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April 21, 2022

A guide to creating life coach packages

A guide to creating life coach packages

Creating profitable life coach packages

When it comes to life coach businesses, you must curate effective life coach packages that create value for your clients. They need to set you aside from competitors and be appropriately priced so that customers view your services as viable and affordable. Your customers want to see all the features that you offer, and by creating a life coach package, you can showcase your expertise with a unique set of programs and resources that can be tailored to each individual's needs. Effective life coach packages can be the difference between good and excellent businesses, so you should never underestimate what curating these can do for you. They’re also great as they can be centered at any price point that suit you, which can work towards attracting a variety of different clientele and solidifying a client base. Fortunately, we’re here to help you with the creation and execution to ensure you’re making the most of your resources. 

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Benefits of creating your own life coaching package

In case it wasn’t obvious, there are clear benefits to creating your own life coaching package plans for clients, and you must take advantage of these. Firstly, clients who sign up to your packages are far more likely to commit to and invest in your services, which is great for promoting loyalty. It’s always satisfying to achieve results from serious clients, so packages are able to provide meaningful connections in this way. Life coach packages also contribute towards higher cash flows and more income stability as they incorporate the long-term, with many packages requiring time commitments. This is always a win, as you don’t need to spend time following up on flaky clients! Additionally, life coach packages support your clients to make easier decisions when it comes to purchasing different types of services, as well as saving money with the ability for you to provide deals. You can also spend less on marketing with a clear product targeted at specific clients. They’re easy to manage, allow you to stand out, and provide greater clarity and more narrow results for increased value. 

4 pillars of a good life coach package

When it comes to creating a good life coach package, you must consider the following 4 pillars. Incorporating these within your life coach program services will allow you to produce the most attractive packages that prioritize patient and business needs! 

  • Define the duration - The best way to organize your package is to offer a specific number of sessions within a given timeframe. This way, you can work towards specific goals for your clients, and the return on their investment is easier to perceive. Typically, these are priced to encourage longevity. For instance, a one-month package may have 5 sessions for $1000, whereas a 2-month package may have 8 for $1500. 
  • Describe the goal - If you’re specific with what outcome will be achieved with each package, you’re much more likely to attract clients. Creating specialties is also a great way to highlight and showcase your expertise and knowledge, and again, this creates much higher value for the client.
  • Design the format - There are many different ways in which you can deliver your life coaching sessions, which include both one-on-one and group sessions. You decide what works best for your packages and set your own boundaries to clarify whether clients are able to contact you outside of sessions. 
  • Pricing - Perhaps the most difficult step, but you need to research and make sure that your price reflects your expertise as well as market value. You need to consider your competition, yet still, make a profit. Incorporating deals for larger packages, as well as raising prices are all some things you should be considering! 
4 pillars of a life coach package

A basic life coach package template

To help get you started, we’ve created a basic life coach packaging example that will allow you to engage your coaching clients. This is entirely customizable and can accommodate the needs for any life coaching business. The key takeaway is that you should be incorporating these within your package to be able to compete with others in the industry!

  • Package name - Be creative and give your package a catchy name! It needs to attract clients, yet also describe what the package is about. For instance, Beachbody Bootcamp could be used for someone who wants to focus on health and fitness, or a name such as Emotional Mastery 101 could be used for honing in on specific mental wellbeing areas. 
  • Package description - You need to describe who the package is for, as well as how long the package will take to complete. This includes what current issues the package tailors for, and also what outcome is being achieved. The description is vital for outlining all the ways your package adds value, and so you also need to specify what the package includes, such as the number of sessions and relevant course materials. 
  • Bonuses - This is the great cherry on top that can be the reason for obtaining vs. not obtaining clients. Bonuses don’t have to be big, and could be something as small as a group coaching call or future discounts. However, because these are what set you apart from your competition, you need to spend some time thinking of effective bonuses.
  • Payment - Lastly, you also need to define the price of the package, as well as acceptable payment methods. 

Tips to selling your life coach package to clients

Now that you have your package together, you need to sell it! Despite how good your package is, and how much value it adds, you still need to be able to market the package and put it in front of your clients. Pitching can be a difficult skill, but one that anyone can learn. With our help, you can learn easy strategies for branding your coaching business, that’ll get clients through your door in no time. 

  • Branding assets - To present your packages, as well as showcase your expertise, it’s always good to have a personal website that current and prospective clients can access. Adding client testimonials, professional experiences, images, and descriptions of your packages all contribute towards building reputability and credibility within your services at a minimal cost. It’s the easiest branding technique you’ll ever come across! 
  • Content - Another great way to increase awareness, as well as educate your clients, is to write, create, and share content concerning your services. Clients can see the extent of your knowledge through blog posts, articles, and guides, as well as develop more trust in the packages that you have to offer. 
  • Outreach - Although less convenient, making direct pitches can facilitate more personal connections, and can work on attracting clients on the spot. It’s incredibly effective, and is a great complementary marketing technique to your online services!
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Take home message

Hopefully, this article has helped identify many of the reasons why life coach packages are incredibly beneficial to the successful operations of your business. Additionally, we hope that this information has consolidated your understanding when it comes to adding value to your clients, and creating services that are a step above the competition. Life coach packages don’t have to be a complicated feature of your business, and with the right planning and marketing strategies in place, you can ensure that you attract and retain loyal clients, and do what you do best. Prioritizing and assessing client needs, and working towards lifelong skill development is the key goal, and with the right life package setup in place, you can expand and grow your services in no time! 

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