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Clinical appointment scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

Store all your patient information, clinical notes, and documentation safely in your secure clinic system. We autosave, so you'll never lose work again.
Clinical Notes and Clinical Documentation

Clinical Documentation

Store all your patient information, clinical notes, and documentation safely in your secure clinic system. We autosave, so you'll never lose work again.
Clinical billing and Clinical online payments

Medical Billing & Coding

Carepatron online or mobile payments make it easier for your clients to pay for your bills.  You save time a massive amount of time while getting paid twice as fast. What a great way to improve your day and cashflow!

Trusted by 10,000+ Healthcare Teams

Healthcare Teams
"Carepatron is easy to use with its intuitive navigation and layout, which makes it easy to bring new clinical hires into the team and get them up to speed. It has helped us improve our productivity and quality of work across our healthcare service. Our team can quickly upload clinical documentation, update electronic health records and easily capture progress notes on desktop and phone. It also integrates with my other tools like Google and Microsoft."
Romaine G.
Clinical Team Lead
Practice Manager
"I've been looking for a modern EHR system for our clinical team for over 12 months and had nearly given up. Since our team signed up, we have removed 1 hour of admin for every clinician. Our team feels like we finally have the healthcare software, which we need to deliver better services. We can now focus on growing the scope and scale of our service. Our clients have also loved the change, feeling like they have better access to treatment and enjoy digital health. The Carepatron support team has been there for us at every step of the process."
Gordan J
Practice Manager
Healthcare Delivery Manager
“Our medical team fell in love with Carepatron from the first time we used the workspace! It is the most intuitive medical software I have used in my medical career. Our team uses it to manage our patient records, clinical notes, assessments, and treatment plans. We find its mobile app and the medical template library help us to deliver best practice medical treatment and outcomes.”
Susan T.
Healthcare Delivery Manager
Mental Health Team Manager
“You guys are knocking it out of the park with your Psychology software. Our team is amazed each week with how many improvements you release, or new tools are released. We have been getting heaps of value from the recent google calendar sync plus the progress note templates.  I can't wait to see what your team comes up with next!”
Lang B.
Mental Health Team Manager

Clinical Documentation  for Healthcare Teams

With Carepatron, your healthcare team's electronic health records, treatment notes, and clinical documentation are combined with all the HIPAA-compliant clinical tools and resources you need. You can upload medical history, consent, or referrals from your mobile device or desktop. This allows you to do your work efficiently whether you are in the office or remote. Reduce the time it takes to capture your progress notes or clinical reports with our built-in medical dictation tool! Use our comprehensive healthcare template library, including mental health assessments, SOAP notes, DAP notes, or Healthcare consents.
Clinical Documentation for Healthcare Teams

Appointment Scheduling Software for Healthcare Teams

Scheduling healthcare appointments from a mobile app allows you to optimize your workflow virtually or in person. You can manage your appointment scheduling, receive online bookings or send a text (SMS) and email appointment reminders anytime. Use the patient portal to engage your clients in their treatment schedule while making your services easy to access. Sync your Google or Microsoft calendars to stay up to date. Move between organizing your calendar, capturing a client note to process a medical payment with one click. Save 4 hours each week by enabling your clients to book, reschedule, or cancel via mobile or desktop, saving everyone time.
Top Appointment Scheduling Software for Healthcare Teams
Simple Medical Billing and Coding for Healthcare Teams

Medical Billing and Coding for Healthcare Teams

Our Medical Billing and Coding software enables Healthcare teams to manage their billing, invoicing, and payments from a single healthcare workspace. You can accept credit cards, debit cards, or Stripe payments from within the patient portal or email them to a client for payment. Carepatron's award-winning practitioner support is here to process electronic, or insurance claims 24/7. Remote billing and coding services support healthcare teams to remove financial administration from your workflow. Whether you are a small or large healthcare team, you can focus on the clinical work that matters most, like telehealth, client appointments, or treatment delivery.

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