9 Best Therapist Software in 2024

Discover the top 9 therapist software of 2024. Optimize your practice with powerful tools for scheduling, billing, client management, and more.

By Matt Olivares on Mar 12, 2024.

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As healthcare professionals dedicated to enhancing the well-being of your patients, we understand the importance of utilizing advanced technology to streamline your practice. In today's fast-paced world, therapist software is pivotal in providing efficient, effective, and personalized care. We present the top 9 therapist software solutions of 2024, designed to empower healthcare professionals like you and revolutionize the therapeutic landscape.

Embracing the best therapist software solutions of 2024 empowers healthcare professionals to provide top-notch care and experience exponential practice growth. These cutting-edge technologies offer intuitive interfaces, advanced features, and data-driven insights to enhance therapy outcomes, streamline administrative tasks, and foster more robust patient engagement. 

By leveraging the power of technology, healthcare professionals can unlock their full potential, revolutionizing how therapy is delivered and experienced. Stay at the forefront of your profession and embark on a transformative journey with these nine best therapist software solutions in 2024.

What should therapists look for in free therapist software?

In today's digitally-driven world, technology has become an integral part of the therapy landscape, offering immense potential to streamline workflows, enhance patient care, and improve outcomes. For therapists seeking cost-effective solutions, free therapist software can be an attractive option. However, it is crucial to carefully evaluate these offerings to ensure they meet the unique needs of your practice. This article will explore the critical considerations for selecting free therapist software that empowers therapists in the digital age.

Here are the guides for finding the perfect therapist app for you: 

User-friendly interface

A user-friendly interface is vital for the efficient utilization of software. Look for intuitive platforms that minimize the learning curve and offer a seamless user experience. Straightforward navigation, well-organized menus, and easily accessible features enhance productivity and effectiveness.

Essential features

Evaluate the software's feature set to align with your requirements. Fundamental features include appointment scheduling, client management, note-taking capabilities, billing and invoicing, and secure data storage. Depending on your practice's specialization, you may need additional features such as progress tracking, treatment planning, or teletherapy capabilities.

Data security and privacy

Protecting sensitive patient information is paramount. Ensure that the free software you choose adheres to robust security protocols and complies with industry standards, such as HIPAA, in the United States. Verify that the software employs encryption, secure data storage, and regular backups to safeguard client confidentiality.

Customization and flexibility

Every therapist has unique workflows and preferences. Look for free software with customization options, allowing you to tailor the platform to your needs. Creating custom templates, adding personalized fields, or integrating with other tools can significantly enhance your practice's efficiency.

Mobile accessibility

Accessing and managing your practice on the go can significantly enhance flexibility and convenience. Ensure the free therapist software is mobile-friendly, with responsive design or dedicated mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. This allows you to view schedules, communicate with clients, and access vital information from anywhere, at any time.

Technical support and community

Even with free software, reliable technical support is invaluable. Check if the software provider offers responsive customer support, documentation, tutorials, or user forums to address any potential issues or questions that may arise. A vibrant user community can also provide additional insights and support.

Selecting the right free therapist software is a crucial decision for therapists seeking to harness the benefits of digital tools without incurring additional costs. By considering factors such as user-friendliness, essential features, data security, customization, mobile accessibility, and technical support, therapists can find a solution that meets their practice's unique needs.

Careful evaluation and thoughtful selection empower therapists to leverage technology effectively, streamline their workflows, and enhance the quality of care they provide to their clients in the dynamic digital age.

The nine best therapist software available in 2024


Carepatron is a comprehensive therapist and practice management software solution that streamlines workflows and enhances patient care. It offers a user-friendly interface, allowing therapists to easily manage appointments, track progress, and securely store patient data. Carepatron's standout features include integrated teletherapy capabilities, automated appointment reminders, customizable treatment plans, and billing management. With its intuitive design and robust functionality, Carepatron is a reliable choice for therapists looking to optimize their (private) practice.

Carepatron best features

  • Integrated teletherapy: Conduct secure virtual therapy sessions and maintain continuity of care from anywhere through our therapy software for therapists.
  • Automated appointment reminders: Reduce no-shows and improve client engagement with automatic reminders sent via SMS or email.
  • Customizable treatment plans: Tailor treatment plans to individual patient's needs, ensuring personalized care.
  • Billing management: Simplify billing processes with integrated tools for invoicing and claims submission.
  • Secure data storage: Safely store patient records and ensure compliance with industry regulations for electronic medical records. We are a HIPAA-compliant software you can trust.

Carepatron limitations

  • Limited integrations: Carepatron's integration options with third-party tools may need to be improved, impacting workflow integration for some practices.
  • Learning curve: While Carepatron is user-friendly, there may be a slight learning curve for new users unfamiliar with similar software systems.
  • Cost of premium features: Advanced features, such as teletherapy and custom treatment plans, may require a premium subscription.

Carepatron pricing

  • Starter: $0 (Free) per user
  • Professional: $12/month per user when billed annually
  • Organization: $19/month per user when billed annually

Carepatron reviews

  • Capterra: 4.5/5 (69 reviews)
  • G2: 4.6/5 (141 reviews)



BetterHelp is an online therapy platform that connects therapists with clients seeking mental health support. It offers a convenient and flexible approach to therapy by providing virtual counseling through secure video sessions, live chat, phone calls, and messaging. BetterHelp's extensive network of licensed professionals covers a wide range of specialties, making it easier for clients to find a therapist that suits their needs.

BetterHelp best features

  • Virtual counseling: Conduct therapy sessions remotely through secure video calls, live chat, phone calls, or messaging.
  • Extensive therapist network: Gain access to a diverse pool of licensed professionals with various specializations.
  • Flexible communication options: Communicate with clients in real-time or asynchronously, depending on their preferences and needs.
  • Convenient and user-friendly interface: Benefit from an intuitive platform that is easy to navigate for both therapists and clients.
  • Additional support resources: Provide clients with access to self-help materials, worksheets, and educational resources to supplement therapy sessions.

BetterHelp limitations

  • Limited face-to-face interaction: The online nature of BetterHelp's services means that therapists and clients do not have in-person sessions, which some individuals may prefer.
  • Lack of insurance coverage: BetterHelp does not directly accept insurance, and clients are responsible for the total session cost. However, depending on their policy, they may be eligible for reimbursement from their insurance provider.
  • Matching process: Some users have reported mixed experiences with the matching process, emphasizing the importance of thorough communication with BetterHelp's support team to find the right therapist.

BetterHelp pricing

  • BetterHelp offers a variety of pricing plans to fit different budgets. The basic plan starts at $60 per week, and the premium plan starts at $90 per week.

BetterHelp reviews

  • Trustpilot: 4.5/5 (7,097 reviews)



Regain is an online therapy platform that specializes in providing counseling services for couples. It offers a convenient and confidential platform for couples to seek professional help to improve their relationships. ReGain's licensed therapists are experienced in addressing relationship issues and guiding couples through communication challenges, trust-building, and other areas of concern.

Regain best features

  • Couples therapy focus: ReGain caters explicitly to couples, offering specialized therapists who understand relationship dynamics and provide targeted support.
  • Convenient and flexible: Couples can engage in therapy sessions from the comfort of their homes at a time that suits their schedules.
  • Secure and confidential: ReGain prioritizes client privacy and provides a secure therapy session and communication platform.
  • Licensed therapists: Access a network of licensed professionals specializing in couples therapy and have experience addressing a wide range of relationship issues.
  • Communication Tools: Utilize text-based messaging, live chat, phone calls, or video sessions to communicate with therapists based on individual preferences.

Regain limitations

  • Couples focus: While ReGain is specialized in couples therapy, it may not be suitable for individuals seeking therapy for personal issues unrelated to relationships.
  • Asynchronous communication: ReGain primarily emphasizes text-based messaging, which may be better for couples who prefer face-to-face or real-time conversations.
  • Matching process: Some users have reported mixed experiences with the matching process, highlighting the importance of open communication with ReGain's support team to find a compatible therapist.

Regain pricing

  • Regain offers a variety of pricing plans to fit your budget from $65 a week.

Regain reviews

  • N/A



Talkspace is a popular online therapy platform that connects clients with licensed therapists via text, voice, or video messaging. With a mission to make therapy more accessible and convenient, Talkspace offers a range of subscription plans tailored to individual needs and preferences.

Talkspace best features

  • Varied communication options: Talkspace provides multiple ways to engage with therapists, including unlimited text messaging, live video sessions, and voice messages.
  • Flexible subscription plans: Choose from various subscription options to find the plan that best suits your budget and therapy requirements.
  • Extensive network of therapists: Access a diverse network of licensed professionals specializing in various areas of mental health.
  • User-friendly interface: Talkspace's platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate for both clients and therapists.
  • Additional support: In addition to therapy sessions, Talkspace offers educational resources, coping strategies, and self-help materials to support clients between sessions.

Talkspace limitations

  • Response time: While Talkspace aims to provide timely responses, the nature of asynchronous therapy means that immediate or real-time support may not be available.
  • Lack of in-person interaction: Talkspace's online therapy format may not suit individuals who prefer face-to-face interactions or require in-person therapy.
  • Subscription-based model: Talkspace operates on a subscription model, which may be better for individuals seeking occasional or sporadic therapy.

Talkspace pricing

  • Unlimited Messaging Therapy: $65 per week
  • Messaging Plus Live Sessions: $79 per week
  • Unlimited Messaging Therapy Premium: $99 per week

Talkspace Reviews

  • Apple: 4.8/5 (28,000+ reviews)



Talkiatry is a comprehensive mental health platform that offers personalized and accessible psychiatric care. It connects individuals with licensed psychiatrists who provide diagnostic evaluations, medication management, and therapy services. Talkiatry aims to enhance mental wellness by combining clinical expertise with innovative technology.

Talkiatry best features

  • Comprehensive psychiatric care: Talkiatry offers a wide range of psychiatric services, including evaluations, medication management, and therapy, all within a single platform.
  • Personalized treatment: Psychiatrists at Talkiatry develop individualized treatment plans based on each person's unique needs, ensuring tailored care.
  • Secure telepsychiatry: Consultations and therapy sessions take place through secure video calls, allowing individuals to receive care from the comfort of their own homes.
  • Timely appointments: Talkiatry emphasizes timely access to care, offering appointments within days and reducing wait times often associated with traditional mental health services.
  • Collaborative care: Talkiatry's psychiatrists work with individuals' existing healthcare providers to ensure holistic and integrated treatment approaches.

Talkiatry limitations

  • Limited therapist availability: While Talkiatry excels in psychiatric care, access to therapists for non-medication therapy services may be limited.
  • Availability in specific locations: Talkiatry's services may only be available in some geographic regions, which could restrict access for individuals outside those locations.
  • Insurance: Coverage for Talkiatry's services may vary depending on individual insurance plans, so it is essential to verify coverage with the provider.

Talkiatry pricing

  • Your insurance coverage is the critical determinant of your visit's cost. Most of our patients pay $25 or less per appointment. * The average cost ranges from $325 to $414 if you have a deductible plan and have yet to reach your deductible.

Talkiatry reviews

  • N/A



Brightside is an online mental health platform specializing in personalized treatment for anxiety and depression. It offers a comprehensive approach combining medication management and therapy services to improve mental well-being.

Brightside best features

  • Personalized treatment plans: Brightside's licensed healthcare providers develop customized treatment plans based on individual needs, incorporating medication and therapy.
  • Access to medication management: Brightside's psychiatrists can prescribe and manage medications remotely, providing convenient access to necessary prescriptions.
  • Convenient online therapy: Brightside offers convenient and regular therapy sessions through secure video calls, ensuring ongoing support.
  • Supportive care team: Brightside assigns each individual a dedicated care team consisting of a psychiatrist, therapist, and care coordinator to provide comprehensive support.
  • Evidence-based approach: Brightside's treatment approaches are evidence-based, following established clinical guidelines for managing anxiety and depression.

Brightside limitations

  • Focus on anxiety and depression: Brightside primarily focuses on treating anxiety and depression and may not be suitable for individuals seeking treatment for other mental health conditions.
  • Medication-based approach: While Brightside offers therapy, the emphasis is on medication management, which may need to align with everyone's preferences or treatment goals.
  • Limited insurance coverage: Coverage for Brightside's services may vary depending on individual insurance plans, and it is essential to verify coverage with the provider.

Brightside pricing

  • Therapy + Medication Management: This package costs $199 monthly and offers therapy and medication management services.
  • Medication Management Only: This plan only covers services related to medication management. The $99 monthly subscription includes monthly video sessions and unlimited chat.

Brightside reviews

  • Reviews.io: 4.4/5 (3,697 reviews) 

Thriveworks Counseling


Thriveworks is a counseling, therapy, and mental health practice management platform offering mental health services to individuals, couples, and families. With a network of licensed therapists and counselors, Thriveworks focuses on providing accessible and personalized care to support clients' mental well-being.

Thriveworks key features

  • Wide range of services: Thriveworks offers various counseling and therapy services, including individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, and more.
  • Licensed and experienced therapists: Thriveworks ensures clients can access licensed and experienced therapists specializing in mental health.
  • Flexible appointment scheduling: Clients can schedule appointments that fit their busy schedules, with the option of in-person or online sessions.
  • Client support: Thriveworks emphasizes a client-centered approach, offering support and guidance throughout the therapeutic process.
  • Additional resources: Thriveworks provides clients with supplemental resources, such as articles, worksheets, and self-help materials, to support their mental health journey.

Thriveworks limitations

  • Availability: Thriveworks' services may not be available in all locations, limiting accessibility for individuals in some geographic regions.
  • Varying quality: As Thriveworks operates as a practice management platform and connects clients with individual therapists, the quality and experience may vary depending on the specific therapist selected.
  • Insurance coverage: While Thriveworks accepts some insurance plans, coverage may vary, and clients should verify coverage with their specific insurance provider.

Thriveworks pricing

  • $160.00 for eight weekly sessions ($20 per session)

Thriveworks reviews

  • N/A



Teladoc is a comprehensive telehealth platform that offers virtual healthcare services, including mental health support. Through Teladoc, individuals can access licensed therapists and psychiatrists for counseling, therapy, and medication management, all from the convenience of their own homes.

Teladoc best features

  • Extensive network of providers: Teladoc provides access to a large network of licensed therapists and psychiatrists who specialize in various areas of mental health.
  • Convenient and flexible: With Teladoc, individuals can schedule therapy sessions and psychiatric consultations at a time that suits their schedule without needing in-person visits.
  • Variety of communication channels: Teladoc offers communication options such as video calls, phone calls, and secure messaging, allowing clients to choose their preferred method of interaction.
  • Medication management: Besides therapy services, Teladoc's psychiatrists can prescribe and manage medications remotely, ensuring comprehensive mental health care.
  • Integration with primary care: Teladoc's platform allows seamless integration with primary care providers, facilitating coordinated care and holistic treatment approaches.

Teladoc limitations

  • Availability: Teladoc's services may only be available in some geographic locations, and the availability of therapists and psychiatrists may vary.
  • Insurance coverage: While Teladoc accepts specific insurance plans, coverage for mental health services may vary, and it is essential to verify coverage with the specific insurance provider.
  • Potential wait times: Depending on demand and availability, waiting times for scheduling therapy sessions or psychiatric consultations may occur.

Teladoc pricing

  • General Medical appointments with insurance can cost as little as $0.
  • General Medical is $75 per visit without insurance.

Teladoc reviews

  • No reviews are available yet. 

LiveHealth Online

LiveHealth Online

LiveHealth Online is a telehealth platform that provides online mental health services, connecting individuals with licensed therapists and psychiatrists. With LiveHealth Online, individuals can access mental health support from the comfort of their own homes through secure video sessions.

LiveHealth Online best features

  • Convenient and secure video sessions: LiveHealth Online allows individuals to have virtual therapy sessions with licensed therapists and psychiatrists through secure video calls.
  • Easy-to-use platform: The platform is user-friendly, making it simple for individuals to navigate and access the needed services.
  • Wide network of providers: LiveHealth Online offers access to a network of licensed mental health professionals with various specialties, ensuring individuals can find a therapist or psychiatrist that suits their needs.
  • Flexibility and availability: Appointments can be scheduled at convenient times, and individuals have the flexibility to choose from available providers.
  • Continuity of care: LiveHealth Online facilitates seamless provider communication, ensuring coordinated and continuous care.

LiveHealth Online limitations

  • Insurance coverage: While LiveHealth Online accepts specific insurance plans, coverage for mental health services may vary, and it is advisable to check with the specific insurance provider.
  • Limited communication options: LiveHealth Online primarily focuses on video sessions, which may be better for individuals who prefer or require alternative forms of communication, such as text-based messaging.
  • Availability of providers: The availability of therapists and psychiatrists may vary depending on demand and location.

LiveHealth Online pricing

  • Depending on your health plan, a video visit with a psychologist at LiveHealth Online costs $95, and one with a therapist costs $80.
  • LiveHealth Online Psychiatry charges $175 for the initial evaluation and $75 for each subsequent video visit.

LiveHealth Online reviews

  • N/A

Carepatron therapist software helps save you 2 hours every day.

Carepatron is the ultimate therapist software and best practice management software designed to streamline and enhance your practice. With its time-saving features, you will experience improved efficiency and increased productivity. The scheduling feature simplifies appointment management by allowing you to schedule and send reminders to clients while providing real-time availability updates.

It's also a billing software. Billing and payment processing becomes a breeze with Carepatron, enabling you to generate and send invoices and conveniently track payments.

Its client portal makes keeping track of client progress is seamless with the notes feature, where you can create, store, and share comprehensive notes with fellow therapists. Insurance coverage verification and tracking of insurance claims are effortlessly handled, ensuring smooth financial transactions. Generate detailed reports on client progress, billing, and insurance claims with just a few clicks.

Beyond its core features, Carepatron offers additional benefits that set it apart. Rest easy knowing that Carepatron is HIPAA compliant, guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of a client's data, protecting their electronic health record. The user-friendly interface ensures a smooth learning curve, even for less tech-savvy people. Plus, with 24/7 support, assistance is always just a message or call away.

Carepatron also houses a wide variety of clinical resources including intake forms and sample treatment plans, so whether you're focused on behavioral health, cognitive behavioral therapy, or other forms of mental health-related disciplines, our guides and templates can help you cover more ground when assessing and treating patients.

When choosing a therapist software that optimizes your time, financial management, and general practice, Carepatron stands out as the top choice. Experience the convenience, efficiency, and enhanced professional capabilities that Carepatron brings to your therapy practice.

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