing your massage intake therapy form.

Download our app on your desktop or iOs/ Android gadgets to access the following for free:

  • Over 500 editable, downloadable, and printable PDF templates of medical documents like surveys, tests, and assessments
  • A template creator and medical document scanner in case you can’t find what you need in our library
  • A secure, HIPAA-compliant EHR system for all your digital notes and clients’ medical records
  • Integration with video call solutions for teleconsultation and your existing calendars for effortless scheduling
Therapy Software


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Who uses massage therapy intake forms?
Who uses massage therapy intake forms?
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Patricia Buenaventura
Patricia Buenaventura

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