HX Breast Cancer ICD-10-CM Codes

Find the ICD-10-CM codes for breast cancer history. Indispensable for accurate medical billing, documentation, and comprehension of patient medical history.

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HX Breast Cancer ICD-10-CM Codes
HX Breast Cancer ICD-10-CM Codes

What ICD-10 Codes are Used for a History of Breast Cancer?

Patients with a history of breast cancer who are not currently undergoing treatment or showing signs of active disease but are being monitored have specific ICD-10-CM codes to indicate this history. Proper coding of this history is essential for surveillance, risk assessments, and future medical care decisions.

Commonly Used ICD-10-CM Codes for History of Breast Cancer:

Z85.3 - Personal history of malignant neoplasm of the breast

Clinical Description: This code indicates a patient's history of breast cancer. It does not mean the cancer is present but signifies that the patient once had the disease.

(Note: This is the primary code for personal history of breast cancer. Depending on the patient's history and other related conditions, additional codes may be used in conjunction with or in place of this code.)

Which HX Breast Cancer ICD codes are Billable?

Z85.3 - Yes, this code is billable.

Clinical Information

  • A personal history of breast cancer can impact future risk assessments and medical care decisions.
  • Individuals with a history of breast cancer might be at higher risk for a recurrence or a new primary breast cancer than the general population.
  • Regular surveillance may be recommended for these individuals, including mammograms or other imaging.
  • A history of breast cancer may also influence decisions about hormone replacement therapy or other treatments.
  • Understanding a patient's cancer history is crucial in creating an appropriate follow-up care plan.

Synonyms Include:

  • History of breast cancer
  • Previous breast carcinoma diagnosis
  • Breast cancer in medical history
  • Former breast malignancy
  • History of breast malignancy
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Commonly asked questions

When should a HX Breast Cancer ICD code be used?

A HX Breast Cancer ICD code should be used when documenting a patient's medical record to indicate that they have had breast cancer but do not currently have active disease.

What are the implications of having a history of breast cancer code on a patient's medical record?

A history of breast cancer code can affect medical decision-making, surveillance plans, treatment options, and insurance coverages. It also serves as crucial information for healthcare providers to understand the patient's previous medical challenges and future risks.

What does a diagnosis code for a history of breast cancer indicate?

A diagnosis code for a history of breast cancer denotes that a patient has been previously diagnosed with breast cancer, though they don't currently have active disease.

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