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Carepatron makes Private Practice more simple and rewarding. You’ll be amazed at how much more time you have to focus on doing the client work you love. Who would have thought practice management software could be that good?
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Clinical appointment scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

Maintain control of your practice schedule at all times. Use our calendar tool to keep all your psychology appointments up to date, sync with your Microsoft or Google calendar with one click. We help your Psychologist team reduce no-shows with our automated email and SMS reminders.
Clinical Notes and Clinical Documentation

Clinical Documentation

Safely store your clinical information in a beautiful private practice system. Use our fully integrated resources and templates to get your work done quickly and accurately - at all times!
Clinical billing and Clinical online payments

Medical Billing and Coding

Reimagine your healthcare billing and coding. You will save up to 1 hour per day with our one-click invoicing and online payment tools.

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Private Practice Owner
“Carepatron has been helped me manage my practices time and billing better.  We have saved an enormous amount of time in appointment scheduling and generating and tracking invoices. It has saved us money and given us the time back to increase our client workload. Since we bill by the hour, the more time we have to see clients directly improves our billings for every clinician. We have reduced the complexity of our practice by doing away with the range of tools we used for each task like appointment reminders, health records, telehealth, etc. Our clinical teams love the platform. They learned how to use it quickly and have found the support team available every time we needed them.”
Olivia B.
Private Practice Owner
Practice Manager
"Excellent private practice system for client management, scheduling and billing, and payments. We have used it for about 12 months to manage our client records, store our clinical information, facilitate appointments and invoices and fees. We just recently switched to another PMS software. Since the first day, it has helped our team become more productive and efficient. Our practitioners are less stressed and can finally go home on time. The customer service is outstanding; we are confident that the team is there to support us every day, no matter how small the request. We have found the ability to quickly move between in-person and virtual delivery crucial over the last year — strongly recommend Carepatraon to any other healthcare practice."
Serg D.
Practice Manager
Medical Practice Owner
“Super practice management software. I have zero time to manage my team's admin, but Carepatron keeps us updated with scheduling appointments, progress notes, and medical billing and coding. This software has never missed a beat from the very first day. It's effortless to use, has a beautiful interface, and automates much of the work we previously did manually. Our patients rave about the client portal app! They tell us it makes it easy to schedule appointments, pay bills and stay across their medical documentation. I feel more in control with Carepatron; I have reduced the stress involved in running my healthcare business.”
Darnell J.
Medical Practice Owner
Mental Health Team Lead
“Carepatron - a practice management system that finally delivers on its promise.  We manage every single task and piece of work we do on the app. Quite frankly, it's been so easy to use that our clinical team can now manage their admin work themselves. I honestly find the app ultra user-friendly, and the fact that you can accept online payment and send the invoice directly to the client is just a cherry on top.”
Sasha R.
Mental Health Team Lead

Electronic Health Records for Private Practices

With Carepatron, all of your client information, clinical notes, and documentation are combined with the other tools you need to manage your workload like scheduling, invoicing, and payments. It helps you keep across every interaction with clients, ensuring you never miss an important update or task. You improve your productivity by automating a range of admin tasks like appointment confirmations, reminders, and payment reconciliation. With our HIPAA-compliant template library, you can reduce the time required to write your progress notes or treatment reports! The platform is built for mobile devices, helping you access important whether you are in the office or working from home.
Psychologists using a note software

Appointment Scheduling Software

Scheduling appointments from a secure mobile app allows you to streamline your end-to-end workflow while on the move. You can manage your calendar, prioritize your to-do list, accept online bookings or send appointment reminders anywhere. Use SMS messaging or the client portal to reduce no-shows by up to 95%. Make scheduling easy by syncing your Google or Outlook calendar instantly. Your clients will feel more in control of their healthcare by booking appointments online or paying their bills online. They can reschedule or cancel appointments via mobile or desktop, reducing both of your admin.
Top psychology scheduling software
Simple Psychology billing services

Private Practice Billing Services

Our billing and payment software enables private practices to manage all of their invoicing and online payments from within a HIPAA-compliant practice management system. You can accept credit cards, debit cards, or Stripe payments instantly or send these via email for payment. Our practice support team is here to support you at every step in the process by streamlining CMS claims or helping to make your invoices look more professional. Contactless billing services help practitioners to remove repetitive administration from their day-to-day. Whether you are a small private practice or group practice, you will be able to focus more on spending time with your clients.

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Make Your Appointment Scheduling More Efficient
Appointment scheduling is not the reason you got into the healthcare sector, right?Well, not to worry, medical appointment scheduling software is evolving at a crazy rate. As automation appears in nearly every nook and cranny of our healthcare, your practice shouldn't be the exception. Automating your appointment scheduling won't only save you money but also 2 hours per day. That's two billable hours each day you can spend with clients!
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Do more of the clinical work that makes you happy.
Between balancing administrative tasks and clients, meeting goals, and achieving deadlines being a practitioner can be overwhelming. You probably barely have time to do everything, let alone to stop and think, how did I end up here? Do I enjoy it? Or, more importantly, which parts of my role do I enjoy, and how can I do more of them!
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