Leg Pain ICD-10-CM Codes

Explore the ICD-10-CM codes related to leg pain, which are crucial for accurate medical documentation, billing procedures, and treatment strategies for 2023.

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Leg Pain ICD-10-CM Codes

What ICD-10 Codes are Used for Leg Pain?

Leg pain can arise from various causes, ranging from acute injuries to chronic conditions. It is essential to identify the specific reason or nature of the pain for accurate documentation and treatment. The ICD-10-CM provides standardized codes to document various types of leg pain.

Here are commonly used ICD-10-CM Codes for Leg Pain:

  1. M79.604 - Pain in the right leg: This code describes generalized pain in the right leg, not linked to a specific condition or cause.
  2. M79.605 - Pain in the left leg: This code documents generalized pain in the left leg without a specified underlying condition.
  3. M79.606 - Pain in leg, unspecified: When the specific leg (right or left) isn't identified, this code is employed for general leg pain.
  4. G57.90 - Unspecified mononeuropathy of the unspecified lower limb: This code might be used for nerve-related pain in the leg without a clear cause or specific nerve identified.
  5. M25.571 - Pain in right ankle and joints of right foot: Refers to pain in the right foot's right ankle and joints.

(Note: These are generalized codes for leg pain. The cause of the pain, such as an injury, nerve condition, or other specific diagnoses, may have additional or alternative codes.)

Which Leg Pain ICD codes are Billable?

  • M79.604 - Yes
  • M79.605 - Yes
  • M79.606 - Yes
  • G57.90 - Yes
  • M25.571 - Yes

Clinical Information

  • Leg pain can be acute or chronic, depending on its cause.
  • It can arise from muscular strains, joint issues, vascular problems, or nerve conditions, among other factors.
  • Accurate diagnosis often requires a combination of physical examinations, medical history, and sometimes imaging or other tests.
  • Treatment approaches vary based on the underlying cause but can include physical therapy, medication, rest, or surgical interventions.
  • Leg pain documentation is critical for patient care and medical billing purposes.

Synonyms Include:

  • Lower limb pain
  • Thigh pain
  • Calf pain
  • Shin pain
  • Lower extremity discomfort
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Commonly asked questions

When should a Leg Pain ICD code be used?

A Leg Pain ICD code should be employed when documenting a patient's complaint, discomfort, or leg pain diagnosis.

What are the common treatments for conditions coded with Leg Pain Diagnosis Codes?

Common treatments for leg pain depend on the cause but can include pain relievers, anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, rest, elevation, or surgical interventions for specific conditions.

What does a diagnosis code for Leg Pain indicate?

A diagnosis code for Leg Pain points to discomfort or painful sensations in the lower extremities, which can be due to various underlying conditions or injuries.

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