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Clinical appointment scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

Take control of your healthcare schedule with smart calendar management and scheduling tool. Use automatic client reminders and fully integrated telehealth video calling to give you the tools and flexibility to run a modern practice.
Clinical Notes and Clinical Documentation

Notes & Documents

Store all of your Chiropractic notes and documents together in one place. Always have confidence your client information is safe and secure in a simple, free EHR system. We autosave your progress notes, so you'll never lose work again.
Clinical billing and Clinical online payments

Accept Payments Remotely

Supporting remote payments makes it easier for your clients to pay whether you provide a virtual service, in person, or both. What a great way to improve both your Chiropractic practice and cashflow!

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Musculoskeletal Chiropractor
“Excellent, so many great tools and capabilities. I have experienced all of the benefits of professional chiropractic practice software. Carepatron practice management helps me organize and store all of my health records, notes, and billing. We can easily share clients across our healthcare team and multiple locations. By far the best I found, with ease of use, it is straightforward for the healthcare user, the cost is also terrific. It is an outstanding value for the money.”
Manuel E.
Musculoskeletal Chiropractor
Traditional Chiropractor
“Affordable, hassle-free system for small Chiropractic business owners. It is the most simple and easy-to-use practice management software I have seen for  Chiropractors /Chiropractic practices.  The invoicing is quick and professional. Online payments are easy to set up and process payments instantly. The paperless intake process works very well. Progress notes are easy to capture while on the move. Great support team!”
Josh F.
Traditional Chiropractor
Chiropractic Business Owner
“Great for Chiropractors! I use Carepatron primarily to manage my client's information, scheduling and process online payments. Carepatron is very simple to reconcile from a session completed, creating invoices then payment. When I need to bring new staff into our team, I find it easy to set them up and show them how to use this EHR system. The product always works; we have never seen a single outage or issue. The very best free Chiropractic software I have seen by a considerable margin.”
Islenis P.
Chiropractic Business Owner
“Impressive on my mobile. This cloud-based Chiropractor application efficiently manages client appointments, client records, healthcare bills, and finances. This Chiropractor app was swift for me to set up and start using. The app works great on my mobile devices, including Andriod, Apple tablet, and PC.”
Sylvia I.

Chiropractic Note Software

With Carepatron, your note-taking is integrated with your other essential tools – which means you can quickly switch between creating a progress note to update a treatment note. Then you can schedule a client appointment, send them a confirmation and enable automatic reminders. Carepatron is HIPAA certified platform that gives you confidence your client information and their health records are safe and secure. You can improve the overall quality of your clinical notes with our speech-to-text software or our Chiropractor templates and resources. Share progress notes or progress updates with clients directly via the beautiful patient portal.
Best Chiropractic Billing Software

Chiropractic Scheduling Software

Scheduling Chiropractic appointments can be time-consuming and error-prone. A mobile scheduling app allows you to manage the healthcare team and workflow while on the move. You can schedule Chiropractic appointments, provide online bookings or send appointment reminders anytime. Use SMS or our patient portal to reduce no-shows across your private practice. Stay up to date by syncing your Google or Outlook calendars. With the Carepatron patient portal, clients can book their services online and prepay with a credit card or bank transfer. Your clients can reschedule or cancel via mobile or desktop, saving both you and your clients time.
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Billing Services For Chiropractors benefits

Billing Services For Chiropractors

Chiropractor billing software enables healthcare practitioners to manage their billing, invoicing, and online payments from within a secure management system. You can process bank transfers, credit cards, or Stripe payments from within the patient portal or send for payment via email. Our award-winning Chiropractor support team is here to improve your electronic claims or insurance claims at every step of the process. Remote billing services help practitioners to remove 2 hours of administration each and workday. Whether you are a solo practitioner or run an extensive Chiropractic practice, you will be able to deliver more telehealth or virtual treatment services by automating this part of your workload.

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Practice management is always on my mind
Practice management is always on my mind
As a Chiropractic community, we're all trying to manage an information overload every single day. Burnout across the healthcare industry has been explored in detail by The Harvard Business Review, one of the world's thought leaders on this problem.
What Is A Progress Note? (+ Tips For Writing Them)
What Is A Progress Note? (+ Tips For Writing Them)
A progress note is an essential document created by healthcare professionals to update a patient's medical records. They provide a paper trail of a client's treatment history and ensure that communication between clinicians within the healthcare sector is seamless and traceable.
How to grow your private practice?
How to grow your private practice?
Taking the plunge into entrepreneurship can be daunting. There are so many things that are required to start and build a private practice of your own. The majority of the work is diversifying and cultivating referral sources. As all good business owners will know, it involves understanding the landscape where you want to grow your private practice and ensuring you can track your progress.