Accept Online Payments and Get Paid Faster

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Accepting Online Payments and Get Paid Faster

The Online Payments you and your clients will love

Clinical appointment scheduling

Online Scheduling

Take control of your schedule and calendar from your desktop or mobile app. Use automated appointment reminders and our fully integrated video calling tool to maximize your productivity.
Clinical Notes and Clinical Documentation

Health Records

Store all your patient information, clinical notes, and documentation safely in your secure clinic system. We autosave, so you'll never lose work again.
Clinical billing and Clinical online payments

Accept Online Payments

Carepatron online or mobile payments make it easier for your clients to pay for your bills.  You save time a massive amount of time while getting paid twice as fast. What a great way to improve your day and cashflow!
Patient paying healthcare bill online

Accept Online Payments and Get Paid Faster

With Carepatron, you can ensure high quality across all your business operations, especially when it comes to reimbursements. Payments don’t have to be complicated, and with Carepatron’s automated online payment systems, you can rest easy knowing your clients are paying on time, and with the right amounts. Compatible with a variety of different payment methods, our online payment systems provide clients with easy access to invoices, bills, and financial history, which makes Carepatron the only healthcare payment platform that you need. Our seamless design works towards efficiency and efficacy when it comes to your business goals, and with our customization features, you can be sure that your payment processes fulfill patient needs and elevate the quality of your practice. Fast payments mean you can consistently invest in improving various business areas without compromise, and you can prioritize what you do best; care for your patients.

Online Healthcare Payments help your Healthcare Team to be more productive

Online healthcare payments are the easiest way to ensure that all transactions are carried out in a timely manner. To improve your cash flow, patient satisfaction, staff engagement, and overall business profitability, you must implement online payment systems to maximize productivity within your business. If this isn’t convincing enough, consider the following benefits:

Low costs - Say goodbye to overhead costs, and say hello to profits. With online payment systems, you don’t have to worry about high transaction fees or setup costs, as the systems incorporate low fees with no processing payments needed. It’s a win-win.

Secure payments - With online payment systems, you can be sure that your finances are in good hands. Payments are much more tightly regulated, with monitoring and security controls in place to ensure that payments go through faster and safer. You don’t have to worry about security hindering other business tasks, with its efficiency freeing up time for you to add value elsewhere. 

Saves time - Online payments can be made anywhere and at any time, meaning, you don’t need to concern yourself with the tedious tasks of printing information or meeting with clients to collect payments. Everything can be handled efficiently and within a couple of seconds!

Attract more clients - Because most businesses operate with online payments, you can be sure that the convenience of automation will attract more clients to your practice.

Improved cash flow - Online payments eliminate having to wait around for checks to return, with payments processed instantly. This way, you can see the effects of your healthcare payment services immediately.
Online payments helping a healthcare team be more productive

Focus more on your clinical work

Make it easier for your patients to pay online, which means you get paid twice as fast. What better way to improve your cashflow!
Choosing the right payment provider for your practice business

Choosing the right payment provider for your practice business

When it comes to payment processing, a payment gateway refers to software that accepts a mode of payment in conjunction with eCommerce processes. In other words, it is the payment method that accepts bank account details, as well as credit, debit, or gift cards, as well as any other version of an online wallet.
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Payment processing challenges for private practice owners

Payment processing challenges for private practice owners

The payment system in healthcare, as I’m sure you know, can be extremely complicated to navigate. In addition to understanding the processes of medical billing, healthcare businesses must be familiar with ways in which they can successfully overcome challenges. Whilst it would be optimal for medical billing to always operate smoothly, in reality, this isn’t often the case.
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Process Healthcare Payments Online with your mobile device

One of the great things about online payment systems, is the ability to process online payment information from most devices, including your mobile phone. Using mobile devices for payment transactions is an excellent way to save time, and create value across a variety of healthcare professions.

With fast payments, you don’t have to spend time contaminating your work with tedious admin tasks. You can ensure your clients pay on time, and that you’re effectively reimbursed for your therapy services. 

All of your invoicing, billing, and payment information can be accessed from just one place, meaning that you don’t have to worry about chasing up outstanding payments. Automation makes things easy, meaning that you can focus on prioritizing patients' mental health and wellbeing. 

It can be an awkward conversation when dealing with payments following a psychology session, so we’re making things easy. Automatic payments and seamless transaction systems work together to support you in collecting payments with no fuss, so you can focus on improving the wellbeing and the health of your clients. With accurate reimbursements, you can also work towards improving the overall quality of your business, so what’s not to like?
Dictating your clinical notes in a mobile app.

Choosing the right payment provider for your practice business

It can be tricky choosing a payment provider for your healthcare practice, especially with all the options out there. These days, it seems that there’s a new healthcare payment system popping up every week! We understand that this may feel overwhelming, which is why we’re here to help. Carepatron can simplify this process, by combining a variety of valuable system options to ensure that all your needs are met, and all from one place. With our payment systems, you can ensure fast and easy transactions that are processed automatically and within the nick of time so you don’t have to worry about any overhead costs or follow-ups. You can generate digital invoices in seconds, and access all your financial information from anywhere and at any time. Payment systems should always be convenient, and enable you to focus on your clinical work by enhancing your assets and building upon the strengths of your practice. Most of all, they should allow you to customize your operations in a way that works best for you, and maximizes your current resources. With Carepatron, we tick all these boxes, and support you in implementing effective systems that elevate your business in all aspects.
The right payment provider for your practice business
Payment processing compliance in healthcare practice

Payment processing compliance in healthcare practice

With healthcare payments, you must also consider security in every regard. You’re dealing with highly sensitive information, especially when it comes to finances, and so your payment system must prioritize the security of your patient information. Failure to do so may damage your reputation, in addition to potentially reaping high HIPAA violation costs. As a result, you must implement encrypted channels, as well as install various anti-virus software, to ensure that the proper firewalls and safeguards are in place. Data hacks and leakages are surprisingly quite common, and so you must take every precaution to minimize and reduce the chances of such cybersecurity attacks from happening. After all, you definitely don’t want to have to deal with jeopardized information that has spiraled out of control, as this is immensely difficult to take care of, and can sever relationships with your clients. Patients need to feel certain that they are in safe hands, and so when you set up payment processing systems, you must have full confidence that you are HIPAA compliant. There must be a minimal risk of data escaping your practice, and you need to have response plans set in place if this were to occur. Here at Carepatron, we can help you with that, with our bank-level encryption protecting client data at all times.
Improving payment experience for your clients

Improving payment experience for your clients

There’s no use in implementing a payment processing system if it doesn’t work for your clients. The payment provider you choose should consistently work towards improving the patient experience, and increasing customer satisfaction across all business operations. Here at Careparon, we recognize this importance, and aim to engage and interact with clients in a way that leaves a positive experience when it comes to payments. Setting up invoices and discussing finances can be difficult, and it’s not always an enjoyable experience on the user end. As a result, we ensure that payments can be processed in a way that is easy and hassle-free. Patients can access their information at any time and place, across a variety of different devices, and they can transfer funds in seconds. Any queries can be logged within the system to promote fast responses, and there is full transparency at every step of the way. Paying medical bills has never been easier, and our customers love the work we do. Automation works with even the busiest of schedules, and as a result, we have an efficient system that seamlessly integrates with the needs of any client.

Trusted by healthcare teams

Don’t just take our word for it - hear from our customers about the benefits of our system, and how it has smoothened and enhanced business operations from a variety of professions.

Clinician and Clinic Owner
“Best clinic invoicing and payment tool out there! Overall, it is a powerful billing and payment tool for my healthcare team. We create invoices for their services and quickly process an easy, low-cost payment for this healthcare bill or transaction. It helps to make our payments safe and more accessible to both our clients and our clinic staff. Carepatron provides our team with several gateways to collect fees, including bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards, and stripe. The best part is capturing a client's preferred payment method during the intake and onboarding process. We know how clients want to pay using this tool, and then we can instantly charge this. It also provides auto payment reminders and customizable currency and sale tax. It offers our practice the best payment gateway for online payments for any clinic business.”
John F.
Clinician and Clinic Owner
“Great online payments system for healthcare providers. My experience has been outstanding. I use Carepatron every day to create invoices and process payments for our small healthcare business. We automatically create invoices from within the scheduling tool, then process a payment in person, digital, or via email. You can easily customize services to optimize the billing process. I provide you with a billing and payment dashboard so you can easily keep across money as they flow in and are also able to monitor overdue accounts. We find the auto payment reminders potent to follow up on outstanding bills. Now I can increase my cash flow while reducing the time required to manage the financial aspect of healthcare practice. I have been able to take on more clients and increase billable sessions by 8 per week.”
Levadia T.
“Carepatron makes making online medical payments easy. The user interface is easy to use and quick to navigate. It is conducive to quick invoices and process medical payments in the same place I do my clinical work. Bringing all of my medical business and clinical work together makes payments easy, fast, and more accurate. My patient can pay bills while they are scheduling a follow-up session from within the patient portal. Carepatron is very helpful in sending via email for mobile payment and receiving funds internationally. The medical billing dashboard helps me to keep track of cash coming in, invoices due, electronic or insurance claims, and much more.”
Alice H.
“A fantastic digital payments tool ahead of its time. The simple fact is that Carepatron is the fastest growing healthcare payment solution in the market, which shows how many clinicians and management staff love it. It enables our healthcare practitioners to process digital payments from their mobile device while in a client appointment or email it for online payment following the session. This tool is by far the most intuitive in the healthcare industry, that along is a great reason to go with it. Switching between healthcare tools sucks, carepatron provides us with a complete healthcare system that combines health records, clinical notes, and billing in a single system.”
Cornell J.

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Carepatron Payments lets your patients pay directly through invoices or autopay and automatically records each payment in your stripe account. It’s fast, easy, secure, and perfectly integrated.