Hematoma ICD-10-CM Codes

Familiarize yourself with the ICD-10 code used for hematoma and learn more about its billability, clinical descriptions, synonyms, etc. 

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Hematoma ICD-10-CM Codes
Hematoma ICD-10-CM Codes

What ICD-10 Codes are Used for Hematoma 

There are numerous ICD-10 codes for hematoma but a common one that encompasses multiple areas of the body is M79.81: Nontraumatic Hematoma of Soft Tissue. 

It’s recommended that the practitioner look for codes for specific hematomas located on the other parts of the body of the patient. 

Is the Hematoma ICD code Billable? 

Yes, the M79.81:Nontraumatic Hematoma of Soft Tissue, is billable. 

Clinical Information

  • Hematomas are clotted area of blood outside the large blood vessels, usually located in the surrounding tissue. 
  • Hematomas have different types depending on the location. Some areas where one can have a hematoma are the ear, under the nail, scalp, nose, spleen, liver, and between the internal lining of the brain and brain tissue. 
  • Anything that damages the walls of the blood vessels that can cause the blood to leak, like injuries and trauma, can cause hematomas. However, patients may also have hematomas or have a higher risk of developing hematomas because of surgery or blood thinners.
  • Symptoms vary depending on the location and severity. Superficial hematoma symptoms may be redness, inflammation, swelling, discoloration, tenderness, and pain. Meanwhile, hematomas in the skull may be severe headache, drowsiness, loss of consciousness, hearing loss, difficulty swallowing/moving an arm or leg, and uneven pupils. 
  • Diagnosis will vary depending on the location. However, a practitioner will generally do a physical examination and ask for the patient’s medical history to diagnose hematoma. 
  • To diagnose internal hematomas, the patient may be asked to undergo additional imaging tests.
  • Superficial hematomas usually require rest and ice packs to alleviate symptoms and heal. For more severe cases, treatment may be a particular prescription/over-the-counter pain relievers or surgical drainage.

Synonyms Include:

  • Hemorrhage of muscle, scrotum, colon, etc. 
  • Intermuscular hematoma
  • Nontraumatic hematoma of soft tissue
  • Nontraumatic intramuscular hematoma
  • Subcutaneous hematoma
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Commonly asked questions

When to use a Hematoma ICD code?

You can use a hematoma ICD-10 code once you’ve determined if a hematoma is traumatic or non-traumatic and have located the affected area. 

Is the Hematoma diagnosis code billable?

Yes, the hematoma diagnosis code is billable. 

What are the common treatments for Hematoma? Common treatments for hematoma are rest, ice packs, and

Common treatments for hematoma are rest, ice packs, and particular pain relievers. However, for severe cases, a surgical drain may be the standard treatment for hematoma.

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