10 Best Chiropractic Notes Software in 2023

Dive into our comprehensive guide on the top 10 chiropractic notes software of 2023! Find out why Carepatron stands out from the rest.

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Chiropractic Notes Software
Chiropractic Notes Software

In a healthcare landscape that's continuously evolving, the pressure is on for chiropractic professionals to deliver unparalleled patient care while juggling complex administrative tasks. One key aspect that often presents a significant challenge is maintaining comprehensive and accurate patient notes. But what if there was a better, more efficient way to manage this process?

Welcome to our guide: "10 Best Chiropractic Notes Software in 2023." We've compiled this list with the singular aim of making your life easier as a healthcare professional. This guide combines the top-rated chiropractic notes software available this year, giving you the necessary insights to make an informed decision.

The right chiropractic notes software can streamline your workflows, minimize errors, and free up precious time that can be better spent with your patients. From robust EHR capabilities to intuitive interfaces, the software options on this list are geared towards enhancing your productivity and improving the quality of care you provide.

Whether you're new to chiropractic notes software or exploring options to upgrade your current system, we're confident you'll find value in the pages ahead. Read on as we delve into each software's features, pros, cons, and user reviews, helping you navigate your path to optimal practice management. So, let's dive in, and together, we'll explore the best chiropractic notes software of 2023.

What Should You Look For in Free Chiropractic Notes Software?

Choosing the right notes software for chiropractors can feel like navigating a maze, mainly when focusing on free options. While it's easy to be lured by the 'free' tag, it's crucial to understand that not all software is created equal. Some key factors can help you assess whether a free software solution truly meets your needs.

  • Ease of Use: First and foremost, the software should be user-friendly. An intuitive interface can significantly speed up your charting processes, leaving more time for patient care. Look for software with a clean layout, straightforward navigation, and clear instructions.
  • Customizability: Every chiropractic practice is unique, and the software you use should be able to accommodate this. Check if the software allows you to create custom templates, modify fields, or personalize the dashboard to suit your needs.
  • Security: Patient information is sensitive data, and its security is non-negotiable. Ensure the software adheres to HIPAA compliance and uses encryption for data storage and transfer.
  • Interoperability: An essential feature of any modern healthcare software is its ability to communicate with other systems. Interoperability allows for seamless data sharing with other healthcare providers, improving coordination and quality of care.
  • Cloud-Based: Accessing your notes from anywhere can be a game-changer, particularly in today's remote-working world. Look for software that offers cloud-based services for optimal flexibility and convenience.
  • Support and Training: You might encounter hiccups even with the most user-friendly software. The availability of customer support and training resources can make your experience smoother and more enjoyable.
  • Scalability: As your practice grows, your software needs to grow. Opt for a solution offering additional features or services you can unlock as your requirements evolve.

Remember, the goal is to find software that makes your life easier, not more complicated. While free software can be a great starting point, don't let price be your only deciding factor. Sometimes, a small investment can pay off big in the long run, saving time, reducing errors, and enhancing patient care. Remember these tips as we enter our top picks for the best chiropractic notes software in 2023.

10 Best Chiropractic Notes Software in 2023

1. Carepatron

Carepatron, a favorite among many healthcare professionals, is a comprehensive practice management solution with powerful chiropractic notes capabilities. Its user-friendly interface, robust functionality, and affordable pricing make it an attractive choice for chiropractic clinics of all sizes.

Carepatron Best Features

  • Comprehensive Notes: Carepatron offers customizable SOAP notes and other templates, making patient documentation a breeze.
  • Integrated Telehealth: Conduct online consultations directly within the platform. Share your screen or utilize the whiteboard feature for enhanced patient understanding.
  • Task Management: Track tasks and manage your team efficiently with a built-in task management system.

Carepatron Limitations

  • As a comprehensive tool, new users may require a short learning curve to familiarize themselves with the range of features.
  • There could be more integration with third-party software.

Carepatron Pricing

  • Free Plan: Access basic features for free
  • Pro Plan: $12 per user/month
  • Organization Plan: $19 per user/month

Carepatron Reviews

  • Capterra: 4.5/5 stars based on 69 reviews
  • G2: Not available

2. ChiroFlow


ChiroFlow is a dedicated chiropractic notes software that emphasizes simplicity and efficiency. Its streamlined, easy-to-use interface helps chiropractors create comprehensive patient notes quickly and effortlessly.

ChiroFlow Best Features

  • Swift Note Creation: Quickly create detailed notes using built-in templates and intuitive controls.
  • Cloud-Based: Access your notes from any device, anywhere, and anytime.
  • HIPAA Compliant: Rest easy knowing your patient data is safe and secure.

ChiroFlow Limitations

  • It lacks advanced practice management features found in more comprehensive software.
  • Limited customization options for note templates.

ChiroFlow Pricing

  • Pricing is available upon request from the ChiroFlow team.

ChiroFlow Reviews

  • Capterra: Not available
  • G2: Not available

3. SpineHealth


SpineHealth is a comprehensive chiropractic notes software that balances powerful features with ease of use. It's a cloud-based solution designed to improve documentation speed and accuracy.

SpineHealth Best Features

  • Quick Notes: Generate comprehensive notes quickly with pre-set templates.
  • EHR Integration: SpineHealth can seamlessly integrate with the most popular EHR systems.
  • Mobile App: A fully functional mobile app allows for note-taking on the go.

SpineHealth Limitations

  • The user interface, while intuitive, might seem dated to some users.
  • Limited customer support hours.

SpineHealth Pricing

  • Pricing is available upon request from the SpineHealth team.

SpineHealth Reviews

  • Capterra: Not available
  • G2: Not available

4. Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion is an intuitive, cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) platform, considered one of the most comprehensive free systems in the healthcare industry. Its diverse range of features caters to the unique needs of chiropractors, offering customizable templates for clinical notes, patient scheduling, billing, and much more.

Practice Fusion Best Features

  • Integrated Patient Portal: Patients can conveniently schedule appointments, access health records, and communicate with their chiropractors online.
  • Customizable Templates: Easily adjust SOAP note templates to fit the specific needs of your chiropractic practice.
  • E-Prescribing: Send prescriptions electronically, reducing errors and improving patient safety.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Gain insights into your practice with customizable reports and detailed analytics.

Practice Fusion Limitations

  • Limited Customer Support: Users have reported difficulties getting timely support.
  • Learning Curve: Some users initially find the software complex and challenging to navigate.
  • No Dedicated Mobile App: While the platform is mobile-friendly, there is no dedicated mobile app.

Practice Fusion Pricing

  • $149 per provider per month.

Practice Fusion Reviews

  • Capterra: 3.7/5 (based on 418 reviews)
  • G2: 3.9/5 (based on 58 reviews)

5. BackInBalance


BackInBalance brings together powerful tools that aid chiropractors in creating detailed patient notes, tracking treatment progress, and managing appointments. Its user-friendly design and affordable pricing make it a worthy consideration for any chiropractic clinic.

BackInBalance Best Features

  • Efficient Notes: Use custom templates to generate detailed patient notes quickly.
  • Progress Tracking: Track patient progress over time with intuitive visualizations.
  • Appointment Management: Easily schedule and manage patient appointments directly in the software.

BackInBalance Limitations

  • It lacks a built-in telehealth feature.
  • The customization options for the user interface are limited.

BackInBalance Pricing

  • Pricing is available upon request from the BackInBalance team.

BackInBalance Reviews

  • Capterra: Not available
  • G2: Not available

6. VertAlign


VertAlign is a chiropractic notes software that focuses on enhancing the quality and speed of patient documentation. It offers a seamless blend of usability and functionality at a competitive price.

VertAlign Best Features

  • Simplified Note-Taking: The software provides predefined templates that enable swift note creation.
  • Client Portal: Patients can book appointments, view their treatment history, and more via the client portal.
  • Secure Cloud Storage: All data is stored and backed up in the cloud.

VertAlign Limitations

  • It does not offer a mobile app version.
  • The software does not have as many third-party integrations as some other solutions.

VertAlign Pricing

  • Pricing is available upon request from the VertAlign team.

VertAlign Reviews

  • Capterra: Not available
  • G2: Not available

7. InnoCare


InnoCare is a chiropractic notes software focusing on streamlining patient management, enhancing client engagement, and optimizing documentation. It's a robust system that can handle the demands of busy chiropractic clinics.

InnoCare Best Features

  • Quick Notes: Use pre-designed templates for efficient note-taking.
  • Integrated Billing: Manage your billing and collections within the same system.
  • Client Engagement Tools: Use reminders, follow-ups, and newsletters to boost engagement.

InnoCare Limitations

  • The user interface could be more intuitive.
  • Customization options for templates and forms are limited.

InnoCare Pricing

  • Pricing is available upon request from the Innocare team.

InnoCare Reviews

  • Capterra: Not available
  • G2: 5/5 (1 review)

8. MyoVision


MyoVision offers a unique chiropractic notes software that integrates with their proprietary diagnostic devices, creating a comprehensive system for patient evaluation, documentation, and treatment planning.

MyoVision Best Features

  • Device Integration: Seamlessly integrate MyoVision's diagnostic devices for comprehensive patient evaluation.
  • Easy Documentation: Quick and detailed patient notes using customizable templates.
  • Data Security: Patient data is securely stored and backed up in the cloud.

MyoVision Limitations

  • The system is more beneficial for clinics using MyoVision devices.
  • The software has limited third-party integrations.

MyoVision Pricing

  • Pricing is available upon request from the MyoVision team.

MyoVision Reviews

  • Capterra: Not available
  • G2: Not available

9. Chirotouch


Chirotouch is an established name in chiropractic software, offering a feature-rich platform for note-taking, scheduling, billing, and more. Its flexibility and power make it a reliable choice for clinics of all sizes.

Chirotouch Best Features

  • Customizable Templates: Allows efficient and detailed note-taking.
  • Integrated Practice Management: Comprehensive solution for scheduling, billing, and documentation.
  • Telehealth Capabilities: Offers built-in telehealth features for virtual consultations.

Chirotouch Limitations

  • The initial setup process can be time-consuming.
  • It's on the higher end of the pricing spectrum.

ChiroTouch Pricing

  • Plans start at $159 per month.

ChiroTouch Reviews

  • Capterra: 4.0/5 (based on 940 reviews)
  • G2: 3.7/5 (based on 70 reviews)

10. Atlas Chiropractic System

Atlas Chiropractic System

Closing our list is Atlas Chiropractic System, a cloud-based solution known for its customizable SOAP notes and streamlined clinic management features. It's designed to save time while maintaining accurate and compliant documentation.

Atlas Chiropractic System Best Features

  • Customizable SOAP Notes: Easy-to-use templates can be adjusted to fit your clinic's unique needs.
  • Integrated Practice Management: It's a comprehensive tool covering scheduling, billing, and patient tracking.
  • Patient Education Tools: It includes resources to help patients understand their health and treatment plans.

Atlas Chiropractic System Limitations

  • Some users report a steep learning curve during the initial setup.
  • Limited options for integration with other software platforms.

Atlas Chiropractic System Pricing

  • Pricing is available upon request from the Atlas Chiropractic System team.

Atlas Chiropractic System Reviews

  • Capterra: 4.6/5 (80 reviews)
  • G2: 3.8/5 (6 reviews)

And that completes our list of the top 10 chiropractic notes software in 2023! Your choice depends on your specific needs, budget, and workflow preferences. It's worth taking the time to explore these options and decide which best fits your practice.

Carepatron Chiropractic Notes Software Helps Save You 1 Day in Admin Every Week

While the chiropractic notes software we've listed can all be excellent choices, Carepatron has an edge that sets it apart. Its seamless integration of scheduling, patient information, and customized SOAP notes into one user-friendly interface can save you a full day in administrative tasks each week. The time you'd typically spend managing files or navigating through complex systems can instead be devoted to patient care and enhancing your practice.

Additionally, Carepatron takes pride in its exceptional customer support, ready to guide you every step of the way. Whether you're migrating from another system or starting from scratch, the team at Carepatron is there to ensure your transition is as smooth as possible. Their dedication to supporting your practice extends beyond providing software —they're committed to your success.

Carepatron helps you make the most of your time in a world where every second counts. Find out how it can transform your practice by signing up for Carepatron today. Let Carepatron do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best—providing outstanding chiropractic care.

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