Best TherapyNotes Alternatives (Features and Pricing)

Jamie Frew
Jamie Frew

Mental health software assists healthcare providers in offering the best care possible to their respective clients. There are several different components a mental health software should incorporate into their software to ensure they can allow practitioners to practice at their best. Telehealth, voice transcription, appointment scheduling, documentation and billing capability, and reminders are all things to look out for in any mental health software you are considering for your practice. 

TherapyNotes is a good platform, but we understand why you might be looking at an alternative. Some common themes amongst reviewers are that they cannot personalize their notes, forms, or patient records as much as they would like and that client intake is about as simple as mastering a Jedi mind trick. 

Despite the reasoning behind you seeking alternatives to TherapyNotes, we are here to help you consider some other options that might fit better with your workflow. 

So what features should be at the top of your list when seeking a new mental health software?

Here are the things you should keep an eye out for in any good mental health software platform

Online Scheduling

An absolute must-have for any practice management software is an integrated scheduling tool. Book appointments and have them connected directly to appointment reminders. Your client's email shouldn't be something you compromise on. 

Great Customer Support 

Look for software that has a fast and simple onboarding process and excellent customer support. It can be challenging to adopt new methods within your workplace. Make sure you have the help you need when you need it. Be sure to check out clinician testimonials or customer reviews of any practice management software before you choose a new software. 

User-friendly Software

When changing to a new practice management software, you shouldn't have to use copious amounts of precious time or money to streamline your practice. An intuitive user interface should require very little training or support to get up and running. 


Irrespective of functionality or how user-friendly any EHR software is, you know that privacy and confidentiality are at the core of any practice as a mental health professional. Before choosing between any of TherapyNotes top competitors, you need to ensure that they are HIPAA-compliant

Mobile Friendly 

As a mental health practitioner in 2022, you wouldn't want to be operating on a software platform that was not compatible with your iPhone or Android. Conducting telehealth or telemedicine, messaging and electronic health records are all things that you would want to access when outside the office. Without cloud-based software that is compatible with iPhone or Android, you will struggle to stay relevant. 

Therapynotes Pricing 

Pricing will be dictated by what your practice looks like. Suppose you're a solo practitioner or a small private practice. In that case, you might be able to find practice management software that will offer you a free version or one with reduced capabilities. Larger practices may find this more difficult but presumably will have a slightly larger budget to work with. Irrespective of your budget, it's essential to shop around. Contact each platform and see what offers they may have on- this can also be a perfect way to test out their customer service and how quickly their support team responds. 

Client Portal 

A cloud-based client portal is another helpful tool you should look out for in any practice management software. It will enable you to share treatment plans, health information and provide a means of electronic medical records to always keep your clients and their care team on the same page.

Top TherapyNotes Alternatives

After having outlined some components you should keep your eye out for in any practice management system, we want to compare four alternatives to TherapyNotes for you to consider. 


Our top alternative to TherapyNotes is Carepatron

Carepatron was created for Psychologists, Mental Health Nurses, Counselors, and Allied Health and Social Workers. It was designed to work on any device, in any country. It can work with Android, Mac, and IOS apps and helps with scheduling client appointments, managing health records, and automating billing and payments in a pragmatic way that you can understand. 

Carepatron's key features

  1. HIPAA compliant
  2. AI-Powered Voice to text transcription
  3. Telehealth for free
  4. Online payment processing
  5. Scheduling and Workflow
  6. Client appointment organizer 
  7. The ability to share and manage tasks 
  8. Auto Reminders 
  9. A Patient Portal 
  10. Team Meeting Capabilities  

In addition to these great tools for your therapy notes and electronic medical records, Carepatron's pricing plan is free...

Free - Good for individuals or small teams just starting. With the option to upgrade at any time.
  • 1GB storage
  • Unlimited client & staff
  • Unlimited appointments
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 video calling
  • Free appointment reminders
Professional ($15 per practitioner, per month) - For those looking to boost productivity and grow their practice.
  • All Carepatron features
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited group video calls
  • Concierge customer support
  • 99.99% guaranteed uptime

We think after having done all this research that these are all viable SAAS alternatives to TherapyNotes. That's why they're on this list, but we have found one clear winner... It's Carepatron, and we want you to find out why! 

Sign up for free with Carepatron today. 🎉\

Therapy software


SimplePractice is an online practice management software that is designed specifically for behavioral health clinicians. It offers note templates and insurance claim filing capabilities, as well as online booking and appointment reminders. 

However, some client reviews of SimplePractice state that the patient portal and mobile app can be confusing to navigate at times. Not being able to speak to any customer service providers over the phone can be frustrating. 

SimplePractice offers a starter pack at $35 per month per user.

Kareo EHR

Kareo is also an online practice management software. It enables users to access a cloud-based EHR software that was created specifically for mental health practitioners. 

Kareo has medical billing software functionality, a simple user interface, and online document storage. Even though this customer service appears to be Kareo's greatest drawback with many negative reviews on Capterra

Kareo's starter pack is $74.50 per month per user. 


TheraNest is another alternative web-based solution for psychology and Mental Health practitioners. They claim to offer several different capabilities that include the ability to allow practitioners to keep track of progress notes, treatment plans, and discharge summaries. TheraNest does also have that all-important HIPAA-compliant sticker great for any healthcare management system. 

The issues arise when looking at the billing features and invoicing booking portal, and customer service. 

TheraNest presents some issues around ease of use with specific start times and the ability to customize appointment lengths or the number of follow-up sessions required in the charting and calendar management capabilities. 

The issues extend to both billing and customer service; online user reviews reveal some practitioners have to wait weeks for a response from TheraNest's EMR customer support team. Problematic when practitioners are experiencing issues that impact the functionality and patient care within their practice daily...

TheraNest's pricing plan is based on the number of clients you do the case management for. Buckle up... it's confusing...

  • $38 monthly for under 30 clients
  • $58 monthly for under 50 clients
  • $108 monthly for under 100 clients 

In addition to this, TheraNest's additional features also come at an added cost:

  • Wiley Planners for $25 per month for each practitioner
  • Client portal for $6 per month for each practitioner
  • Telehealth for $10 per month for each practitioner
  • Electronic claims: $0.23 each
  • Text reminders are $0.02, and voice reminders are $0.05
  • Credit card processing: 2.85% + 27¢ per transaction 

You'll need to budget for these add-ons and price increases when using TheraNest, which is definitely a drawback for us. A practice management solution should be just that, a solution, not another problem to solve for. 


PowerDiary is a web-based practice management software that has been designed to streamline various administrative tasks at healthcare businesses. 

The platform’s features include:

  • Appointment scheduling 
  • Calendar management
  • Clinical note-taking
  • Documentation storage
  • Telehealth
  • Access to useful documents, including intake forms
  • Appointment reminders 

As you can see, these cover a range of areas that will help to elevate the efficiency and organization of your practice. 


  • 1 Practitioner $10/week = $40 Monthly
  • 2-3 Practitioners $16/week = $64 Monthly
  • 4-9 Practitioners $26/week = $120 Monthly

However, PowerDiary isn’t without its drawbacks. The platform’s interface isn’t very intuitive, which makes it especially difficult to navigate for people that struggle with technology. And, although it offers a 14-day trial, this is hardly long enough to learn an entirely new system!

Practice Management Made Easy! 🗄️

Whether you’re a Psychologist, Counselor or Therapist, you need practice management software to store and manage all that patient data.  

And while we’ve covered five excellent alternative practice management to TherapyNotes, ultimately, what you need comes down to your requirements.

For example, if you want a no-fuss platform to house all your practice data, go for Carepatron. 

With a whole lotta awesome features like notes, scheduling, billing, and payments, Carepatron is the best Behavioral Health Management Software

So why not join Carepatron for free today to become a Practice management wiz? 

Interested in finding out more? Have a look at the following comparisons:

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