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Balancing your workflow, client management, and service delivery isn’t easy. Carepatron gives you the tools and time you need to focus on your big picture —your clients, team, and finances. 
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Appointment Scheduling

Be in control of your team's workflow and schedule at all times. Use our calendar tool to keep all your team appointments up to date, ensuring everyone is supported to do their best work. Carepatron helps your team reduce client no-shows with automated email and SMS reminders.
Psychology notes and assessments

Clinical Notes

Safely store your client documentation and notes in a powerful EHR system. Use our fully-integrated healthcare assessments and note templates to get your work done accurately - at all times!
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Healthcare Billing

Contactless billing and payments make it easier for your clients to pay. Integrating your billing into your clinical management system makes your services more accessible for your clinical team and clients. What a superb way to improve your business's cash flow!

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Mental Health Provider
“Tons of great tools and easy to use. Carepatron is a must-have for any healthcare provider that wants to simplify their management processes. My team loves all the customizations and superb customer support. I will be recommending this software to my healthcare colleagues. There is so much powerful automation that any group can increase their productivity almost instantly. The free plan made it easier to try the platform without having having to find funds to purchase alright. With Carepatron, we have reduced client no-shows by 90% while improving billable hours per practitioner.”
Thomas S.
Mental Health Provider
Medical Provider
"Our medical organization can easily manage clients, optimize workload, and can efficiently generate bills and invoices. It is easy to use for our medical practitioners, and they can easily access it from our office or while working remotely. Their time is saved by always having instant access to health records, transferring their notes or documents on this software. Our administration team feels their time is saved by automating tasks like appointment reminders and client intake. This online healthcare system has held us save money every month by reducing the other tools we were paying subscriptions. Our clients don't have to spend much time completing intake forms, booking appointments, or paying their bills. The client portal is elegant and has excellent features, and the clients have been delighted with it."
Esben R.
Medical Provider
Healthcare Administrator
“Very good, it's easy and practical. Carepatron helps us to manage every aspect of our health business. The workspace feels comfortable and very accessible to both our health practitioners and administrative support teams. It allows you to keep client records up to date and save clinical documents and notes as we go. You can tell the product has been designed by those working in the healthcare sector as everything feels intuitive and has all of the tools we need to run a service. It's the kind of software you need when you start or optimize your business as a beginner. It is also an excellent tool for staying current with your billing and payments. We particularly like how the software integrates with the other tools our team uses, like google. It also has the advantage of saving you a considerable amount of time. In short, a great help, comfortable, and available to the healthcare community anywhere in the world.”
Trisha F.
Healthcare Administrator
Digital Healthcare Professional
“An excellent tool for digital healthcare providers. Over the last 12 months, we have used carepatron to move our healthcare team from focusing on physical service delivery to a blended virtual and in-person model. It has been vital for us to quickly move to a digital healthcare model to reduce risk and improve our overall efficiency. Previously we used a complicated toolkit of manual processes and expensive single feature products like zoom, Timely, and Freshbooks. Carepatron has allowed us to reduce costs and improve delivery by bringing them together in one system. I am happy to recommend this EHR system to any other team looking to save time or improve client outcomes.”
Amelia T.
Digital Healthcare Professional

Clinical Note Software for Healthcare Providers

With Carepatron, your health records, clinical documents, and resources are integrated with world-class medical billing and payments tools. You can reduce the time required to capture progress notes or treatment reports with our HIPAA-compliant medical dictation tool! Use our comprehensive healthcare template library, including SOAP notes, clinical assessments, and intake forms. Share clinical notes directly with your clients safely and privately within a single encrypted platform.
Healthcare providers using Clinical Note Software

Healthcare Scheduling Software

World-class appointment scheduling software allows you to reimagine how you book, reschedule or cancel sessions quickly and accurately. SMS appointment reminders help you to reduce client no-shows by up to 95%. Ensure you have complete visibility of your organization's availability by syncing your Google or Outlook calendars. With a beautiful patient portal, clients can schedule appointments or pay bills online. They can reschedule or cancel via a mobile device or desktop, everyone time while making healthcare more accessible for your community.
Top psychology scheduling software
Simple Healthcare Billing and Coding Services

Healthcare Billing and Coding Services

Our digital healthcare billing system enables healthcare providers to move all their invoicing and payments online into a secure HIPAA-compliant platform. Your team will be able to process credit card or Stripe payments from the digital merchant terminal or send these via email to pay later. Our expert customer support champions are here 24/7 to streamline your CMS claims at every step of the process. Contactless billing and payments help healthcare teams to remove risk from their day-to-day workload. Whether you are a healthcare start-up or an established practice, you will be able to focus more on your client's clinical outcomes.

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