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Clinical appointment scheduling

Online Scheduling

Take control of your calendar and online schedule. Create your daily to-do list, share tasks, and send automated appointments in one tool. Use our integrated Telehealth video calling to provide consultations or treatment from anywhere.
Clinical Notes and Clinical Documentation

Mental Health Notes & Reports

Store your health records, therapy notes, and assessment reports in your secure EHR system. Use our resource library to get access to best-practice forms and templates.
Clinical billing and Clinical online payments

Accept Mobile Payments

Contactless mobile payments make it easy for your patients to pay their healthcare bills. Your patients save time while you get paid twice as fast. Improve your cashflow while growing your practice.

Trusted by 10,000+ Psychiatrists

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“It has enabled us to automate our new patient intake process, invoicing, and appointment reminders. It is saving us up to 10 hours across our Psychiatry team every week. It has an intuitive design and flow, which makes it easy to navigate around the system. We also use the app to manage our team calendar and accept online scheduling. We love how the patient portal helps our clients manage their healthcare and get the treatment they need. It is a handy tool to provide secure Telehealth across locations, ensuring we have the means to work remotely when needed.”
Deepa M.
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“Best Healthcare software! Super easy to use and set up!!! My Psychiatry business manages our patient records, captures medical documents and notes. I also create all of my assessment reports and treatment plans within the system. I complete my invoicing and process payments every day. Carepatron automatically syncs my other calendars and also sends SMS appointment reminders. I find it essential to my private practice. My healthcare team also loves it!”
Jill R.
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“I have been using Carepatron for almost two years. I don't have complex needs; I need client records, scheduling, therapy notes, invoicing, and payments. Carepatron (while it does even more than I need) has provided all of this to me in one platform. It is user-friendly and straightforward.  It's easy to use, which is a big deal for me. I can do everything from my mobile app. I send invoices, process payments, update client records, and write progress notes.”
Drago B.
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“Carepatron is a smart system for fast-growing Psychiatry teams. I absolutely love Carepatron. I have used it for a couple of years nows and have told everyone how awesome it is and how much it helps a growing practice. Three simple reasons why Carepatron is the best Psychiatry system:
1. Carepatron is designed for mobile devices or desktops.  It is the first healthcare software I have used that has been built from this perspective.
2. It automates a bunch of my low-value admin work, including patient intakes, scheduling, payments. Again, right from my Apple phone.
3. It helps me increase my billable sessions. It saves me time, which then gives me more time for treatment sessions or client appointments. I can track invoices and payments in one app. I don't have to use any other healthcare software.”
Zoe N.

Psychiatry Note Software

This Psychiatry note software helps users capture important clinical information quickly within the patient record. It supports a healthcare professional to optimize this workflow with best practice Psychiatry resources, including templates, forms, and reports. You can improve your efficiency across your mental health team and private practice. You can use medical transcription tool to record your notes while on the move. Shares notes with other healthcare providers or your patients safely within the patient portal.
Top Psychiatry Billing Software

Psychiatry Scheduling Software

Schedule your appointment on the go from within your mobile EHR app. Send appointment invites to your clients, promote online scheduling and enable appointments reminders via SMS or email. A patient portal allows you to stay in touch with clients, sharing updates, reschedule appointments or cancel sessions when needed. Bring your workflow together in one place by syncing any calendar, including Google, iCal, or Outlook. You can quickly write progress notes or update treatment plans from within the scheduler modal.
Best Psychiatry Scheduling Software
Easy Billing services for Psychiatrist

Billing Services For Psychiatrists

Psychiatry billing software enables you to manage your invoicing, payments, and reconciliation within a secure management system. You instantly process credit card payments from within the patient portal or send them via email. Our fantastic support team is here 24/7 to help automate your electronic claims or insurance claims. Paperless invoicing and payment services help Psychiatrists remove admin from your private practice. Carepatron works for solo practitioners through to large healthcare teams. Do more Telemedicine or Telehealth work with our integrated tool.

Join 10,000+ Psychiatrists using Carepatron to be more productive.

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