Meningioma ICD-10-CM Codes

Navigate through the guide on the ICD-10 code used for meningioma and learn more about its clinical descriptions, billability, synonyms, etc.

By Alex King on Jun 16, 2024.

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Meningioma ICD-10-CM Codes

What ICD-10 Code is Used for Meningioma 

The most accurate ICD Code for Meningioma that practitioners can use for coding, documentation, and billing is D32.9: Benign neoplasm of meninges, unspecified. 

Do note that you must use the code only when clinical information on the patient’s condition is unavailable or unknown and no specific code fits the patient’s condition.

Is the Meningioma ICD code Billable?

Yes, D32.9: Benign neoplasm of meninges, unspecified, the code used for meningioma, is billable. 

Clinical Information

  • Meningioma is the most common type of primary brain or central nervous system (CNS) tumor located in the meninges, the three layers of tissue between the skull and brain. 
  • There are multiple types of meningiomas depending on where the tumor is located. Some are convexity meningioma, intraventricular meningioma, skull base meningioma, olfactory groove meningioma, and suprasellar meningioma. 
  • Symptoms vary depending on the meningioma’s location and size. However, common symptoms include seizures, confusion, loss of hearing/smell, change in vision, and headaches. 
  • To diagnose meningioma, the practitioner will have the patient undergo multiple tests and exams, such as a physical exam, neurological exam, imaging tests, and obtaining a piece of tumor tissue for examination. 
  • Treatment for meningioma usually involves surgery followed by radiation or chemotherapy. 

Synonyms Include:

  • Benign neoplasm of meninges
  • Meningioma
  • Melanocytoma of meninges
  • Primary melanocytic lesion of meninges
  • Meningioma of optic nerve sheath
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Commonly asked questions

When to use a Meningioma ICD code?

You can use a meningioma ICD code once you’ve determined the location of the tumor and eliminated all other possible specific ICD codes. 

Is the Meningioma diagnosis code billable?

Yes, the meningioma diagnosis code is billable. 

What are the common treatments for Meningioma Diagnosis Codes?

The most common treatment for meningioma is surgery followed by chemotherapy or radiation. 

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