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Join a fantastic community of Occupational Therapists who use Carepatron every day to run their healthcare practice. Therapy notes, treatment plans, medical documents, online scheduling, therapy templates, EHR, invoicing, and online payments - all in one HIPAA-compliant tool.
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Clinical appointment scheduling

Therapy Scheduling

Take back control of your work schedule by combining online bookings, a handy to-do list, and multiple calendars all in one app. Automate appointments reminders with SMS and email. Provide virtual or in-person Occupational Therapy with our intelligent Telehealth video calling.
Clinical Notes and Clinical Documentation

Therapy Notes

Ensure your notes are consistent and efficient with our therapy note software. Store all of your patient information within a HIPAA-compliant EHR system. Use our note templates on your desktop or mobile.
Clinical billing and Clinical online payments

Accept Mobile Payments

Carepatron makes processing mobile therapy payments more straightforward for both you and your clients. Save up to 1 hour per day by creating invoices with one click, sending them through to your clients online for payment — what a great way to simplify your therapy practice.

Trusted by 10,000+ Occupational Therapists

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“Carepatron is a cloud-based Therapy management software. Suitable replacement for Excel and word templates for Occupational Therapy practices. Effective for both solo Occupational Therapists, small teams, and large therapy businesses. It has a great suite of features and manages HIPAA compliance for you. I have fallen in love with the mobile payment tool. I store my client preferred payment method during the intake process then automatically charge their credit card or stripe following treatment. I have saved more than 4 hours per week. The free access gives you a chance to try the platform without needing to pay.”
Ben Den E.
Occupational Therapist (Mental Health)
Occupational Therapist (Physical Rehabilitation)photo
“It helps me invoice my patients quickly and get paid on time (everytime). It is simple to use, with no confusing healthcare or technology terminology, and Carepatron Support is extraordinary. Carepatron delivers flawless practice management functionality matched only by world-class practice support. I have no interest in the financial or administration parts of my therapy business, so I love the invoicing tool's simplicity with easy online payments. I am very impressed with how quickly the product has been developing into a full-blown Therapy platform over the last 12 months, and that's just the cherry on top. Carepatron support is simply the best in the world. In the rare case that I need help, my messages or calls are answered the first time. As you can tell, I am a bit of a fan. I would recommend it to any other Mental Health OT.”
Samantha O.
Occupational Therapist (Physical Rehabilitation)
Occupational Therapist (Gerontology) photo
“I can get everything I need done with one click. There is an intuitive panel to the left of the system, making it incredibly easy to navigate certain site areas such as notes, intake, clients, scheduling, invoicing, payments, etc. It means I can do anything I need with one click rather than having to go through menus and lists to find the tool you need like other EHR systems! It's kinder like Quickbooks or Freshbooks but for your practice management! In my opinion, the payment tool is similar to PayPal. I upgraded quickly to the premium plan for a few bucks per month. Great value for money!  It makes invoicing more manageable and helps me keep track of the payments I have received and which are outstanding. I love how the scheduling syncs with my Google calendar.”
Mark T.
Occupational Therapist (Gerontology)
Occupational Therapist (Pediatrics) photo
“I love the paperless intake forms and progress tracking. I can instantly see if a client has provided their medical history, consents, or has prepaid for their therapy session.  I also love the ability to send healthcare invoices via email. I use the invoice automation tool to create professional invoices in 2 secs. My patients can pay their invoices automatically or online, depending on their payment preferences. I use the client tagging tool to track my client process. I have set up reoccurring payments and reoccurring appointments, which I have found very helpful. Using Carepatron helps me generate more revenue by doing more billable hours and saving time.  If you are looking for a practice management solution for Occupational Therapists, I highly suggest checking out Carepatron.”
Sofia E.
Occupational Therapist (Pediatrics)

Occupational Therapy Billing Software

Use the Carepatron practice management suite to integrate your medical billing, payments, therapy notes, and client records in one secure place. You can save 1 hour every day by generating invoices for services you have provided then instantly processing payments. Your clients can nominate their preferred payment option during the digital intake process. Making medical payments and healthcare billing more efficient helps your clients to access friction treatment. Use our automatic payment reminders to follow up on overdue invoices or outstanding bills. Easily step between your billing, therapy notes, scheduling, and client records all in one HIPAA compliant Occupational Therapist tool.
Powerful Occupational Therapy Billing Software

Occupational Therapy Scheduling Software

Scheduling Therapy appointments from your mobile device can help you manage your calendar and workflow without logging on to your desktop. Your clients can use the online scheduling tool to book their therapy sessions, reschedule or cancel existing appointments when they need. The SMS and email appointment reminders help reduce your no-show rate significantly while helping your clients remember the bookings they have made. Use our real-time Google, Outlook, or iCal calendar sync to stay up to date all the time. Switch between your schedule to progress notes or treatment reports quickly and efficiently.
Straightforward Occupational Therapy Scheduling Software
Free Billing Services For Occupational Therapy

Therapy Notes and Paperless Intakes

Nobody gets into Occupational Therapy because they love writing therapy notes, treatment reports, doing paperwork, or spending hours compiling intake forms and consents. Instead, you want to spend your time helping patients increase their mobility, overcome injuries, regain strength, and get back to living their best lives. You will achieve this with our powerful Occupational Therapy practice management tool. Through streamlining your administration tasks like SOAP notes, rescheduling appointments, update treatment plans, invoicing, online payments, DAP notes and more, you can increase your productivity while improving the overall profitability of your therapy practice. When you are more productive, you have more time to provide treatment to more patients. Secure therapy technology keeps patient information private and HIPAA compliant anywhere, anytime!

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