Best ChiroFusion Alternatives (Features and Pricing)

By Jamie Frew on Jun 16, 2024.

Fact Checked by Ericka Pingol.

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Having second thoughts on ChiroFusion?

You're not the only one.

Whether it's their cumbersome workflow tools or the inability to customize anything, we understand your pain! Eh hem... hence why we've written this article.

In saying that, what SaaS does offer the best alternative practice management software?

As you're probably already well aware, there are many online practice management systems available. This article is here to help you break the back of this task to make the best decision for your practice in the shortest amount of time.

We'll run through the best alternatives for you and provide a comparison of all their capabilities. Basically, what we're trying to say is that we've taken the 'search' part out of your research, so all that's left for you to do is!

In all seriousness, we know ChiroFusion isn't the best product on the market, and here's why;

ChiroFusion markets themselves as being designed for the chiropractor. Still, in terms of the capabilities of SaaS products on the market today, their customization capabilities don't measure up. Let's just say we can understand why ChiroFusion does not offer a free trial version.

These are the things that we found the most inconvenient about Chirofusion;

  • Virtually no ability to customize. Everything in the patient portal and electronic health records or EHR software needs to stay as it is.
  • Cumbersome workflow tools that will make creating SOAP notes, patient scheduling, and electronic medical records slow and frustrating
  • No free version or free trial (and we know why)

Features You Want In An Alternative

Any medical appointment scheduling software, as a minimum, should include these key features:

HIPAA Compliance: Like any good healthcare professional should know, your team should use only HIPAA-compliant EMR software.

Calendar Management: Create online bookings, appointments, reschedule them, or manage cancellations by instantaneously updating your calendar.

Automatic Reminders: Medical practices need the ability to send out reminders to all parties involved in each appointment to make sure no-shows and forgotten appointments aren't a thing anymore.

Online Scheduling: Enables clients to schedule an appointment with their practitioner any time of the day. This will help you improve patient care and practice management. In addition to this, your online user reviews will improve!

Team Calendar: This means that team members can help with patient management for each other when they need it. They can see where each other are to help ensure everyone is safe and supported and that the records management load can be shared.

Real-time Confirmation: Send instant invites to co-workers or patients and means they can immediately accept or decline the user-friendly would that be!

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Best ChiroFusion Alternatives (Features and Pricing)


Our top practice management solution alternative to ChiroFusion is Carepatron.

Carepatron is the all-in-one app for Chiropractors, Psychologists, Mental Health Nurses, Counselors, Allied Health and Social Workers alike. It will work on any device, in any country, at any time. It can work with Android, iPad, and IOS apps. It'll help with scheduling client appointments, charting, managing health records, invoicing, customizable medical billing, billing services, check-ins, and payments in a way that ensures ease of use and is smile proof 😁.

Carepatron's key features

In addition to these great tools for your therapy notes and electronic medical records, Carepatron's pricing plan is free...

Free - Good for individuals or small teams just starting. With the option to upgrade at any time.

1GB storage

Unlimited client & staff

Unlimited appointments

Unlimited 1-on-1 video calling

Free appointment reminders

Professional ($15 per practitioner, per month) - For those looking to boost productivity and grow their practice.

All Carepatron features

Unlimited storage

Unlimited group video calls

Concierge customer support

99.99% guaranteed uptime

After doing all this research, we think these are all viable SaaS chiropractic EHR alternatives to ChiroFusion. That's why they're on this list, but we have found one clear winner... it's Carepatron, and we want you to find out why!

Sign up for free with Carepatron today. 🎉

Practice management software


An alternative ChiroFusion alternative is ChiroSpring. They support chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists. ChiroSpring hopes to help with online scheduling, online intake, inventory management, appointment reminders, SOAP notes, integrated payments, and care plans. We took a look at their chiropractic software, and here's what we think...


  • Detailed Forms
  • Intuitive Macros
  • Responsive Customer Support


  • Logging in and out. ChiroSpring appears to present with some real issues around being able to remain logged in. As a user, constantly being required to log in and out means that you'll waste time and that you may lose precious work in the process.
  • Updates and Glitching. ChiroSpring has many glitches. This links in with the logging in and out. While we have to give it to them for trying, we don't think practitioners should have to go along for the ride of all the updates as they work through bugs. Maybe ChiroSpring could be someone we could look at coming back to in a few years 🤪
  • Slow and Cumbersome. After using ChiroSpring for a bit, we think it's too slow. Even on fast internet, we had to wait for the lagging cloud and billing software constantly. Not a hugely attractive feature for any software platform!


ChiroSpring does offer a limited free version and a standard version for $99 per month (yikes).


While ChiroTouch is a good tool for chiropractic offices, it isn't perfect as a chiropractic EHR software. There are several issues with ChiroTouch, but these are the ones that we feel are the most important...

Too Many Drop-downs

The biggest we've found with ChiroTouch is the number of drop-downs in their EHR system. Do any orthopedic testing or e-prescribing? It'll take you a lifetime to enter the information and the client's results. It is not possible to set a default negative and change the positive ones. In addition to this, there is no macro's to put positive results.

Laggy Cloud System

ChiroTouch is an all-in-one practice management software, and that's great until it's not...

The cloud system is painfully slow, even on the fastest internet. You'll need to sit and wait for the software system to respond a lot. Not something we can imagine you have time for amid claims management and a soy latte! ☕️

Hidden Costs

ChiroTouch is one of the more expensive EHR software in so far as chiropractic software goes. With ChiroTouch, you'll need to pay additional fees to have access to most of the functionality they appear to possess. Some examples of the things you'll pay extra for are:

  • Cloud Backup
  • The ability to call for assistance?? Who knew self-service was the new customer service 🥴
  • Software Updates
  • Electronic Intake Forms

It's all a bit crazy if you ask us...

Client Care

After looking at several client reviews, we've come to realize the issue at the heart of ChiroTouch. After having acquired several smaller businesses, they seem to have lost their care for clients. Rather than working to provide a practice management system that improves the workflow of practitioners and the wellness of client's their main desire is to increase profit margins. That's why you'll get lots of help to sign a contract and outlay costs initially. Still, after that, it appears that the majority of clients get radio silence. As far as chiropractic practice management goes, we think you can do better.

We think Carepatron is the clear winner for any chiropractic practice management software, but don't let us tell you! Go and try it for yourself 😊😊😊

Time to switch from ChiroFusion to an Alternative 🏃

Having the right practice management tool is one of the most essential things for modern Chiropractors. And while ChiroFusion is still a decent tool, there are tons of other practice management solutions out there. 

But that raises the question: with so many options, which ChiroFusion alternative do you choose?

Don't worry.

Just go through our list of Practice Management software to find the perfect choice for your business needs - Private Practice, Practice Management Software, Practice Management Skills.

But remember, if you want to deliver exceptional client experiences, you're going to need more than just a basic practice management app.

Carepatron has everything you need to manage clients, appointments, and online payments in one secure platform.

So why not switch on over to Carepatron for free today?

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