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Thousands of Nurses use Carepatron to streamline their healthcare practice. From SOAP notes, EHR, clinical notes, patient records, online scheduling, medical consents, intake forms, clinical templates, invoicing, and payments.
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Clinical appointment scheduling

Nurse Scheduling Software

Nurse scheduling software enables you to automate on-call schedules for nurse practitioners working across medical facilities or healthcare practices. Schedule patient appointments online, send automatic reminders, and sync your calendars.
Clinical Notes and Clinical Documentation

SOAP Notes for Nursing

Create SOAP notes effectively with our integrated soap note templates. Store your progress notes quickly in your patient records information safely in your Nurse EHR system. We autosave your work, so you never lose it again!
Clinical billing and Clinical online payments

Medical Billing

Integrate Medical Billing and Healthcare Payments into the core of your practice management system. Support your patients to pay bills online quickly, save time, and get paid fast. Improve your nursing practice and treatment outcomes.

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Registered Nurse (RN) photo
“For Nurses, this software is excellent. It adapts very well to new nursing teams and nurse clinics and helps save a lot of resources! When you don't have a lot of time to manage patient intakes, write DAP notes, finalize invoices, and process payments, Carepatron is an excellent practice management solution. The app is designed just for nursing. I can pretty much do everything I need within a few secs. Automates many tedious administrative and operational tasks such as creating invoices, capturing SOAP notes, updating treatment plans, and automatic payments. Carepatron allows me to store patient information safely, and this makes updating patient records easy. I still cant believe they offer all of this as free practice management software. Carepatron is highly competent! With only the low subscription fees, I now have more budget for rostering on more nursing staff!”
Muhammad M.
Registered Nurse (RN)
Psychotherapist photo
“Very helpful and easy-to-use Nursing software. I find the navigation logical, which helps me find what I need fast. The main reason I use the software is SOAP notes, appointment scheduling, and online payments. These are exactly the things I need to provide nursing services and run my nursing practice. I am swapped over from another product as it was too slow and expensive for what I needed. My clients love the patient portal; they send me messages then they need, share testing results, update their treatment plan and pay my bills via the mobile app. Overall I would give Carepatron 10 stars!”
Jacinta I.
Clinical Nurse Specialist
Photo of Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN)
“Intuitive, easy-to-set-up, simple-to-use. The best thing of all is that I didn't have to purchase an expensive EHR system or signup up for practice software that has more tools than I will ever need.
Firstly, I love the way I could sign up for free and start using this cloud-based EHR system within 60 secs. I didn't want to go through a complex demo process or commit to a  long-term contract, and I didn't need ALL the bells and whistles of the older EHR systems. Carepatrons gives me the ability to send invoices to my patients, accept online payments, and then reconcile my paid, outstanding and overdue invoices across my team. As a bonus, it 2-way syncs with my Outlook calendar and has practical nursing templates.”
Danny F.
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN)
Photo of Nurse Educator
“I am a massive fan of Carepatron. I previously used Kareo and was consistently losing time with navigating through this overly complex Nursing software and forgetting how to do simple jobs which should be intuitive. When I signed up for Carepatron, I found it extremely easy to use and simple to understand how to do my work. Occasionally, When I do have a question or have been unsure how to do something, I have called or messaged their technical support and have also got straight through or received a response within 10 mins. The main tools I use within the app are Telehealth video call, calendar sync, online scheduling, SOAP note templates, and patient records. I have recommended this nurse app to all of my healthcare colleagues and would strongly recommend it to you too!”
Kate L.
Nurse Educator

Nurse Practitioner Billing Software

With Carepatron, your Nursing billing and payments are integrated into the core of your practice management. You can create invoices automatically and accept online payments. Delivering tremendous efficiency within your schedule and removing the need for time-consuming payments directly following an appointment. Send medical bills via email or instantly process payments using the saved credit or debit cards. Reduce administration in following up unpaid or overdue invoices with our payment reminder service. HIPAA compliant billing and payments allow Nurses to focus more on their patients and less on operations. Quickly move between your billing system, SOAP notes, treatment plans, schedule, or patient records. Help your patients achieve better healthcare outcomes with their patient portal, reducing the time and cost of securing the treatment they need.
Fantastic Nurse Practitioner Billing Software

Nurse Scheduling Software

Appointment scheduling from within your mobile nursing app allows you to optimize your workflow better as things change during your day. You can schedule appointments between ward rounds, support your patients in managing their online bookings, or instantly send appointment reminders and invites to patients. Hence, they always have the required details. Use the patient portal to share treatment updates, medical results or send messages directly to your patient. Sync your practices Google or Outlook calendars, so everyone is on the same page. Link your medical bills and progress notes directly to appointments completed so you can easily track progress.
Benefits of Nurse Practitioner Scheduling Software
Simple Billing services for Nurse Practitioners

SOAP Notes and Nursing Documentation

Capture and store your SOAP notes within Carepatron. Utilize our SOAP notes templates to capture the information you need consistently. Use medical transcription to record this information quickly with your voice. Manage your Nursing documentation with your practice management solution — store or update nursing care plans and medical charts within one click. Share your nursing notes or plans with all of the information you need from within a secure workspace.

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Writing SOAP notes
What Is A SOAP Note & How To Write Them (+ Examples)
Are you looking for a better way to manage your progress notes? SOAP notes can be a powerful tool for simplifying your clinical practice. They provide a quick way to capture, store and interpret your client's information consistently, over time. Spending too long capturing progress notes can be a colossal waste of time and money for your healthcare business.
What Is A Progress Note? (+ Tips For Writing Them)
What Is A Progress Note? (+ Tips For Writing Them)
A progress note is an essential document created by healthcare professionals to update a patient's medical records. They provide a paper trail of a client's treatment history and ensure that communication between clinicians within the healthcare sector is seamless and traceable.
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