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Download this Functional Behavior Assessment and help identify the underlying purposes of your patient’s behaviors.

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What is a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)?

The method known as (FBA) is a process used to determine the underlying purpose or function of a behavior. Psychologists, behavior analysts, and other professionals commonly employ it to understand why a behavior occurs and to create successful intervention strategies to address it.

Through observation, interviews with the individual and those who interact with them, and a review of relevant records and papers, information on the behavior is then collected as part of Functional Behavior Assessment. This analysis determines the antecedents (what occurs before the behavior occurs), the behavior itself, and the consequences (what happens after the behavior).

There are typically four functions of behavior: attention-seeking, escape or avoidance, obtaining tangible items or activities, and self-stimulation.

The psychologist or behavior analyst can develop an intervention plan that addresses the behavior's underlying cause once the function of the behavior has been determined. This could involve altering the environment or the task demands, training the individual new skills, or altering the consequences of the behavior to reduce its occurrence.

Functional Behavior Assessment is an empirically validated procedure that has been proven successful in resolving challenging behaviors in various situations, including households, schools, and clinical settings. It is a proactive approach that places more emphasis on understanding the function of a behavior than it does on just punishing or suppressing the behavior.

Printable Functional Behavior Assessment

Download this Functional Behavior Assessment to determine the underlying function of a behavior.

How do these Functional Behavior Assessments work?

The Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) process typically consists of several steps, though these might vary according to the individual and other conditions. Nonetheless, a typical Functional Behavior Assessment framework includes the steps that follow:

Identify the Problem Behavior

Defining the concerning behavior is the first step in a Functional Behavior Assessment. To do this, the particular behavior(s) that need to be addressed must be determined, and the behavior must be described in observable and quantifiable terms.

Collect Information

To understand the behavior, information is obtained from a variety of sources. Direct observation of the individual in their environment, interviews with the individual, as well as those in contact with them (including parents, teachers, or caretakers), and a review of pertinent data, are all part of the process.

Analyze the Data

After collecting the information, the behaviour is evaluated to find trends and possible causes. This includes investigating the antecedents, the behavior itself, and the consequences.

Identify the Function

The function or purpose of the behavior is determined based on the data analysis. The behavior may be serving a specific function: getting attention, getting away from a situation, or getting access to tangible items.

Develop and Intervention Plan

When the function of a behavior is clearly understood, a plan for intervention that targets the underlying cause of the behavior can be developed. To do so, it may be necessary to make changes to the environment or task requirements, impart new abilities, or change the consequences of the behavior.

Implement & Monitor the Plan

The intervention plan is carried out, and progress is tracked throughout time to assess the plan's success. Adjustments may be made to ensure the behavior is addressed properly.

Functional Behavior Assessment example (sample)

Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) is a procedure used to identify the causes of a behavior and create efficient intervention strategies to deal with it. A sample Functional Behavior Assessment might contain a description of the behavior, its antecedents and consequences, identification of the function of the behavior, as well as recommendations on how to address it. 

Psychologists and other medical experts can collect data using Functional Behavior Assessment to develop a personalized strategy that caters to the person's particular needs and enhances their quality of life.

To better understand what is Functional Behavior Assessment, we have provided an example below.

Download this Functional Behavior Assessment Example (Sample) here:

Functional Behavior Assessment example (sample)

When to use this Functional Behavior Assessment Test?

When challenging behaviours are present, Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) Test can be used in various contexts and circumstances. Here are some situations in which FBA might be applied:


Functional Behavior Assessment can be used in schools to identify why a student is behaving inappropriately in the classroom or other school settings. This can aid teachers and other school personnel develop effective intervention strategies to support students' learning and conduct.


At home, Functional Behavior Assessment can be done to determine why a child or adult is displaying problematic behaviors. This can aid in developing approaches by parents and caregivers to support the individual's behavior and improve their quality of life.

Clinical Setting

In clinical settings, Functional Behavior Assessment may be used to determine why a patient exhibits challenging behaviors such as violence or self-injury. This can aid physicians in developing effective treatment plans to address the underlying causes of the patient's behavior and improve their general well-being.


Functional Behavior Assessment is an effective way to determine why an individual is showing challenging behaviors that may impact their job performance and work environment. This can assist companies and supervisors in developing ways to support the employee and improve work performance.

Overall, FBA can be used in any setting where challenging behaviors are present and there is a need to understand the underlying causes of the behavior to develop effective intervention plans.

Who is this Functional Behavior Assessment PDF for?

Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) PDFs can be used by various professionals. PDFs of Functional Behavior Assessments are often designed to be user-friendly and accessible to professionals lacking specialist expertise in behavior analysis or psychology. These may include directions for performing the assessment and examples of how to obtain information on the behavior, its antecedents, consequences, and function.

Here is a list of professionals who can use Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) PDFs: 

  1. Psychologists 
  2. Behavior analysts 
  3. Teachers 
  4. Special educators 
  5. Speech and language pathologists 
  6. Occupational therapists 
  7. Counselors 
  8. Social workers 
  9. School administrators 
  10. Behavior specialists 
  11. Mental health professionals 
  12. Pediatricians 
  13. Psychiatrists 
  14. Rehabilitation specialists 
  15. Juvenile justice professionals

While Functional Behavior Assessment PDF can be a valuable tool for professionals, it's important to note that conducting a thorough Functional Behavior Assessment requires specialized training and expertise. Professionals not trained in behavior analysis or psychology should seek consultation from a trained behavior analyst or psychologist to ensure that the FBA is conducted correctly and that appropriate interventions are developed based on the assessment results.

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Why use this Functional Behavior Assessment app?

The Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) app from Carepatron is the best tool for thorough evaluations. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, adaptable evaluation templates, and real-time data capture, it is a practical and effective tool. The software enables assessors to compile comprehensive data regarding behavior, causes, and effects, facilitating a full assessment process. Additionally, the app's data analysis and reporting capabilities make it easier to spot behavior trends and provide in-depth reports, fostering better stakeholder collaboration.

The Carepatron FBA app's focus on data security is one of its most notable aspects. The software ensures that evaluation data is safely kept and secured per industry norms and laws. Evaluators can rest easy knowing that sensitive data is handled appropriately and privately because of this dedication to data security.

The FBA app also encourages cooperation between assessors, caregivers, and other assessment process participants. It encourages a team-based approach to behavior management and intervention planning by facilitating the simple sharing of assessment data, reports, and progress updates. Stakeholders can easily collaborate to develop and carry out efficient behavior support programs by utilizing the app's collaboration features.

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How to score the Functional Behavior Assessment?
How to score the Functional Behavior Assessment?

Commonly asked questions

How to score the Functional Behavior Assessment?

Since the goal of a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) is to understand a behaviour's function rather than assign a numerical score, they are not normally scored in the same way as standard assessments. Instead, the FBA process includes gathering data regarding the antecedents, behavior, conseqeuences, and potential function to create efficient intervention strategies to support the individual's behavior.

What does the Functional Behavior Assessment measure?

The Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) measures the function or purpose of a behavior, as well as the environmental factors that may be contributing to the behavior.

How to administer the Functional Behavior Assessment?

Typically, behavior analysts or psychologists use direct observation, in-person interviews with relevant individuals, and analysis of data gathered on the subject's behavior to give the Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA). In order to acquire information regarding the behavior, checklists, rating scales, and other assessment instruments may be used. Interviews with caretakers, teachers, and other people who frequently interact with the individual may also be a component of the procedure.

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