Video Therapy: What Platform Should You Use to ensure you’re HIPAA Compliant?

Jamie Frew
Jamie Frew

As an emerging discipline, especially during COVID-19, video therapy is frequently becoming more of a commonplace practice to connect healthcare professionals and their clients. Due to the increase in lockdowns and social distancing restrictions, this demand for telehealth services is increasing rapidly. Video therapy has become the perfect solution to accommodate these changes, offering services from the comfort of clients' homes.

Maintaining a high standard of care and responsibility while dealing with sensitive information through online software, it is vital to choose a video therapy platform that aligns with HIPAA laws. Various systems can effectively protect client healthcare information and records, and so this choice can be overwhelming. To help, we have compiled the best video therapy apps at your convenience, including the leading options in the market, such as Carepatron. 

How secure is a HIPAA Compliant video therapy platform?

HIPAA compliant video therapy platforms ensure that client information is stored safely and securely by health professionals. Patients can have ease of mind in knowing their health records are private and secure, as it also ensures that patients can have access to such information upon request. 

Because online video counseling deals with sensitive information virtually, it can be challenging to ensure it is kept safe with client information stored electronically. For example, because you are working with data, this can be particularly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. So it is essential to use a HIPAA compliant video therapy platform to avoid any potential breaches in security. Good HIPAA compliant platforms may deal with encrypted data transmission and no storage of videos to provide a secure barrier to protect client information. Quite simply, HIPAA platforms shield against viruses, damage, failed security, or outdated technology to offer the utmost defense. 

Who should be using a video therapy platform?

Mental healthcare professionals should use video therapy platforms to provide the best online therapy for their clients and value their needs, wants, and preferences. Video therapy can accommodate clients in times of Covid, as it provides a safe space for them to talk freely and in confidence with a trusted healthcare professional.

Our use of the term 'healthcare professionals' may encompass anyone who works in the mental health space, including private and public psychologists and clinical, health, community, school, family, and forensic psychologists. Not exclusive to psychologists practicing in any particular area and includes counselors and therapists who need to converse with clients.    

What should therapists consider before choosing a HIPAA compliant video therapy platform?

Before you choose a HIPAA-compliant video therapy platform, it is vital to factor in multiple considerations from the IBCCES (International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards) to ensure you utilize the application best suited to your practice and clients. Include examining:

  1. The needs of your patient – does the platform fulfill what your patient wants to gain from your service? Will the software be an easy transition for the patient to use?
  2. The location of your patient – sometimes the strength of their internet connection can vary according to their whereabouts.
  3. Whether other professionals in the industry have integrated the software – Do other professionals recommend it? Does the platform work in practice?
  4. Will you sign a BAA? – is there an agreement with your business associates?
  5. Will the software integrate well with your workflow? – Is it easy to set-up, or potentially adapt to your current requirements?
  6. What is the cost? – With the size of your organization, is it financially compatible? 
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What platform should you use to ensure you're HIPAA compliant?

Many different online therapy platforms are available to communicate with your clients, each with unique costs and features. Because of the amount of information out there can be a difficult and sometimes overwhelming decision to make. Filtering and sorting through the facts is also time-consuming, and so we have researched and listed the best online therapy platforms offered on the market.


Carepatron is the best online HPIAA mental health software on the market and was designed in collaboration with healthcare professionals to provide the best online service for mental health practices. 

  • It meets and exceeds HIPAA standards in addition to HITRUST, GDPR, and Australian Privacy Principle legislation and regulations; meaning, clients will certainly feel at ease with the high standard of security concerning their healthcare data. 
  • Much as you would protect financial information, Carepatron uses bank-level encryption with 24/7 monitoring through Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers to safeguard client information. 
  • Partnering with AWS, Carepatron also has multiple accreditations and certifications to achieve top Cloud security. 

These features make Carepatron one of the best platforms out there, in addition to their world-class telehealth, workflow manager, and friendly user-face. The free plan offers unlimited client and staff appointments with 1-on-1 video calling, with an upgrade to the professional subscription, at $12USD, allowing all features, group calls, and concierge customer support. 


Talkspace provides online support by offering access to licensed therapists, covering a range of mental health services for different needs. By completing a questionnaire, patients can choose from a therapist from a list of best matches that suit their specific needs. Clients can:

  • Manage flexible plans fitting to their schedule 
  • Switch therapists at no additional cost
  • Receive therapy at the comfort of their homes to eliminate commute time

All data is encrypted between software and their servers, all of which is in accordance with HIPAA compliance standards. These features' prices vary according to location and subscription service, which may be anywhere from $260USD to $396USD each month. 


Calmerry provides professional mental health support with licensed therapists from $42USD per week. Calmerry provides specialists in various psychological disciplines, using evidence-based theory and counseling approaches to meet client needs. Clients can meet with licensed therapists to receive video therapy from the comfort of their homes. In addition to this, Calmerry also offers:

  • Matching with best-suited therapists
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free cancellations
  • A range of subscription options

Their information is also encrypted on company servers with banking-grade encryption to ensure HIPAA patient information and data protection. All conversations are confidential and secure to provide patients with ease of mind regarding personal information.


Amwell is a direct-to-consumer telehealth provider that offers virtual therapy within its platform for healthcare professionals. Amwell is highly ranked in the healthcare industry and allows patients to connect virtually in a space that has a clean, user-friendly interface. Not only is their service HIPAA compliant, but Amwell also provides:

  • Fast, high-speed connection
  • An open platform for a variety of stakeholders and app providers
  • An integrated workflow system
  • 24/7 support 
  • As well as providing training

Access to these features may vary, and access to the platform as a client can vary anywhere from $79USD for an urgent visit to upwards of $99USD for therapy visits. 

Better Help

Better Help offers professional and licensed therapists who can provide support for clients in various psychological areas. Using video, phone, or chat features, BetterHelp supports patients to work on treatment plans while also providing:

  • Easy scheduling
  • Group sessions
  • Smart provider matching that is also easy to switch
  • Help from anywhere

Their service is also HIPAA compliant and encrypted with bank-grade security to ensure privacy and confidentiality of client information, with their platform having various administrative and technical safeguards. Assuring clients are receiving high-quality online therapy that does not jeopardize private information. Pricing is also on a subscription basis and can be anywhere from $80USD per week or $260USD per month. 

Get Started with the Best Video Therapy Platform

To summarise, video therapy is becoming increasingly convenient for healthcare professionals to connect and provide mental health support for clients. For professionals wanting to prioritize clients' needs in a safe climate, it is crucial to choose a platform that recognizes the requirements of the practice and complies with HIPAA regulations. 

Ensuring the safety and privacy of client information within a technological environment needs to be a vital consideration factoring into your choice of video therapy platforms. Although this can be daunting, choosing the right software platform will minimize security risks and allow for the best support for both you and your client. 

Get started with Carepatron for free today to experience the best Best Video Therapy for healthcare professionals because:

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