Setting Boundaries Worksheets

Set and manage clear limits regarding client boundaries with our free worksheets. Empower clients to step away and create effective action plans that promote higher respect, self-esteem, and self-awareness.

By Emma Hainsworth on May 15, 2024.

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What Is A Setting Boundaries Worksheet?

Setting boundaries is an important way to ensure that clients have healthy limits when it comes to their emotions, thoughts, feelings, health, body, and time. It is a way to empower clients to monitor and set clear expectations, with these worksheets helping clients recognize when boundaries must be created, and how they can be achieved. Boundaries allow clients to strengthen their self-esteem and self-awareness, whilst respecting others to maintain and sustain healthy relationships. These provide clients with the agency to create a necessary distance to reduce escalation and allow for a healthier lifestyle that is considerate and predictive. Of course, it is easier said than done for clients to set boundaries, which is why these worksheets are designed as a supplementary tool for mental health practitioners to work through with their patients. Regardless of whether the client is dealing with work, relationship, social, or psychological boundaries, these worksheets are highly advantageous in ensuring that boundaries are effective and do not cross any lines.

Printable Setting Boundaries Worksheets

Download these Setting Boundaries Worksheets to improve your client's treatment progress and therapy outcomes.

How To Use This Setting Boundaries Worksheet 

To implement this worksheet example, it is recommended that you follow these simple steps. Although they may be self-explanatory, it is recommended that you have a read to ensure you have them under your belt.

Step 1: Download the boundaries worksheet

The first step to using these setting boundary worksheets is to download them through the links on this page. It should only take a few seconds, and the worksheet should open automatically within your designated PDF reader application. The worksheet is compatible with mobile, laptop, and PC devices, and can be edited according to your needs.

Step 2: Complete the worksheet

You will then need to distribute the worksheet to your patients so they may complete it. We highly recommend that you print these worksheets out, and work through them during your appointments so you can support your client at every step of the way. Alternatively, you can forward these electronically to your client, and they could be assigned as homework exercises for them to complete on their own time.

Step 3: Secure the worksheet

It is important that you manage your files efficiently, and ensure that they are stored confidentially. These worksheets contain highly sensitive information and it is important that you do not mix them up with other client documents, and that only authorized users have access to them. We recommend that you stole the worksheets within a HIPAA-compliant platform to ensure you are meeting industry standards.

Boundaries Worksheet Example (Sample)

If you would like to witness these worksheets in action, then look no further. we have created a setting boundaries worksheet example for you to view, and assist with the level of quality of information typically required. It is a fictitious case and presents an option of how it may be utilized. Conversely, we've also created a blank setting boundaries worksheet for you to use within your practice right away. Simply click the links on this page to download.

Download this Setting Boundaries Example (Sample) here: 

Boundaries Worksheet Example (Sample)

Who Can Use these Printable Setting Boundaries Worksheets (PDF)?

These worksheets can be used within a variety of mental health specializations and professions, as there are many instances where a client will need to set appropriate limits and boundaries. Anytime that you wish to help a client respect themselves and others, and you wish to support and promote healthy responses to certain scenarios or events, then feel free to integrate the worksheets. Set appropriate limits, and help clients feel empowered in themselves and their ability to navigate social situations, as well as their own health safely. While typically used for those dealing with social issues, such as those with anger management concerns, or delinquent behavior, boundary worksheets can be used for virtually any healthcare specialization. A list of potential healthcare professionals who may especially benefit from these worksheets includes the following:

  1. Psychologists
  2. Psychiatrists
  3. Social workers
  4. Counselors
  5. Life coaches
  6. Therapists

Why Is This Form Useful For Therapists

There are many uses to feelings worksheets, so it is important that you take note of them, these uses include the following:

Set clear limits

The purpose of these worksheets is that your clients are able to set clear limits when it comes to their behaviour, especially when encountering difficult situations with others. Many clients lack the social skills or discipline to be able to recognize when to step away, with these worksheets helping patients increase this ability to facilitate more positive and healthy interactions.

Enhance organization

Working as a mental health care practitioner, you are probably aware of how quickly schedules can turn around and become saturated with business tasks and increasing numbers of clients. Fortunately, these worksheets allow you to organize multiple client evaluations in just one document, meaning you can cut straight to the chase without compromise. Simplify your workload, and stay on top of your To-Do List.

Save time

Of course, integrating these worksheets means that you can also save tremendous amounts of time. You don't need to spend hours planning what questions and prompts to supply to your client, with the worksheet covering all essential bases. You can spend more time connecting with your clients and prioritizing their health care goals and needs.

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Why Use Carepatron For Setting Boundaries Worksheet Software?

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Setting Boundaries Worksheet Software
When do I use setting boundary worksheets?
When do I use setting boundary worksheets?

Commonly asked questions

When do I use setting boundary worksheets?

Setting boundary worksheets are specifically used for clients who struggle to recognize the impact of their actions, and who find it difficult to identify and commit to boundaries in social situations and beyond. This is typically used within clients who may lack the social skills or discipline to recognize when to step away, and who perpetually fail to preserve their self-esteem, respect, and dignity in certain situations. The worksheets are used to induce positive and healthy responses and can be used for a variety of mental health concerns and disorders.

How many boundaries do I set?

There is no right answer when it comes to the number of limits or boundaries that must be set. This worksheet encourages clients to think of five ways, however, this is not compulsory and can be adapted to meet the specific needs of clients. As a mental health practitioner, it is recommended that you use your own professional judgment and discretion when it comes to enforcing a specific number.

Can I share this worksheet?

These worksheets contain highly personal information, so it is not recommended that you share this with anyone. If a fellow healthcare professional wishes to view the worksheet, then you must receive permission from the client. If the client wishes to view it, it is perfectly fine, and in fact, they may keep the worksheet themselves.

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