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April 29, 2022

Strategies for branding your coaching business

Strategies for branding your coaching business

Importance of branding your life coaching business

There are many necessary elements of establishing a successful life coaching business, and branding is one of them. Creating an effective online and offline marketing brand for your business will not only attract new clients and improve revenue, but it will make your practice more reputable. Making a plan for your branding strategy, in which you indicate your vision, goals, services, and patient demographic, will help you deliver the right message to the right people. Learning how to build a brand might be an unfamiliar task for you, but that’s where we can help. We’ve done some research, and created an effective guide that will equip you with the skills to brand your life coaching business in a consistent and memorable way. 

Questions to ask yourself for successfully branding your coaching business

There is a lot of organizing that will go into setting up your practice, including writing up a life coaching business plan and a branding plan. Before you begin either of these processes, you should first ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who do I serve? When you are thinking about branding, you want to have a specific target demographic in mind. It is much more effective to target your services to a specific age or another niche, than to offer generalized help to anyone and everyone.
  • What value do I bring? This relates specifically to the goals that you can help your clients achieve. Thinking about your target demographic, you should identify the types of results your clients can expect to see.  
  • How do I help my customers? The next step is to think about the specific services you offer that will help your customers achieve the above-mentioned value. Use your professional skills to answer this question; you might offer one-on-one sessions, career development plans, or general training plans. 
  • How am I different from my competitors? In order to be memorable, you have to stand out. How exactly is your business different from other life coaching businesses? What can you offer that they can’t? Answering these questions can be difficult, but they are a good way to think critically about your business and identify a way to stand out to potential clients. 
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Strategies for branding your coaching business

We know that branding your coaching business may be an unfamiliar task for you, so we’ve compiled some of the key strategies to make this process as easy as possible. While you read through these, keep in the back of your mind that a good brand is a unique brand - what do you offer that no one else does?

  • Business mission: When you first plan your branding strategy, look back at your mission statement. What is it that you wanted to achieve when you started your business? All of the processes you complete should be done on the basis of achieving and maintaining this statement, so it should always be at the forefront of your mind. 
  • Foundations: In addition to your business mission statement, your brand should be based on your core values, goals, and the little pieces of information that make you unique. Clients are significantly more likely to trust you if they perceive your honesty, so don’t be afraid to get slightly vulnerable. These qualities will form the foundation of your business and indicate to customers why they should go with you. 
  • Document: It’s a good idea to document the branding process by creating a template or specific guidelines. Distributing these around your office will ensure your team is kept updated on the business brand and is fulfilling their own role to achieve it. 
  • Systems and schedules: Consistency is key to positive change. After you have established what your brand will be, you need to stick to this. Consistently demonstrating your intentions to follow through with your brand by sticking to a schedule and regularly producing content, you will earn the trust of your clients. 
  • Change happens slowly: Although it can be frustrating, long-lasting change is often a slow process. People need time to adjust to certain differences, so if your branding includes restructuring your business, you should implement these changes slowly. 
  • Study your audience: Branding a business is a fluid process; it never truly stops. Even after you’ve achieved your goals, you should still be looking for areas that need improvement. Seeking feedback from clients and studying their responses are two of the best ways you can continue developing your brand and build a data driven life coach program

Tips keep your brand consistent over time

Unfortunately, some life coaching businesses find it difficult to maintain their brand after it has been developed. Whilst this is understandable, it interferes with your mission statement and can lead to distrust amongst clients. To prevent this from happening, we’ve come up with some helpful tips that will allow your brand to remain consistent over time.

Ensure your brand guidelines are being used: Your brand guidelines should govern every single process within your workplace. This may seem tedious, but it is an absolutely necessary aspect of remaining consistent and developing trust. Ensuring your employees have a thorough understanding of what the brand requires of them will help you avoid deviating from your goals.

Achieve your goals one at a time: As we said before, change can happen slowly. When you are building your brand, you should plan for the different goals you want to achieve, and then work towards this one by one. Focusing your energy on one specific task is a much more effective strategy for creating change than trying to do everything at once!

Get reviews: One of the most well-known (and effective) methods of finding out how successful your brand is, is getting feedback! Ask your target audience what aspects of your brand and business they appreciate, and where they think improvement is required. Not only will this allow you to better understand how accessible and consistent you are, but it will improve engagement with your coaching clients.

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Consistent coach branding checklist

Visualizing the steps to creating an effective business brand can be difficult, especially if this is something you haven’t done before. To help you with this process, we have included an infographic checklist, so you can ensure you have nailed every step and are equipped with a guide to create life coach packages.

Take home message

Branding your life coaching business is an exciting part of developing your professional career. You get to decide what your values and goals are and base your brand on these. Additionally, an effective brand is the key to establishing loyal and trusting relationships with clients - something that every business is interested in! When it comes to branding your business, don’t be afraid to get a little bit vulnerable. People want to know who you really are, and honesty goes a long way. The most essential aspect of a successful brand is how it differentiates your business from others; hone in on these aspects and be as creative and unique as possible. The final tip we want to leave you with is the importance of planning! As a business owner, I’m sure you are aware of how essential planning is, and this goes the same for branding. Before you get stuck into making changes, outline in detail what your goals are and how you can achieve them - you can never be over-prepared!

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