9 Best Therapy Practice Management Software in 2024

Manage your time effectively with the 9 Best Therapy Practice Management Software in 2024 that can streamline processes and automate tasks beyond patient care.

By Priya Singh on Apr 25, 2024.

Fact Checked by RJ Gumban.

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Therapy Practice Management Software

Practitioners must develop particular professional skills to efficiently accomplish the tasks they have set out for the day. More often than not, the tasks that eat most of their effort and focus are related to administration and practice management rather than patient care. And though it can be overwhelming at times, it doesn't have to be. With the advancement of technology, practitioners can now automate and streamline steps in a process.

How, you may ask? With practice management software!

Though helpful for everyone, practice management software is especially useful for therapists to the point that there's software designed specifically for them. 

If you're a therapist looking for software to download and use in your practice but don't know where to begin looking for one, allow us to help you out. Below, you'll find information on what you should look for in practice management software for therapists and a list of the 9 best practice management software available in 2024 that we've found. 

Hopefully, you'll find them helpful in narrowing down your options!

What should you look for in Practice Management Software for therapists?

Patient portal

Usually, within the mental health practice, the first step practitioners take before testing, formulating a diagnosis, or treating is gathering information on a patient. It'll be beneficial if the software has a patient portal where patients can access and input relevant information. It'll save time and effort that would've gone to practitioners and staff handling the patient intake process. 


Scheduling is another must-have feature of therapy practice management software. Not only should practitioners be able to schedule appointments, but it'll be a huge help if they can also set recurring appointments and automated reminders to reduce no-shows. 


Software must also be able to make documentation much easier for practitioners. This can come in many forms, especially for those working as behavioral health practitioners. However, the most helpful of them all are editable templates so  patients can document without having to start from scratch. 

Billing, coding, and online payments

It's a fact that healthcare organizations still need to earn to maintain equipment, treat patients, and the like. The best practice management software that can streamline the process of billing by automating invoices, making coding more effortless, and allowing online payments can definitely speed up cash inflow. 


Telehealth has become a valuable tool to ensure that despite everything, caring for patients doesn't stop. So, it'd be helpful for both patients and practitioners if the software had key features such as telecommunication capabilities, so both parties could meet with each other no matter the circumstances. 


With all the valuable information a patient and practitioner inputs and stores in the software, one must be assured that the information stays secure and accessible only by relevant parties. Therefore, the software must be HIPAA-compliant and have an encryption system. 

Value for money

It's pretty rare that a practice management software has less than 3 features which means that there's a team behind the creation and maintenance of the software that also needs to be paid for their hard work. 

Therefore, one can't expect that the majority of the practice management software is available for free. If you find one, that's great! If not, don't forget to look at the prices and features and see if you think that you'll get much value for what you're paying for. 

Now that you have information on what you should be looking for in practice management software for therapists, without further ado, here's a list of the 9 Best Therapy Practice Management Software in 2024. 

9 Best Therapy Practice Management software available in 2024


A HIPAA-compliant, all-in-one practice management software designed for a variety of healthcare professionals, including therapists, Carepatron has features that can automate tasks and streamline processes such as scheduling, paying, creating invoices, and more. Aside from those, Carepatron also offers over 100 downloadable healthcare resources practitioners can use for free. Carepatron can be used in group practice as well as private practice.

Carepatron's best features

  • Has a patient portal
  • Has automated reminders for appointments, invoices, and payments created
  • Can create notes and store them in a secure EHR
  • Can conduct telehealth sessions
  • Available on desktop, iOs, and Android

Carepatron's limitations

  • Limited data storage for the starter plan 
  • Can sync Googe and Outlook calendars
  • No e-prescription feature

Carepatron's pricing

  • $0/Month/user
  • $12/month/user (when billed annually)
  • $19/month/user (when billed annually)

Carepatron's reviews

  • Capterra: 4.5 stars (69 reviews)
  • G2: 4.6 (127 reviews)



SimplePractice is a HIPAA-compliant software designed specifically for mental health practitioners such as therapists. It has features that can speed up tasks such as documentation, billing, scheduling, and even note-taking. 

SimplePractice's best features 

  • Has a patient portal 
  • Has scheduling automation and reminders
  • Can create or edit intake forms and other EHR templates
  • Can bill and document
  • Available on Android and iOs

SimplePractice's limitations

  • No free plan available
  • Group plan can be pricey
  • Technology is a bit outdated

SimplePractice's pricing

  • Solo Starter: $29/month
  • Solo Essential: $69/month
  • Solo Plus: $99/month
  • Group Plus: $158/month (2 clinicians)

SimplePractice's reviews

  • Capterra: 4.6 stars (2602 reviews)
  • G2: 4.1 stars (117 reviews)



Designed for mental health professionals, including therapists, TherapyNotes is a web-based EHR offering clinical documentation wherein therapists can edit templates and create notes. Aside from those, however, therapists can also schedule, create reports, conduct telehealth sessions, bill, and more. 

TherapyNotes' best features

  • Can schedule recurring appointments
  • Can create invoices and manage billing
  • Can access editable templates and create notes
  • Has an online patient portal 
  • HIPAA-compliant

TherapyNotes' limitations

  • No free plan
  • Can be pricey for solo users
  • No application for mobile devices

TherapyNotes' pricing

  • Solo: $49/month (one user)
  • Group and Enterprise: $59/month (for the first clinician)

TherapyNotes' reviews

  • Capterra: 4.7 stars (882 reviews)
  • G2: 4.5 Stars (94 reviews)



ClinicSource is a practice management software that prides itself on offering secure storage for electronic medical records as well as other benefits that can help with efficiently finishing other tasks such as billing, invoicing, scheduling and more. 

ClinicSource is a practice management software that prides itself on offering secure storage for electronic medical records and other benefits that can help efficiently finish other tasks such as billing, invoicing, scheduling, and more. 

ClinicSource's best features

  • Can manage to bill and create invoices
  • Has note-taking and document management capabilities
  • Can schedule therapy appointments
  • Can generate patient reports
  • HIPAA-compliant

ClinicSource's limitations

  • No mobile app for mobile devices
  • Customer support is not available 24/7 
  • No free plan

ClinicSource's pricing

  • First User: $72.95/mo
  • Additional Users: $36.95 (for full users, unlimited visits) or $12.95/mo (for part-time users & non-providers, <25 visits per month)

ClinicSource's reviews

  • Capterra: 3.9 stars (65 reviews)
  • G2: 3.4 stars (19 reviews)



Web-based software for mental health professionals such as therapists, with CounSol, practitioners can take notes, share documents, manage client information, schedule appointments, and more. 

CounSol's best features

  • Has a client portal
  • Can schedule appointments and set up reminders
  • Can fill out, edit, and create custom forms, questionnaires, and client notes
  • Can e-prescribe
  • Can manage insurance claims

CounSol's limitations

  • No free plan
  • No separate app for mobile
  • Services only available to those in the US and Canada

CounSol's pricing

  • Standard: $49.95/month (1 counselor). Add $35/month/counselor. 
  • Standard Plus: $59.95/month (1 counselor). Add $40/month/counselor.
  • Premium: $64.95/month (1 counselor). Add $45/month/counselor.
  • Premium Plus: $69.95/month (1 counselor). Add $45/month/counselor.

CounSol's reviews

  • Capterra: 4.7 stars (848 reviews)
  • G2: 4.4 stars (4 reviews)



Luminello is a mental health all-in-one practice management platform designed for and by psychiatrists and therapists. They offer all the features in an EMR and others, like credit card billing, integrated insurance, and more. 

Luminello's best features

  • Can document and create notes
  • Can conduct telehealth sessions
  • Has integrated insurance and credit card billing
  • Has e-prescribe software
  • HIPAA-compliant

Luminello's limitations

  • Free version available for solo practice
  • Solo practice comes with very limited features
  • Users express concerns about the software freezing

Luminello's pricing

  • Essentials (Therapist): $0
  • Therapist Lite: $19/month/clinician
  • Therapist Unlimited: $39/month/clinician

Luminello's reviews

  • Capterra: 4.5 stars (67 reviews)
  • G2: 4.3 stars (2 reviews)

Therasoft Online

Therasoft Online

Therasoft Online is software considered a one-stop-shop for therapists, psychologists, and mental health professionals. Aside from being able to create progress notes and e-prescribing on Therapist Online, therapists can also process payments, schedule appointments, and more to help them run a successful private practice. 

Therasoft Online's best features

  • Can manage electronic claims and billing
  • Can create treatment plans and progress notes
  • Can schedule appointments
  • Can e-prescribe
  • Can process payments

Therasoft Online's limitations

  • No free plan
  • Additional fee for contactless payments and receivables management service
  • Users express a steep learning curve

Therasoft Online's pricing: 

  • Standard: $69/therapist
  • Pro: $99/therapist
  • Eprescribe: $199/prescriber

Therasoft Online's reviews

  • Capterra: 4.4 stars (307 reviews)
  • G2: No reviews available



Founded in 1999, RXNT has been providing services and features on their cloud-based healthcare software to aid with managing one's practice, storing electronic health records, and more to medical practitioners including therapists in the US. 

RXNT's best features

  • Has a patient engagement portal
  • Can e-prescribe
  • Can conduct telehealth sessions
  • Can schedule and bill
  • Available on iOs and Android mobile devices

RXNT's limitations

  • No free plan
  • Users report concerns with customer service
  • Users express concerns with the clunky interface

RXNT's pricing

  • Full Suite: $170/month (per provider)
  • EHR Bundle: $100/month (per provider)
  • PM Bundle: $75/month (per provider)
  • E-Prescribing: $650/year (per provider)

RXNT's reviews

  • Capterra: 4.3 stars (420 reviews)
  • G2: 4.2 stars (53 reviews)



WebPT is a practice management software designed specifically for rehab therapy businesses. On WebPT, practitioners can easily create notes, edit digital intake forms, and bill. 

WebPT's best features

  • Can schedule and send automatic reminders
  • Has billing software
  • Has electronic benefit verification (eBV)
  • Can produce reports for business
  • HIPAA-compliant 

WebPT's limitations

  • No mobile application for Android users
  • Limited integration capabilities
  • Mostly suitable for outpatient rehab practices

WebPT's pricing

  • Lite: $3/day/provider (with unlimited clerical users)
  • Standard: $6/day/provider (with unlimited clerical users)
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

WebPT's reviews

  • Capterra: 4.3 stars (460 reviews)
  • G2: 4.4 stars (155 reviews)

Carepatron Therapy Practice Management Software streamlines your therapy practice

If you still can't decide, let us convince you that Carepatron is the best full-practice management software option for you and other mental health providers and why it's worth trying!

Carepatron has all the features a practitioner expects in a full-access therapy practice management software. As long as you have Carepatron's app downloaded on any of the gadgets you have on hand, you can: 

  • Schedule appointments and set up reminders
  • Integrate your Google and Outlook Calendar
  • Give patients access to a portal you can check to track their progress with an additional user
  • Accept online or mobile payments
  • Create and manage bills and invoices
  • Conduct telehealth sessions
  • Produce, edit, and download notes and over 100 templates available for your benefit for free
  • Store digital notes and patient's medical records in our secure EHR storage
  • Work in a user friendly space

All of these and other features available for free on Carepatron's HIPAA-compliant software. You can take great care of your clients behavioral health by using Carepatron. Mental health services just got a whole lot easier using our platform.

So, don't miss out on the opportunity to access all the features by signing up at Carepatron today!

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