5 Best Therapy Practice Software in 2023

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Therapy Practice Software
Therapy Practice Software

In addition to providing excellent patient care, practitioners are faced with the crucial responsibility of managing administrative tasks, which often consume a significant amount of their time and effort. While patient care should always remain the top priority, these tasks are vital for the smooth functioning of the clinic or hospital. Given the necessity to balance these responsibilities, therapists and other practitioners require assistance to ensure optimal efficiency in their work.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

If you’re a therapist looking for software to download and use in your practice, you’ve found the right article. Here, you’ll find information on what you should look for in therapy practice software and a list of the 5 best therapy practice software we found available in 2023. 

Hopefully, the knowledge and insights you’ll gain will help you narrow down your options.

What Should You Look for in Free Therapy Practice Software?

Does it Have a Patient Portal? 

When a patient visits a hospital or clinic, the initial step for a practitioner is to gather relevant information about the patient. It would be advantageous for both the patient and practitioner to utilize digital intake forms on software platforms that automatically store the gathered information in a secure patient portal. This digital approach streamlines the process and enhances convenience for the person filling out the form, ensuring efficient management and accessibility of patient information.

With a patient portal, patients have access to medical records relevant to them, and therapists can pull the patient’s files anytime they need to. 

Can you or your patients set a schedule?

Scheduling is a must-have feature of therapy practice software. The patient must be able to book an appointment time at their convenience, or a practitioner can add it to their calendar upon the patient’s request. Plus, it’d be a huge help if the person scheduling could create recurring appointments in a few clicks and automate reminders to reduce no-shows. 

Can you store and create documents?

Documentation is crucial to delivering stellar patient care. Hence, software must provide features that reduce the practitioner's time and effort to create and store documents. You will know if the software can help you if it offers editable templates, a document scanner, and a clinical note or template creator. 

Are billing, coding, and paying automated?

Automated billing and coding systems can help reduce errors, improve accuracy, and save time for practitioners. Additionally, integrated online payment options further enhance the automation process, making it easier for patients to pay their bills electronically. However, the extent of automation may vary depending on the specific software used and the healthcare organization's implementation.

Can you conduct telehealth sessions?

Telehealth has emerged as a valuable tool in facilitating patient care, enabling remote consultations through video calls. If you frequently conduct telehealth sessions, your software must provide video call solutions or, at the very least, can integrate with existing solutions available in the market. This ensures a seamless and practical telehealth experience for both practitioners and patients.

Is the software secure?

Practitioners must have confidence in the software they use to protect sensitive information, ensuring it cannot be hacked or accessed by unauthorized individuals. It is advisable to visit their website and ascertain if they comply with GDPR or HIPAA regulations, which are established standards for data protection. 

Additionally, it is essential to verify if the software has implemented robust encryption systems to safeguard the confidentiality and integrity of the data entered into the system.

Does it have high value for money?

Before downloading the software or subscribing, it’s best to check if the software gives you high value for your money. Aside from looking at the features they offer, you can request a demo or a free trial before to get a feel of the user interface and more. 

Now that you have information on what you should be looking for in software for therapy practices, without further delay, here’s a list of the 5 best therapy practice software in 2023. 

The 5 Best Therapy Practice Software Available in 2023


Carepatron is a cutting-edge, all-in-one practice management software meticulously crafted for healthcare professionals, including therapists. It is a valuable tool to optimize workflow by streamlining processes and automating various tasks. With a comprehensive suite of features such as scheduling, payment management, documentation, and more, Carepatron empowers practitioners to enhance efficiency and productivity in their day-to-day operations.

Carepatron’s Best Features

  • Has a patient portal
  • Can automate reminders for appointments, invoices, and payments created
  • Can create notes and store them in a secure EHR
  • Available on desktop, iOs, and Android
  • Has a free plan

Carepatron’s Limitations

  • Limited data storage for the starter plan 
  • Can sync Google and Outlook calendars
  • E-prescription feature unavailable

Carepatron’s pricing

  • $0/Month/user
  • $12/month/user (when billed annually)
  • $19/month/user (when billed annually)

Carepatron’s reviews

  • Capterra: 4.5 stars (69 reviews)
  • G2: No review available.



TherapyNotes is a web-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) software tailored for mental health professionals, including therapists. It provides a range of features to assist practitioners in various aspects of their work, such as clinical documentation, scheduling, report generation, conducting telehealth sessions, billing, and more. With its specialized focus on the needs of mental health professionals, TherapyNotes offers comprehensive tools to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their practice.

TherapyNotes’ Best Features

  • Has a patient portal
  • Can schedule recurring appointments
  • Can create invoices and manage billing
  • Can access editable templates and create notes
  • HIPAA-compliant

TherapyNotes’ Limitations

  • No free plan
  • Can be pricey for solo users
  • No application for mobile devices

TherapyNotes’ Pricing

  • Solo: $49/month (one user)
  • Group and Enterprise: $59/month (for the first clinician)

TherapyNotes’ Reviews

  • Capterra: 4.7 stars (755 reviews)
  • G2: 4.4. Stars (79 reviews)



SimplePractice is a software solution specifically tailored for mental health practitioners, including therapists, renowned for assisting in the seamless completion of essential administrative tasks. With a focus on efficiency, it offers features that enable practitioners to handle documentation, billing, scheduling, and note-taking efficiently.

SimplePractice’s Best Features 

  • Has a patient portal 
  • Can automate scheduling and appointment reminders
  • Can create or edit intake forms and other EHR templates
  • Has a billing management system
  • Available on Android and iOs

SimplePractice’s Limitations

  • No free plan is available
  • Group plans can be pricey
  • Users express concerns about contacting customer support

SimplePractice’s Pricing

  • Solo Starter: $29/month
  • Solo Essential: $69/month
  • Solo Plus: $99/month
  • Group Plus: $158/month (2 clinicians)

SimplePractice’s Reviews

  • Capterra: 4.6 stars (2602 reviews)
  • G2: 3.9 stars (87 reviews)



AdvancedMD is a practice management EHR software that provides cloud-based solutions for healthcare practitioners. Some features of their software include scheduling, billing, financial reporting, and patient management. 

AdvancedMD’s Best Features

  • Has a patient portal
  • Can automate appointment reminders
  • Has customizable templates
  • Has ePrescribing feature

AdvancedMD’s Limitations

  • Clinical features available on iOS only
  • Users express concerns with training and contacting customer support
  • Users express concerns with the steep learning curve
  • Users share that the product can be pricey

AdvancedMD’s Pricing

  • Must request a custom quote

AdvancedMD’s Reviews

  • Capterra: 3.5 stars (434 reviews)
  • G2: 3.5 stars (58 reviews)



ICANotes is a behavioral health EHR designed for both outpatient and inpatient settings. They pride themselves on offering intuitive features to help practitioners with documentation, charting, billing, and more. 

ICANotes’ Best Features

  • Has a patient portal
  • Can automate appointment reminders
  • Has customizable templates
  • Has billing features
  • Available as an app on iOs and Android

ICANotes’ Limitations

  • No free plan
  • Need to pay an additional fee for certain features
  • Users express concerns about the software crashing

ICANotes’ Pricing

  • Full-Time Clinician (Non-Prescribing): $75.30/month
  • Full-Time Clinician (Prescribing): $155.30/month
  • Part-Time Clinician (Non-Prescribing): $46.30/month
  • Part-Time Clinician (Prescribing): $105.30/month

ICANotes’ Reviews

  • Capterra: 4 stars (95 reviews)
  • G2: No reviews available

Carepatron Therapy Practice Software Helps Save You 1 Day in Admin Every Week

Feeling overwhelmed with choices and finding it challenging to select a therapy practice software? ​​Give Carepatron a try as your top choice! 

Here are the reasons why Carepatron should be your top pick:

  • Scheduling and automated reminders for appointments
  • Seamless integration with Google and Outlook Calendar for convenient scheduling
  • Integration with video calling software to facilitate telehealth sessions
  • Patient portal for quick and easy access to patient files
  • Payment setup for streamlined financial transactions
  • Efficient billing and invoice creation and management
  • Over 300 downloadable, editable, and printable templates at your disposal
  • A secure, HIPAA-compliant Electronic Health Record (EHR) for the safe storage of digital files

By offering these features and more, Carepatron aims to provide you with a comprehensive and user-friendly experience to enhance your therapy practice.

Save one day in admin weekly with all these and more by signing up for Carepatron today!

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