BKA ICD-10-CM Codes

Learn about valid BKA ICD-10 codes related to Below-Knee Amputation (BKA) and when to use them.

By RJ Gumban on Feb 29, 2024.

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BKA ICD-10-CM Codes

What BKA ICD codes can I use?

While there are no codes with "BKA" in their names, there are specific BKA ICD-10 codes you can use for BKA-related cases. Below are the relevant codes:

  • Z89.511 - Acquired absence of right leg below knee

Use this code for patients who have had an amputation of their right leg below the knee.

  • Z89.512 - Acquired absence of left leg below knee

This code is for patients who have undergone amputation of their left leg below the knee.

  • Z89.519 - Acquired absence of unspecified leg below knee

While it's advisable to use more specific codes, this code may be used for patients who have undergone amputation of a leg below the knee but don't know the exact location or if they had an amputation on both legs.

Are these BKA ICD codes billable?

Yes. All three codes listed above are valid and billable.

Clinical information about BKA:

  • BKA, or Below-Knee Amputation, also known as transtibial amputation, is a surgical procedure performed to save the life of patients suffering from severe trauma, disease, or defects in their lower extremities.
  •  It involves the complete removal of everything below the knee that is affected. 
  • This procedure is necessary when poor circulation threatens the limb, potentially leading to non-healing ulcers and life-threatening infections, especially in the bones.

Synonyms include:

  • Amputated at knee
  • Amputated below knee
  • Amputated right lower limb
  • Amputated right lower limb below knee
  • Amputated left lower limb
  • Amputated left lower limb below knee
  • History of amputation of left and right leg through tibia and fibula
  • History of bilateral lower limb amputation
  • History of amputation of left leg through tibia and fibula
  • History of amputation of right leg through tibia and fibula
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Commonly asked questions

Are these really the only BKA ICD codes?

No. There are two others but they are unbillable and invalid, so we didn’t include them in this list.

For what reasons should a person be amputated below the knee?

If there is an infection in their leg below the knee, if their diabetes has ruined their leg below the knee, if they have foot ulcers or tumors, if they have peripheral vascular disease, or if their leg below the knee is crushed or broken beyond repair.

What else is involved in the amputation of the leg below the knee besides removing it?

It also involves shaping what remains of the leg and making sure that healthy parts are still intact. Shaping the remaining parts of the amputated leg is important for fitting prosthetics.

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