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Clinical appointment scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

Find time to capture your patient notes, schedule appointments and reminders in one healthcare app. Reduce no-shows with appointment reminders and use powerful video calling to document patient information when and where you need it.
Clinical Notes and Clinical Documentation

Clinical Notes & Medical Documentation

Store all of your patient notes safely in a secure EHR system. Save hours every day with our powerful progress note templates. Produce high-quality clinical reports from anywhere.
Clinical billing and Clinical online payments

Accept Online Payments

Help make it easier for your clients to pay for their treatment with online payments. Improve your Healthcare business's cash flow while saving time and removing unnecessary stress.

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Clinical Psychologist
“Wonderful free clinical note software for any healthcare staff or team. This EHR system is terrific!  Our team captures progress notes, updates treatment plans, and uploads medical history and intake forms smoothly at their desk or on a mobile device. We utilize the customizable clinical note templates to quickly and consistently write notes. Some of our team have also fallen in love with the speech-to-text tool; this medical transcription helps those who are a bit slow at typing to be more productive. We also manage appointment scheduling, invoicing, online payments, billing, appointment reminders, payment reminders, and so much more. This platform does everything! Our clients mainly use the patient portal to book appointments, share progress updates, and pay their bills.”
Sohab N.
Clinical Psychologist
General Practitioner
“Best medical note-taking software I have ever used. It is an excellent solution for my medical practice. It eliminates the need to keep paper notes and patient files in my life. I can quickly access it, take notes, upload files and share medical information from anywhere. Honestly, it made my life easier and my work much more manageable. If you are looking for a fantastic medical management solution, primarily to support your note-taking needs, Carepatron is leading the market by a long way. It has a beautiful, minimalistic design with smooth easy to find features so that you can find the tools you need.  Collaboration is at the core of carepatron; we share notes and updates with our practice team, contractors, and clients. You can assign clients and tasks to staff easily, all having access to core client information, so we are across the critical data. One significant part is, you can access the application from any mobile device or desktop. Many best-practice medical templates make our life even more accessible. In my opinion, Carepatron is a tremendous free clinical note software to deal with.”
Kaytlin P.
General Practitioner
“Taking healthcare notes is easy with Carepatron. It has acted like my digital organizer for the last 12 months, and it has been incredible.  I can add healthcare notes, documents, or updates into this app as I need. Adding pictures or audio to the notes gives it more value and context. What I like about Carepatron is that I can use the healthcare template library, which provides me with best practice resources at the tips of my fingers whenever I need them. I often attach healthcare consents and client intake forms to my notes for easy reference and forward my messages to other clinicians, clients, or teams. Using Carepatron speech-to-text healthcare transcription service is impressive to capture long healthcare reports or initial clinical assessments.”
Jacky P.
Physical Therapist
“Carepatron made writing clinician reports and treatment plans a walk in the park. In my Physical therapy capacity, I am required to register comprehensive clinical notes and information. Previously my work was quite disorganized, with handwritten notes, 'post its,' and files all over the place.  Having access to user-friendly clinical note product like Carepatron allowed me to introduce some much-needed efficiency and organization into all the chaos of my day.  I find The process of taking notes feels very light and straightforward. When I get sick of typing, I dedicate myself to a speech-to-text tool. I use the report template library as the fundamental structure to build clinical reports. I have carepatron installed as an app on my desktop, iPhone, and Samsung tablet. I would strongly recommend it to other Physical Therapists.”
Nico B.
Physical Therapist

All your Clinical Notes in a mobile app.

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  • Another green tick - reduce workload

    Reduce your note workload

    Choose from a world-class library of customizable templates, including SOAP and DAP formats.
  • Another green tick - Client progress

    Real-time visibility of your client's progress

    Capture clinical notes with a single click from your mobile device. Need to make a change? Pick up where you left off with our autosave tool.
  • Another green tick - Clinical files

    Store clinical documentation

    Store all of your patient’s images, medical history, and any other type of files in Carepatron. Upload multiple files all at once.
Recording your clinical notes in a mobile app.

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Anul P.
Holland Park Mental Health Center
5 stars
Carepatron is super intuitive to use. It helps us run our practice so well that we don't even need a team of administrators anymore.
Sally R.
South City Clinic
5 stars
We can see our clients and notes anytime, anywhere. We're able to send information to other health practitioners we work with at the click of a button.
Jackie H.
Manila  Bay Clinic
5 stars
The ease of navigation and the beautiful user interface brings a smile to my face everyday.
Kaitlyn D.
University Community Centre
5 stars
I would recommend carepatron for anyone who wants to provide telehealth services with least effort.
Dr. Christopher T.
Bethlehem Family Clinic
5 stars
It's the best practice solution I have used both in terms of features and cost. It has everything I need to grow my business.
Singh K.
Northgate Psychiatry
5 stars
I no longer have to worry about software upgrades, backups or my server going down. I can access my work anytime, anywhere, even from my phone.
Bao H.
West End Medical Centre
5 stars
Carepatron simplifies my team's communication and work. It allows me to have a 360-degree view of my practice.
Clara W.
Life House Clinic
5 stars
I also love the carepatron app. Helps me keep track of my clients and work while on the go.