Get Paid Faster With Effective Therapy Billing Software

Jamie Frew
Jamie Frew

Therapy billing software is beneficial for many reasons, and getting paid faster is just one of them. Between administrative tasks, meeting practice goals,  reaching deadlines, being a great practitioner, and ensuring you are HIPAA compliant, you probably find things on a day to day can be a bit overwhelming…

Ask yourself, do you have time to do everything you want in your day? And maybe, more importantly, do you enjoy it? Or what parts do you enjoy? 

As a Therapist, the chances are that billing clients aren't your favorite part of the day. 

Not to worry, Carepatron has a solution for you... 🎉

What is therapy billing software? 

Therapy billing software is a billing service created explicitly for therapists. With Carepatron, your therapy billing is entirely integrated – which means you can automate the creation of invoices and payments processing.

  • Keep it simple with Online Payments - Save time, avoid awkward payment conversations, and stop wasting time chasing unpaid invoices.
  • Create healthcare invoices in seconds - Generate and send digital invoices, receipts, and reminders with just a few clicks via your billing service for therapists.
  • Make it simple for your clients - Let clients, parents, or third-party billing contacts pay directly from a beautiful online Client Portal.

Okay, we know this sounds too good to be accurate, but trust us… it's not. The best part is that it's not going to cost you the earth either! 

How does a therapy billing software add value to a therapist's practice?

Digital therapy billing adds value to any practice team for many different reasons; we've listed just a few below. 

But before you jump into that, make sure you check out Carepatron's other capabilities that can help you as a practitioner save time on administration tasks, so you can spend more time doing the work you enjoy. Go on! 

Fewer errors in administration 😞

As a therapy practitioner, the administration isn't something you'll have spent time learning at uni, right? So maybe it's not something you're terrific at, something you enjoy, or something you even have any interest in doing? 

Doing things we don't enjoy often means that we aren't paying that much attention while we're doing them, and can often lead to silly mistakes, which in the long run can have a big impact on the success of your practice or your reputation as a therapist. 

This is not good, but luckily the solution is easy! Therapy billing software is automated, meaning there won't be any room for you to make mistakes. Wow… mind is blown! 

Patient information is consolidated into a single view

No matter how big your screen is or how many screens you've managed to cram onto your desk, switching between different views, apps or software is frustrating. It leads to mistakes, such as details copied incorrectly, it leads to inefficiency, and it leads to extra costs. Why would you want to use precious resources such as time and money on several different software programs that waste more of your precious time and money… It's a vicious cycle. Break it! Practice billing software will enable you to have all the details and client information in one handy place. In one single view! 

The cost of operation is reduced

Operating a practice comes with many costs. These might include things like renting an office, travel costs, WiFi and phone bills, insurance, registration, professional development, and not to mention any other mental health practitioners or administrative staff you might employ. While using a therapy billing software may mean a little more investment initially, it will save you copious amounts of resources in the long run. Think about all the time you spend adding therapy invoices, moving between different platforms to gather details,  sending them out, and then having an awkward conversation about payment with the client… it's not worth it! 

Payment can be accepted online

With therapy billing, clients can accept payments online, which means everything is automated, and you won't have to print or have those awkward conversations at the end of an excellent session. Invoices are complex and time-consuming. So you seriously need to prioritize automating this task. Carepatron will automatically generate invoices for the client appointments you complete. It will help you to review these to ensure they are accurate quickly. It will also help you manage all the invoices across your practice to follow up with overdue invoices confidently. Making you, your client's and the environment happy! 

Claims tracking is streamlined

With the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 introduced, the earning power for private mental health practitioners has strengthened. Due to the prohibition of insurance providers from discriminating against mental illness, clients have the right to be covered for mental illness. While this is great for mental health practitioners, it adds a level of complexity to payments and billing. Therapy billing solves this issue by automating insurance claims. Meaning you don't have to spend the time claims tracking with insurance companies to get your pay.  If you don't know the basics this article by is fantastic for laying them out clearly. Check it out! 

Provides more scope for therapists to focus on the practice 🧘

Although it may seem unachievable, doing more of the work you love is essential and not just for you. Letting yourself get to the point of burnout means reducing productivity and decreasing the quality of care for your clients.  Use a medical billing system to gather invoice data, populate the blanks, and process the invoices can reduce your time spent on invoicing by up to 95%. Invoicing is not why you're working in the healthcare sector, so why not cut it out of your workload? Platforms like Carepatron are a cost-effective and easy way to remove the inconvenience of invoicing your clients and give you more time to spend focusing on your practice. 

Increased communication with patients

Successful medical billing means more time to communicate with clients. Allowing clients to make automatic payments online means you can avoid that uncomfortable conversation following a productive session. They will enable you to keep track of where you're at without having to spend hours at the end of the week or month thinking about why starting up your practice has suddenly meant you need to get another degree in accounting. In addition, having clients make payments online means they won't place such a strong correlation between you and fees, making that rapport-building more naturally. 

Higher security measures in transaction 🔐

As a therapist, privacy and confidentiality are always a concern. Using therapy billing software, such as Carepatron, means you can have more confidence that the security you're offering clients is the best possible. It's HIPAA compliant and certified, so there's nothing to worry about regarding privacy and confidentiality. It's certainly much safer than keeping loose bits of paper in your office! Carepatron also has a free version with unlimited users, and it's got a simple, intuitive interface; any mental health practitioner could navigate around without any trouble. The last thing you would want would be to use software that is not HIPAA compliant accidentally. If you take one piece of advice from this article, it'd be to make sure you are using software compliant with the HIPAA regulations. 

Things to consider when choosing a therapy billing software

Choosing a therapy billing software for your private practice is an important decision. Before you decide to invest your scarce resources into one of the private practice billing services you'll want to look into; 

  1. The Features - What does the software have to offer? 
  2. The Cost - Are there any hidden costs, and what does the price include? 
  3. The Access - What will you have access to across platforms and devices?

While some software on the market may seem reasonable initially, you may get caught out with a good marketing scheme or excellent design. Just remember, if something looks too good to be true, it usually is. So take the time to research and find out what you need from your private practice billing services. 

Ready to get paid faster with effective therapy billing software?

Therapy billing software is excellent, but it's essential to make the right decision initially. That's why we've written this article, to show you what therapy billing software is, what its benefits are, and now we want to show you why Carepatron is the best choice; 

  • Free forever version with unlimited users and all features.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly functionality.
  • Powerful medical transcription.
  • Unlimited 24/7 support.
  • Billing and payment automation.
  • Powerful note and clinical report templates.
  • Beautiful patient experience
  • Automated scheduling reminders.
  • World's best medical billing.
  • HIPAA compliant and certified.

Carepatron is your digital healthcare hero. It is the world's leading free practice management software by a country mile. From providing you with secure patient records to supercharging your team's productivity, Carepatron is the ultimate practice management solution (I know I could be biased, but it's true)!!!

Join Carepatron for free and turn your therapy billing as bright as a summer day. 🌞

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