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Jamie Frew
Jamie Frew

As a healthcare community, we're all trying to manage an information overload every single day. Burnout across the healthcare industry has been explored in detail by The Harvard Business Review, one of the world's thought leaders on this problem.

Think about everything that has changed has in healthcare in such a short period… and no one expects it to stop anytime soon.

There are loads of practice management templates, frameworks, and hacks. And those do help. But there's something essential missing in our practices: a single app that brings everything together in one place—a platform to replace them all.

That's what Carepaton, as a practice management platform, will do.

So What Exactly Is A Practice Management Platform?

A practice management app is a place to automate your workflow, organize your practice, bill more hours, and manage compliance.

And your clients' healthcare.

And, the community of people who help make your private practice special.

Really, it's about managing your whole work life.

It's about helping you be more productive. Saving you time and making you generally happier and more successful.

Sound ambitious?

Yes, it is.

But the reality is this problem needs to be solved. We're not solving this just to create another practice management app. We're solving this for ourselves.

Why can't our client appointments and to-do-list be in the same place?

Why can't our Calendar send smart reminders?

Why can't our clients and I collaborate within a secure digital workspace? 

Why can't we just have everything our private practice needs in one beautiful and simple platform? 

These are the questions we asked ourselves. And this is the core of Carepatron's mission.

We aren't here just to solve the basic practice management problems. We came together to reimagine how healthcare practitioners work entirely.

Carepatron is the world's leading Practice Management Platform.

Our practice management platform is starting with core features, but our plans are much more significant.

And it doesn't just incorporate tools you use in other software but elevates them to the next level.

The Carepatron Practice Management Platform is:

  1. Client records
  2. Scheduling
  3. Notes
  4. Tasks
  5. Reminders
  6. Telehealth
  7. Client portal
  8. Voice transcription

We're not even close to being finished yet, don't get me wrong. But these are just a start to creating a unified practice management app to replace all of your other software.

Our best features include

  • Telehealth – A beautiful video experience for you and your clients. Start a video call anytime with one single click.
  • Your to-do list – Manage all of your work in one place, reducing the cognitive load from doing your job. Bring meetings, client appointments, reminders, and tasks together in one worklist.
  • Medical transcription service – Most of us practitioners like to talk. Typing is also far too slow. We solve this problem with an AI-powered voice typing service that knows all of the words we use in healthcare. In fact, I am writing this article with my voice right now. Seriously. You make the change; Carepatron does the rest.
  • Automated client reminders – Our innovative tool allows you to automate your client appointment reminders, end to end.
  • Build health communities – Manage your practice community from the same place you do work.
  • Collaborate with those who matter – Bring your client and their care team together in one digital workspace—sharing information seamlessly in an encrypted, HIPAA-certified environment.
  • Tags – Carepatron loves Tags. Organize status and information in a whole new visual dimension. Provides a renewed sense of purpose!
  • Practice Management – Bring all of your practice together in one place. Manage your staff, records, and documentation.
  • Calendar – Carepatron's integrated Calendar gives a visualization of your client appointments and tasks.
  • Simple Task Management – Capture, manage and prioritize your tasks and reminders in a single view.
  • Text Editing – Format information your way with our editing tools you're used to in docs and note-taking apps. With Carepatrons's intuitively beautiful rich formatting interface, there's no need to limit information to one style.
  • Go mobile – Access your practice management app from any device, anytime.
  • HIPAA certified - Security of clients' health data and privacy has to your number #1 priority. 
  • Prioritize work – What's most important? In Carepatron, you can create custom priority levels and organize visual tags' tasks based on a client or practice.
  • Autosave your work – Our platform syncs your work and notes every 0.002 microsecond. 
  • Smart Search – It gets smarter the more you use it. Get the information you need when you need it.

To show you what Carepatron can do and help you be more productive, check out how our community gets things done on Carepatron.

Carepatron's mission is to help practitioners do what they love. And we want you to be part of the process. We ask our users to tell us what feature or capabilities they would like us to build for them next?

Get started on Carepatron today

Be part of the journey, and tell us what you think!

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