Practice Management APP you and your clients will love!

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Practice Management APP you and your clients will love!

Practice Management App which you and your healthcare team will love!

Clinical appointment scheduling

Practice Scheduling & Workflow

Organize your practice schedule, tasks, and team meetings in one place. Use automated appointment reminders and a powerful video calling tool to get your work done from anywhere.
Clinical Notes and Clinical Documentation

Clinical Notes & Documentation

Store your client records, progress notes, and clinical reports safely in your own EHR system. Use our customizable clinical template library to capture information quickly and consistently.
Clinical billing and Clinical online payments

Accept Online Payments

Carepatron Payments make it easier for your clients to pay online, you save time while getting paid twice as fast. What a great way to improve your cashflow!

Trusted by 10,000+ healthcare teams

Photo of Counselor
“I have using this therapy software for a while now and it has been incredibly helpful. Its been amazing to be able to email Jamie Frew concerns or suggestion. Thank you!”
Sharanya K.
Photo of Psychologist
“It's very easy to use, great layout which makes it easy to navigate and find where you want to go. Easy to type notes on both laptop and phone (which is handy when I want to write notes when I haven't got my laptop with me) also integrates with my other tools as well.”
Sarah R.
Photo of Therapist
“Carepatron is my go-to practice management software. It's super intuitive to use, and the customer support is fantastic! I love their online payments and reminder automation.”
Jane W.
Photo of Psychotherapist
“We can engage our clients and access notes anytime, anywhere. I find the medical scheduling tool easy to use while in a session or on the go. I would highly recommend it to any clinician.”
Micheal D.

The Worlds Best Practice Management App

We help practitioners be more productive. To do this, we built a practice management system to replace them all.
  • Another green tick - Free practice management software

    Free practice management software

    We provide your private practice with all the tools you need to do your clinical and business management work. You can use our free account or upgrade to a paid version anytime you like.
  • Another green tick - HIPAA compliant software

    HIPAA compliant software

    The privacy and security of your healthcare data are everything to our practitioners. We exceed the world's highest encryption and security standards, including HIPAA certification.
  • Another green tick - Clinical practice management

    Clinical practice management

    Most practice management systems focus on the business. We help you solve both your business and clinical management needs—all in one beautiful practice management app.
Using the Worlds Best Practice Management Solution

Practice Management App for clinicians and their clients


Deliver beautiful therapy outcomes using the world's best digital therapy workspace you and your clients will love.
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Excellent counseling software that brings together all of your clinical notes, appointment scheduling, and online payments.
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Being a Psychologist can be hard at times. Use the very best Psychology software to reduce your workload and go home on time.
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Don't just take our word for it.

Anul P.
Holland Park Mental Health Center
5 stars
Carepatron is super intuitive to use. It helps us run our practice so well that we don't even need a team of administrators anymore.
Sally R.
South City Clinic
5 stars
We can see our clients and notes anytime, anywhere. We're able to send information to other health practitioners we work with at the click of a button.
Jackie H.
Manila  Bay Clinic
5 stars
The ease of navigation and the beautiful user interface brings a smile to my face everyday.
Kaitlyn D.
University Community Centre
5 stars
I would recommend carepatron for anyone who wants to provide telehealth services with least effort.
Dr. Christopher T.
Bethlehem Family Clinic
5 stars
It's the best practice solution I have used both in terms of features and cost. It has everything I need to grow my business.
Singh K.
Northgate Psychiatry
5 stars
I no longer have to worry about software upgrades, backups or my server going down. I can access my work anytime, anywhere, even from my phone.
Bao H.
West End Medical Centre
5 stars
Carepatron simplifies my team's communication and work. It allows me to have a 360-degree view of my practice.
Clara W.
Life House Clinic
5 stars
I also love the carepatron app. Helps me keep track of my clients and work while on the go.