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Practice management systems are one of the easiest ways to boost the quality of care within your business, as it significantly simplifies the workload, allowing you to add value elsewhere. With streamlined operations, you can save an immense amount of time and energy on copious administrative processes, with these systems working to automate your tasks, and increase efficiency and efficacy across channels. While there are many great options available, here we’ll be focusing on two common platforms; Carepatron and ChiroTouch. 

Power your practice with ChiroTouch

ChrioTouch is one of the leading options when it comes to chiropractic software, and it is designed and developed with specific chiropractic needs in mind. Access all relevant patient documents in no time, with increased accessibility across any compatible device, and complete important clinical documents in seconds. You no longer have to spend hours in drafts with tedious SOAP notes, and instead, you can generate and file these notes in the nick of time. With online appointment scheduling systems, you can also work to ensure that you’re seeing as many patients as your time and resources allow, without having to worry about manually accommodating clients yourself. The automated system makes sure that every client has access to your services without compromise, with reminders significantly reducing no-shows. You can rest easy knowing you’ll be paid on time, with efficient online payment systems allowing fast processing and accurate invoices. Your clients will also be able to communicate with you in their customized dashboard, and the best part is, that no technical expertise is required! 

Looking to leave ChiroTouch: Here’s why you should

While we acknowledge that ChiroTouch certainly has its benefits, it’s important to recognize its shortcomings that may dissuade you from using their services. 

Confusing navigation

ChiroTouch's layout is hard to navigate, making it increasingly difficult to retrieve the relevant materials at the right moment. While it is true that no new skills are necessary to use their services, it cannot be denied that it would be a significant benefit to lessen the time required to understand their navigation.

Lack of customer support

When it comes to healthcare, you will inevitably face frequent difficulties. The last thing you want is radio silence when your database isn't updating, and this may be especially troublesome for new business owners who may lack knowledge and cannot run their services on their own. To ensure that you can hit the ground running, you should be supported at every step of the journey.

Too many drop downs

Entering information in regards to client results can be an immensely tedious process, with ChiroTouch compounding this negative. There are many drop-down bars for each exam, and many lines to enter the information collected, which altogether contributes to an extensive system that can be time-consuming and finicky. There’s also no option to set a default negative and change positive ones, with no macros to input positive results. 

Laggy cloud system

Whatever your internet speed, ChiroTouch continues to be a particularly laggy system that is quite often painfully slow. This is not what you need, especially when dealing with a heavy workload, and so it’s important that you keep this in mind before making use of their sluggish services. 

Hidden costs

Healthcare should not be costly, and many practice management businesses understand this and offer extensive features at a moderate cost. Unfortunately, ChiroTouch is not one of these companies, as additional costs are required to access several of its features, including cloud backup, software updates, and electronic intake forms.

Make the jump from ChiroTouch to Carepatron

In light of these pitfalls, perhaps it’s time that you consider making the switch from ChiroTouch to Carepatron as a viable alternative. 

End-to-end workflow tool

You may improve the quality of your workflow by working smarter rather than harder, with Carepatron effectively implementing strong end-to-end processes. You can manage all your tasks without strenuous effort or tedious administrative operations. 

Better client relationships

It's no surprise that Carepatron improves client interactions, with an easy-to-use UI, and communication channels being at your fingertips. Clients can have full confidence in its security features, which work around the clock to guarantee that all information is up to date, as well as relevant to patient goals and treatment. You can deepen interactions outside of the office, and work to improve engagement constantly. 

Voice-to-text transcription

Carepatron can drastically shorten the time it takes to write clinical documentation and notes through voice-to-text transcription. By being hands-free, you can save hours of time and focus on what you do best: caring for your patients.

HIPAA compliant

With bank-level encryption and 24/7 monitoring, you can ensure that you’re using a HIPAA-certified service that keeps all your patient information safe and secure at all times. Chances of security breaches, hacks, and leaks are significantly reduced, meaning that you can work with full confidence and ease. 

Robust free pricing plan for unlimited users

Carepatron offers a free price plan for an infinite number of members, allowing you to expand without limits, as we recognize that healthcare can be expensive. With no hidden costs, you can access premium features and grow your business without compromise. 

Patient portal

Patients can access their information at any time to ensure that it is up to date and that there is a sustained level of autonomy when it comes to their healthcare experience. Patients can also contact practitioners at any time in regard to their queries and concerns, which makes for increased engagement and satisfaction. 

Online payment option

You may generate invoices in seconds using online payments, as well as avoid having to contact patients concerning unpaid bills. With a variety of payment options, clients can also make payments in the way they prefer, without having to set up external accounts.  

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Other ChiroTouch alternatives to try

The healthcare software industry is extremely diverse, with a plethora of practice management software options out there. Therefore, it is important to know other viable alternatives to ChiroTouch, that may be able to provide the same value, if not more. 


TheraNest provides healthcare management software that interacts with scheduling, billing, telemedicine, analytics, and online prescribing capabilities, which all increase efficiency and operability within your business. At $39 per month, and used by thousands of professionals, TheraNest can streamline your workload significantly. Feel free to check out our Carepatron and TheraNest software comparison for more.


Doxy's practice management software is intended for a variety of clients of different sizes and works to increase engagement and effectiveness within your business. Doxy offers strong compliance features, as well as important appointments and communication channels that contribute to a higher quality of care across operations. If you want to learn more, see our comparison of the features and benefits of Carepatron and Doxy.


Simple Practice, one of the most extensively used practice management systems, has expanded the healthcare technology sector and increased the quality of healthcare solutions. Simple Practice integrates with a wide range of operational features, such as consulting, finance, and medical record systems, to reduce administrative processes and increase overall efficiency. Please review our Carepatron vs Simple Practice software comparison for more information.


With a large number of clinical note templates, as well as scheduling, invoicing, credit card processing, and telemedicine functionalities, it’s no wonder that TherapyNotes has become a popular choice. These solutions, which are a reasonable alternative to Carepatron's practice management software, contribute to an increased streamlining of internal processes at your healthcare institution and can help you strengthen connections and improve performance.


The practice management software from Clinic Source focuses on invoicing, scheduling, automated paperwork, and management. Each of them focuses on a different aspect of healthcare, which can greatly assist your business in creating optimal functionality as well as maximizing efficiency and effectiveness. If you want to understand more, please check out our Carepatron vs Clinic Source practice management software comparison

Fusion Web Clinic 

Fusion Web Clinic is a leading healthcare software solution since it is integrated with billing, scheduling, document, analytical, and teletherapy features. It can help to streamline your workload and boost the quality of care within your business in regard to its goals; for more information, see our Carepatron vs Fusion Web Clinic comparison.

Practice Perfect

Practice Perfect, with no long-term obligations or hidden charges, can be a feasible solution for you to streamline operations, increase interoperability, and enhance productivity in your organization. Check out our Carepatron vs Practice Perfect comparison if you want to experience common healthcare features like billing and consulting without any complicated commitments or contracts. 


Halaxy is a straightforward platform that allows you to conduct all relevant business operations whilst prioritizing the goals of your patients. Work towards effective treatment plans with organized channels and communication features that can transform your business.  For more information, see our Carepatron vs Halaxy practice management software comparison.


Cliniko, with various unique pricing options, in addition to advanced telehealth capabilities and technologies, can be an excellent choice for increasing efficiency in your healthcare practice. Consider viewing our Carepatron vs Cliniko comparison to see more details and evaluate their versatility.


Consider WebPT, a highly efficient and responsive physical therapy software, for all of your physical therapy needs. You can quickly contact clients and view notes, and for more details, see our comparison of Carepatron and WebPT practice software.


IntakeQ is an excellent choice for optimizing your electronic form preparation and collecting for your patients. You can connect at any time and commit to higher operational progress, which can work towards higher revenue to add value elsewhere. Please see our Carepatron versus IntakeQ software comparison.


Patientpop works to streamline and modernize all of your business processes, with enhanced traffic and growth without additional costs. You can increase efficiency and engagement with high-quality features, and more information can be found in our Carepatron vs Patientpop practise software comparison.


At a reasonable fee, you can access billing, scheduling, storage, and consulting features of Heydoc that work towards streamlining operations and increasing productivity within your practice. For more information, please refer to our comparison of Carepatron vs. Heydoc software


Powerdiary can help you get started on your healthcare journey with excellent appointment management and communication services, as well as free customer support to help you when you encounter healthcare challenges. You can increase satisfaction and efficiency, with more information detailed in our Carepatron vs Powerdiary practice management software comparison.

Time to switch from ChiroTouch to an alternative practice management software

Carepatron's software has repeatedly been proven to generate higher revenue while improving efficiency, organization, and productivity in healthcare enterprises. Carepatron, with over 10,000 satisfied customers, provides the ideal solution for every healthcare practice's needs that won’t break the budget and is a perfectly viable solution to many of the systems listed, including ChiroTouch. To cement better growth and a broader clientele, you can prioritize client goals and wants while enhancing efficacy and operability inside your firm. Consider using Carepatron within your services to improve your level of care and differentiate yourself from the competition.

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