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Clinical appointment scheduling

Online Scheduling

Digitalize your schedule, sync your calendar and manage your to-do list in a health coach system. Utilize our smart SMS reminders to reduce no-shows. Provide more virtual services with our integrated video calling.
Clinical Notes and Clinical Documentation

Clinical Notes

Bring your Health Records, clinical notes, and medical documentation together in a secure EHR system. Use our voice-to-text capability or health coaching templates to capture information quickly.
Clinical billing and Clinical online payments

Health Coach Payments

Carepatron Payments enable your clients to pay for your health coaching services online. You save time and money by reducing time-consuming payment processes. Your clients have a better, more accessible healthcare experience.

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“Carepatron is the best Health Coaching software I have come across. It's easy to use and intuitive to navigate. I got set up and running in a few minutes which was an absolute delight. I like how you can quickly customize products or services. I find creating health records and capturing notes to be very quick. I like the digital enrollment process; this helps my team capture consent and manage intake forms quickly. The ability to assign clients across our health coach team is also good. I find the health coach forms and templates within the library to be helpful.”
James F.
Health Coach
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“Carepatron Coaching software is well organized, quick to learn, and easy to use. It’s ideal for Health Coaches starting their practice and those who are fast-growing private practices. As a practice owner, I have been searching for easy-to-use, reliable, and affordable coaching software. I came across Carepatron and signed up for a free subscription. I find their app very well organized and easy to navigate. I find Telehealth video calling integrated into the tool very helpful. I also use the voice-to-text feature to help capture notes and write reporters faster.”
Nasik B.
Holistic Health Coach
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“Overall, Carepatron is an excellent healthcare product that supports users to easily manage health records, clinical notes, medical documents, invoicing, and payments. I have used the tool for several years, both while working in established private practice and now in my own health coaching business. It's a simple, easy-to-use system that allows healthcare professionals to streamline clinical workload and financial tasks. I find the calendar sync very helpful and the mobile app great.”
Maria P.
Wellness Health Coach
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“Easy to use cloud Health Coaching software that works! I love using this healthcare app. It has all of the practice management tools I need in one system. The best thing of all is that I have never like what I was paying is too much. My team and clients all love using the platform across our healthcare team. It's great having all of our tools are in one place, Telehealth video calling, health records, clinical notes, invoicing, and online payments. The patient portal is beautiful, its powers the client experience we want to provide.”
Mandla O.
Paleo Health Coach

Health Coach Note Software

Simple Health Coaching note software helps you bring all of your health records and client information together. It helps optimize your clinical workflow, whether it is creating a progress note, writing a treatment plan, or tracking client progress. It brings all of your practice management tools together in one EHR system.  Having your payments and clinical information together in one location helps you automate your admin work and increase your billable sessions. Carepatron Health Coaching note app is HIPAA compliant, so you know your information is always safe and secure. You can share medical notes or treatment plans safely within the patient portal, helping to save time while making time more accessible.
Best Health Coach Note Software

Health Coach Scheduling Software

Scheduling software on your mobile device (Andriod or IOS) allows you to organize your calendar and book appointments while on the move. You can save time scheduling appointments, enable online bookings and send appointment reminders while on the move. By combining SMS messaging and the patient portal, you can quickly reduce no-shows across your Health Coaching business. Stay up to date with our two-way syncing of Google, iCal, or Outlook calendars. Your clients can take control of your health with an award-winning patient portal, manage this medical history, scheduling appointments, and paying their healthcare bills in a secure app. They can reschedule or cancel via mobile or desktop, saving both you and their time.
Benefits of Health Coach Scheduling Software
Simple Billing Services For Health Coaches

Billing Services For Health Coaches

Our healthcare billing software helps Health Coaches manage their billing, invoicing, and online payments within a practice management system. You and your healthcare team can process contactless credit or debit card payments from your mobile device. Our award-winning support team is here to optimize your electronic or insurance claims end to end. Contactless billing services help healthcare practitioners to remove 2 hours of admin each day from their private practice. Whether you are a solo health coach or independent practice, you can focus more on your telehealth, progress tracking, or treatment plans.

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Do more of the clinical work that makes you happy.
Do more of the clinical work that makes you happy.
Do you want to more on your clinical work? Between balancing administrative tasks and clients, meeting goals, and achieving deadlines being a practitioner can be overwhelming. You probably barely have time to do everything, let alone to stop and think, how did I end up here?
Top practice management skills for 2021
Top practice management skills for 2021
Life as a practice manager isn't easy. If you're reading this article, you've probably already experienced it - and 2020 didn't make your job any easier. With the pandemic targeting vulnerable individuals in our society, we as practice managers have had the mammoth task of making significant changes to our daily operations and processes in the interest of patient care.
Writing SOAP Notes
What Is A SOAP Note & How To Write Them (+ Examples)
Are you looking for a better way to manage your progress notes? SOAP notes can be a powerful tool for simplifying your clinical practice. They provide a quick way to capture, store and interpret your client's information consistently, over time. Spending too long capturing progress notes can be a colossal waste of time and money for your healthcare business.