9 Best Nursing Home Software in 2023

Discover the top 9 Nursing Home Software solutions with standout features, pricing, limitations, and user reviews. Elevate elderly care management today.

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Nursing Home Software
Nursing Home Software

In the dynamic landscape of modern healthcare, technology stands as a cornerstone in elevating patient care and operational efficiency. Nursing homes, pivotal in elderly care, are embracing this digital evolution through cutting-edge Nursing Home Software. This guide unveils a comprehensive exploration of the 9 Best Nursing Home Software solutions, tailored to administrators, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.

Nursing home software programs go beyond digitizing tasks; it revolutionizes resident care, streamlines administration, and ensures compliance. Beyond the significance of these software solutions, our guide delves into their standout features, limitations, pricing details, and user reviews. This holistic approach equips you with a 360-degree view, empowering confident decisions aligned with your nursing home's unique needs.

From medication management optimization to seamless scheduling and detailed clinical documentation, this guide informs and guides you toward the most fitting solution. Embrace a future of nursing home management poised for excellence, guided by the insights shared in this all-encompassing overview.

What Should You Look for in Free Nursing Home Software?

When looking into free Software for Nursing Home, there are several important things to keep in mind. These factors will help you choose software that suits your facility's needs while staying within your budget:

User-Friendly Interface: Prioritize software with an intuitive interface that requires minimal training, enabling your staff to quickly navigate and use the system for enhanced efficiency and a reduced learning curve.

Comprehensive Resident Management: Select software with robust tools to manage resident information, medical histories, and care plans, ensuring organized and accurate documentation for optimal patient care.

Effective Scheduling and Staff Management: Choose software that simplifies staff scheduling, attendance tracking, and task assignment, facilitating streamlined operations and optimal resident care allocation.

Streamlined Clinical Documentation: Opt for software that offers user-friendly features for electronic health record (EHR) management, progress note recording, and assessment form completion, enabling efficient and accurate clinical documentation.

Accurate Medication Management: Ensure the software provides a reliable platform for tracking medication administration, dosages, and schedules, reducing errors and ensuring proper medication adherence.

Efficient Billing and Reporting: Look for software that handles billing tasks, generates invoices, and offers comprehensive reporting capabilities, providing insights into financial operations and resident health trends.

Compliance and Security: Choose software that adheres to industry regulations such as HIPAA compliance, safeguarding patient data, and maintaining the security and privacy of sensitive information.

Customization and Growth: Opt for software that allows customization to fit your specific needs and offers scalability to accommodate your nursing home's expansion, ensuring a tailored and adaptable solution over time.

The 9 Best Nursing Home Software Available in 2023


Carepatron stands out as one of the best nursing home software solutions due to its Healthcare OS that empowers healthcare teams and practitioners to enhance client outcomes, efficiency, and productivity. Its customization capabilities allow users to tailor tools and workflows according to specific needs, boosting adaptability.

Carepatron Best Features

  • Customization: Adapt tools and workflows to suit your needs, increasing efficiency.
  • Practice Management: Manage client schedules, automate tasks, and streamline notes.
  • Time and Money Savings: Automate administrative tasks, enabling practitioners to focus on growth.

Carepatron Limitations

  • Learning Curve: Customization may require a learning curve for some users.
  • Complex Needs: Extremely complex needs might challenge the customization capabilities.
  • Initial Setup: Setting up tailored workflows might require initial effort.

Carepatron pricing

  • Starter: Free
  • Professional: $12 per user/month (when billed annually)
  • Organization: $19 per user/month (when billed annually)

Carepatron reviews

  • Capterra: 4.5 stars (69 reviews)
  • G2: No review available



Connecteam's nursing home EMR software strength lies in its workforce management capabilities, making it an essential tool for various industries. It automates business processes, empowers employees, and simplifies communication, enhancing productivity and business growth.

Connecteam Best Features

  • Mobile-First: Custom checklists, forms, reports, and GPS time clock for efficient management.
  • Multi-Industry Solution: Serves hospitality, retail, healthcare, and more.
  • Employee Communication: Simplifies communication, skills development, and task management.

Connecteam Limitations

  • Industry Fit: Primarily tailored for industries with staff management needs.
  • Feature Overload: Some users might find the extensive features overwhelming.
  • Learning Curve: Employees might require time to adapt to new tools.

Connecteam pricing

  • start at $29 USD per month
  • Offers Free Version
  • Offers Free Trial

Connecteam reviews

  • Capterra: 4.8 stars (293 reviews)
  • G2: 4.3 stars (39 reviews)

Net Health

Net Health

Net Health excels as a comprehensive cloud-based nursing home EMR software tailored for rehab therapists. Its suite of products addresses scheduling, billing, coding, and clinical needs, ensuring optimized care delivery for physical therapy clinics.

Net Health Best Features

  • All-in-One Solution: Offers patient scheduling, billing, coding, and clinical documentation.
  • Rehab-Focused: Designed specifically for physical therapy care settings.
  • Optimized Care: Ensures clinic needs and patient care align seamlessly.

Net Health Limitations

  • Niche Focus: Primarily designed for rehab therapists, limiting broader healthcare use.
  • Complexity: Some features might be overly complex for smaller practices.
  • Customization: Limited customization options for non-rehab settings.

Net Health pricing

  • Varies by clinic. Contact Net Health for pricing.

Net Health reviews

  • Capterra: 4.2 stars (245 reviews)
  • G2: No review available

EHR 24/7

EHR 24/7

EHR 24/7 by Office Ally is a trusted nursing home schedule software for efficient patient care management. It offers real-time data, customizable forms, and integrations, empowering healthcare providers to treat and document patients effectively.

EHR 24/7Best Features

  • Efficient Charting: Real-time data and customizable forms enhance accuracy.
  • Integration Ready: Integrates with patient intake and e-prescription solutions.
  • User-Friendly: No implementation required, immediate use for healthcare providers.

EHR 24/7 Limitations

  • Specialty Limitation: Tailored for general healthcare practice, not specialized fields.
  • Scalability: Might face scalability challenges for larger healthcare networks.
  • Advanced Features: Lacks advanced features found in specialized EMR solutions.

EHR 24/7 pricing

  • Starts at $39.95 USD per month

EHR 24/7 reviews

  • Capterra: 3.7 starts (82 reviews)
  • G2: 3.9 stars (9 reviews)

MatrixCare Skilled Nursing Facility

MatrixCare Skilled Nursing Facility

MatrixCare is an exceptional choice for skilled nursing homes, providing a paperless workflow and built-in validation rules. This ensures accurate resident care delivery, compliance, and optimized reimbursement.

MatrixCare Skilled Nursing Facility Best Features

  • Point-of-Care Documentation: Paperless workflow for accurate resident-centered care.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Supports PDPM and other regulatory requirements.
  • Optimized Reimbursement: Built-in validation rules enhance reimbursement.

MatrixCare Skilled Nursing Facility Limitations

  • Niche Use: Primarily designed for skilled nursing facilities, not broader healthcare.
  • Complexity: Complex features might require training for effective use.
  • Customization: Limited customization for non-nursing home settings.

MatrixCare Skilled Nursing Facility pricing

  • Starts at $35/month
  • $300/facility/month + $20k Implementation fee

MatrixCare Skilled Nursing Facility reviews

  • Capterra: 4.3 stars (40 reviews)
  • G2: 3.8 stars (52 reviews)

Therap Services

Therap Services

Therap Services shines as a secure, web-based solution serving Home and Community Based Service providers across the United States. With features like certified EHR, secure communication, and data sharing, it transforms care documentation and management for providers and stakeholders.

Therap Services Best Features

  • Web-Based Documentation: Securely manage communication, billing, and service documentation.
  • Government Integration: Used by state government IDD and Early Intervention systems.
  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Facilitates communication between providers, families, and self-advocates.

Therap Services Limitations

  • Industry Specific: Primarily tailored for Home and Community Based Service providers.
  • Scope: Not designed for broader healthcare settings beyond home and community care.
  • Learning Curve: Users might require training to navigate the platform effectively.

Therap Services pricing

  • Pricing varies. Contact Therap Services for pricing.

Therap Services reviews

  • Capterra: 4.3 starts (18 reviews)
  • G2: 4.6 stars (139 reviews)



AxisCare stands out for its comprehensive solution designed for home care agencies. With features spanning back-office, point-of-care, billing, and more, it aids agencies across multiple locations in enhancing efficiency, compliance, and client-caregiver experiences.

AxisCare Best Features

  • Multi-Location Support: Suitable for single and multi-location home care agencies.
  • Billing Integrations: Supports Private Pay, Medicaid, and 3rd-Party Billing.
  • Comprehensive Dashboard: Offers a range of features from scheduling to business intelligence.

AxisCare Limitations

  • Home Care Focus: Designed primarily for home care agencies, not other healthcare sectors.
  • Initial Learning: Agencies might need time to fully utilize all offered features.
  • Scalability: Potential challenges in scaling for very large agencies.
  • CareAcademy: Elevating Caregiver Training and Healthcare Outcomes

AxisCare pricing

  • Starts at $200 USD per month
  • Offers Free Trial

AxisCare reviews

  • Capterra: 4.6 stars (666 reviews)
  • G2: 4.6 stars (140 reviews)



CareAcademy is a transformative platform dedicated to improving caregiver training and healthcare outcomes. With accessible training content, technology solutions, and insights, it empowers caregivers in delivering excellent care and driving positive health results.

CareAcademy Best Features

  • Caregiver Training: Offers accessible and engaging training content for caregivers.
  • Technology Solutions: Provides streamlined solutions for caregiver enablement.
  • Insightful Analytics: Offers measurable insights to track and enhance training impact.

CareAcademy Limitations

  • Caregiver Focus: Primarily tailored for caregiver training and enablement.
  • Scope Limitation: Not a comprehensive EMR or management software for healthcare facilities.
  • Industry Fit: Best suited for home care, home health, and assisted living providers.

CareAcademy pricing

  • Starts at $239 USD per month
  • Offers Free Trial

CareAcademy reviews

  • Capterra: 4.7 stars (24 reviews)
  • G2: 4.5 stars (55 reviews)

Alora Home Health

Alora Home Health

Alora Home Health is a nursing home scheduling software optimized for various care scenarios. Its user-friendly platform, clinical documentation capabilities, and billing support make it a go-to choice for managing home health workflows.

Alora Home Health Best Features

  • Agency Solution: Supports Medicare, Medicaid, skilled, and non-skilled care scenarios.
  • Clinical Documentation: Facilitates easy documentation for multiple disciplines.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Fully mobile solution with features like EVV and electronic signatures.

Alora Home Health Limitations

  • Home Health Focus: Primarily designed for home health care agencies.
  • Niche Use: Might not cater to broader healthcare facility needs.
  • Learning Curve: Users might require training to fully utilize all available features.

Alora Home Health pricing

  • Starts at $295 USD per month

Alora Home Health reviews

  • Capterra: 4.6 stars (130 reviews)
  • G2: 4.5 stars (43 reviews)

Carepatron Nursing Home Software Software helps save you 1 day in admin every week

Carepatron Nursing Home Software stands out as the ultimate solution to streamline administrative tasks and elevate care delivery. Imagine saving an entire day in administrative work every week—this is the power Carepatron brings to nursing homes.

With its customizable Healthcare OS, Carepatron empowers healthcare teams to tailor tools and workflows precisely to their needs. This level of adaptability optimizes client outcomes, efficiency, and productivity. Whether you're a practitioner or a healthcare team, Carepatron's practice management software ensures you see more clients, effortlessly manage schedules, and record notes—all unified in a single, user-friendly platform.

Gone are the days of drowning in paperwork and struggling with disorganized schedules. Carepatron's automation and customization capabilities allow you to focus on what truly matters—providing exceptional care. Join the league of forward-thinking nursing homes that have chosen Carepatron to transform their operations.

Don't settle for the status quo. Experience the future of nursing home management with Carepatron. Sign up today and unlock a new era of efficiency and excellence. Your nursing home deserves the best—choose Carepatron and revolutionize the way you deliver care.

Experience the Future of Nursing Home Management. Sign Up for Carepatron Today!

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