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By Alex King on Mar 26, 2024.

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In today's fast-paced healthcare environment, choosing the right practice management system (PMS) is crucial for optimizing efficiency and delivering exceptional patient care. A robust PMS streamlines workflows, automates tasks, and frees you from administrative burdens, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your patients.

While numerous PMS options exist, Carepatron and ChiroTouch are popular contenders designed explicitly for chiropractic practices. This guide will delve into each platform's key features and functionalities, empowering you to decide on your practice's unique needs.

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Powering up your practice with ChiroTouch

Explicitly designedChiroTouch is a leading chiropractic computer software solution designed specifically for chiropractic practices that streamline office workflows and empower you to deliver exceptional patient care.

  • Enhanced accessibility & efficiency: Access all patient documents instantly from any compatible device. Generate and file SOAP notes in seconds, eliminating time-consuming drafts.
  • Effortless scheduling & reduced no-shows: ChiroTouch's online appointment system allows patients to schedule conveniently, maximizing their billable hours. Automated appointment reminders minimize no-shows, ensuring a smooth patient flow.
  • Streamlined billing & payments: Rest assured with ChiroTouch's efficient online payment system. Automated processing ensures timely payments and accurate invoices, eliminating billing headaches.
  • Simplified patient communication: A user-friendly patient dashboard fosters clear communication between you and your patients, all without requiring technical expertise from them.

By leveraging ChiroTouch's comprehensive features and functions, you can significantly reduce administrative burdens, save more, free up valuable time and extra money for patient care, and optimize your practice or company's efficiency.

ChiroTouch reviews: Reasons to consider a new chiropractic PMS

ChiroTouch offers a feature set specifically designed for chiropractic practices. However, it's important to weigh its strengths against potential drawbacks before deciding. Here's a closer look at some areas where ChiroTouch may fall short:

Navigation challenges

ChiroTouch's interface can be complex, making finding the location of various contact information you need quickly challenging. While user-friendly interfaces require minimal technical expertise, an intuitive layout saves valuable time and reduces frustration. Imagine the wasted time searching for the location of essential patient data during a busy office appointment.

Limited customer & tech support

Technical issues arise in any software, especially for new users. Reliable customer support is crucial for a smooth workflow. The ChiroTouch team doesn't have horrible customer service, but there may be times when they are unresponsive. This can significantly disrupt your practice, particularly for new customers and business owners unfamiliar with the system.

Time-consuming data entry

ChiroTouch's reliance on multiple dropdown menus and extensive data entry fields can make charting patient results tedious. Ideally, your PMS should streamline the data entry process, not hinder it. Additionally, the lack of implementation of features like default negative results with the ability to change to positive and the absence of over an hour of macros for positive results can further slow down the process.

Performance issues

Laggy cloud performance can significantly impact your productivity, especially during peak hours. A slow system can disrupt patient flow and create unnecessary frustration. Consider your average patient volume and internet speed when evaluating ChiroTouch's performance capabilities.

Hidden costs

While transparent pricing is crucial in purchasing healthcare software, ChiroTouch may have hidden costs associated with purchasing essential features like cloud backup, software updates, training, support, and electronic intake forms. Be sure to factor into account all potential expenses when comparing pricing options.

Why make the switch to Carepatron?

Discouraged by the ChiroTouch reviews above? You're not alone. Carepatron offers a compelling alternative, addressing common pain points and empowering you to deliver exceptional patient care. Here's why Carepatron might be the perfect fit for your practice:

Effortless workflows & enhanced efficiency

Say goodbye to tedious administrative tasks! Carepatron boasts robust end-to-end processes that streamline your workflow, allowing you to work smarter, not harder. Imagine a system that seamlessly manages appointment reminders, calls, billing, and documentation in a few seconds, freeing you to dedicate more valuable time to hands-on patient care. Carepatron eliminates administrative burdens, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – your patients' well-being.

Building stronger patient relationships

Carepatron fosters stronger human connections between you and your patients. Our user-friendly interface is intuitive for you and your patients, simplifying communication and promoting a collaborative healthcare experience. Robust security features ensure patients' and doctors' trust by keeping all information confidential and readily accessible.

Carepatron empowers you to deepen patient engagement and foster loyalty with ongoing training, support, and communication tools that extend beyond the confines of the office.

Effortless documentation & voice-to-text transcription

Boost your efficiency and reclaim valuable time with Carepatron's voice-to-text transcription service. This innovative feature streamlines clinical documentation and note-taking, allowing you to capture patient information quickly and accurately. Imagine effortlessly dictating doctors' notes while focusing on your patient interaction instead of being bogged down by manual data entry.

Unparalleled security & peace of mind

Experience peace of mind with Carepatron's full security and industry-leading security features. We are committed to safeguarding your patients' sensitive data with HIPAA-compliant security solutions. Bank-level security, encryption, and 24/7 security monitoring ensure the highest protection against breaches and leaks.

Scalable & cost-effective

Carepatron understands the financial realities of running a healthcare practice. That's why we offer a robust free plan with unlimited users, empowering you to grow your practice without financial constraints. This scalable solution allows you to save up to upgrade to premium features as your needs evolve seamlessly.

Empowering patients with the patient portal

Put your patients in control of their healthcare journey! Carepatron's secure patient portal allows them to access and update their healthcare information conveniently. This fosters autonomy and engagement, as patients can actively participate in their treatment plans. The portal facilitates accessible communication between you and your patients, further strengthening the patient-provider relationship.

Streamlined payments & simplified billing

Simplify billing and collections with Carepatron's online payment system. Generate invoices in a few seconds and eliminate all the add-ons and hassle of chasing unpaid bills. Offer various payment options, allowing patients to choose their preferred method and avoid creating external accounts.

Carepatron ensures a smooth and efficient financial experience for you, the new staff member, the whole office, and your patients.

Other alternatives to TheraNest

As technology develops, various alternative options exist for practice management software. These all offer innovative features, and we recommend checking them out:

1. Doxy

Doxy focuses on offering telemedicine features to independent practitioners and healthcare businesses. It is fully integrated, with video conferencing, virtual waiting rooms, customized branding, and various administrative features, all of which are HIPAA-compliant. If you are interested, look at our Carepatron vs. Doxy software comparison.

2. Cliniko

Cliniko focuses on administration over clinicians, with various features designed to streamline processes. It is targeted mainly at Australian and European markets, so you should keep this in mind when doing your research; if you are interested in alternatives, have a look at our Carepatron vs. Cliniko software comparison.

3. TherapyNotes

TherapyNotes has good practice management features, including telehealth calls, scheduling, a billing system manager, and documentation. If you are interested, look at our Carepatron vs. TherapyNotes software comparison review.

4. ClinicSource

ClinicSource offers a cloud-based EMR service and practice management software integrated with billing, scheduling, and documentation features. Look at our Carepatron vs. ClinicSource practice management comparison to see how they compare.

5. Fusion

Fusion Web Clinic has scheduling, billing, and documentation features like most practice management software. It caters to various healthcare practices and fields and offers varied pricing and treatment plans. Feel free to look at our Carepatron vs. Fusion Web Clinic software comparison.

6. Practice Perfect

Practice Perfect offers unlimited customer support and many practice management features to help administrative and clinical staff. In addition to standard scheduling services, billing forms, and documentation features, the software uses operational analysis services, helping your business achieve growth. If you are interested, have a look at our Carepatron vs. Practice Perfect software comparison

7. Halaxy

Halaxy is a modern practice management software company with a free standard package (you do have to pay an extra charge for additional features). It offers tools for practitioners and individuals, ensuring patients can access quality care. If interested, look at our Carepatron vs. Halaxy practice management software comparison.

8. WebPT

WebPT offers practice management software primarily specialized for therapy businesses of all sizes. It is integrated with standard scheduling and billing features and additional marketing, compliance, and patient retention solutions. If you are interested, look at our Carepatron vs. WebPT software comparison.

9. TheraNest 

TheraNest provides healthcare management software that interacts with scheduling, billing, telemedicine support, analytics, and online prescribing capabilities, increasing efficiency and operability within your business. At $39 per month and used by thousands of professionals, TheraNest can streamline your office workload significantly and save more money.

Feel free to check out our Carepatron and TheraNest software comparison for more.

10. SimplePractice

Simple Practice, one of the most extensively used practice management systems, has expanded the healthcare technology sector and increased the availability and quality of healthcare solutions. Simple Practice integrates with various operational features, such as consulting, finance, and medical record systems, to reduce administrative processes and increase efficiency.

Please review our comparison of Carepatron vs. Simple Practice software for more information.

11. IntakeQ

IntakeQ is an excellent choice for optimizing electronic form preparation and collecting for your patients. You can connect anytime and commit to higher operational progress, which can work towards higher revenue to add value elsewhere. Please see our comparison between Carepatron and IntakeQ software.

12. Heydoc

At a reasonable fee, you can access the billing, scheduling, storage, and consulting features of Heydoc that work towards streamlining operations and increasing productivity within your practice. Please refer to our comparison of Carepatron vs. Heydoc software for more information. 

Transform your chiropractic practice with Carepatron!

While the ChiroTouch software may have served your practice adequately, considering a switch to Carepatron can unlock significant benefits. Over 10,000 satisfied healthcare providers use Carepatron's software, which is demonstrably effective at boosting revenue, streamlining workflows, and enhancing overall practice efficiency. Our competitively priced plans cater to the needs of any size practice, offering a scalable and cost-effective solution.

Carepatron goes beyond simply managing appointments and billing. Our intuitive interface fosters stronger patient relationships, while robust security features ensure the confidentiality of patient data. The integrated voice-to-text transcription streamlines documentation, allowing you to dedicate more time to patient care. Empower your patients with the self-service capabilities of the patient portal, promoting autonomy and engagement in their healthcare journey.

Don't settle for the limitations of ChiroTouch. Carepatron empowers you to prioritize patient care, streamline administrative tasks, and achieve financial success. Ready to experience the Carepatron difference?

Sign up today and see how Carepatron can transform your chiropractic practice!

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