Best Free Practice Management Software for 2023 (Features and Pricing)

By Jamie Frew on Apr 25, 2024.

Fact Checked by RJ Gumban.

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Once a luxury of large healthcare providers with big budgets and specialized staff, EHR tools are now widely available across all healthcare sectors. Whether you're a healthcare professional looking to capture your notes or a small business wanting to bring its team together in one place. It's now possible to find a practice management solution that was designed for you in mind.

Most of these software systems are still expensive, with monthly subscriptions ranging from $49 to 300 per staff each month. However, some great products do offer free plans to get you started. These services are in many instances similar or can even be better than the most expensive versions.

We've tracked down the best free practice management tools available on the market today, no matter the size of your team, business, or bank balance.

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3 reasons you need a free software solution

Just starting your healthcare business

Setting up a private practice can be expensive. When you are just starting out, getting access to a free platform that can grow with you and your future team can be a huge long-term advantage.

Want to try before you buy

A short 30-day trial doesn't give you a lot of time to fall in love with a tool. Sometimes it's better to start with a free product, then convert to a paid version in the future if you need.

Don't have the money for an EHR / EMR

Pricing should not stop healthcare professionals from having access to the tools they need. Sometimes when you work for large companies, you don't hold the purse strings, but you need to find a software solution to a problem right now.

Benefits of a free medical practice management software

It's free, of course

Sometimes you just don't have access to the funds required to pay for the tool right now. Free software systems allow you to use their service free forever. In the future, you may have the money to progress to a paid solution, but you have time to solve this problem.

Try before you commit

When software is free, it enables you to start using it quickly without the barrier of having to get out your credit card or get funding approval. If the software provider really backs their product, they should give you time to fall in love with it.

Because cost should not be a barrier to electronic health records

It's great to support those who support our healthcare community. Many healthcare professionals across the world rely on free software systems to do their work. By using a free platform, you are helping those who will never have the money to pay.

Limitations of free practice management software

Hidden add ons

Some providers can be a bit dishonest. They say their platform is free, then they hit you with a bunch of add-on charges. This is easy to avoid; just check their pricing page to ensure there are no concerns.


Let's be honest. Adverts suck! Those platforms which fund free solutions with advertising should be avoided at all costs!

Limited features

Avoid mobile apps which offer a limited version of their app for free. You will typically need their additional features quickly.

3 Best Free Practice Management Solutions in 2023 ⛰


Carepatron is your digital healthcare hero. It is the world's leading free practice management software by a considerable margin.

From providing you with secure patient records to supercharging your team's productivity, Carepatron is the ultimate practice management solution (I know I could be biased, but it's true).

Carepatron key features

Here are just a few reasons why Carepatron is a great free solution:

1. Telehealth platform

Use our integrated Telehealth with your clients for no additional cost. I don't know about you, but we are sick of practice management software adding ridiculous extra charges for telehealth tools.

You can use Carepatron's telehealth tool with individual clients or groups for free.

On top of that, Carepatrons telehealth service integrates directly into appointment scheduling so you can facilitate sessions with one click. The best video calling solution in the market hand down 👍 No one is even close!

2. Workflow manager

Most free practice management platforms have limited appointment scheduling tools, but that is not enough in 2021. We have a complete workflow tool for local or remote teams.👊 Including tasks to assign work across your team or clients, appointment reminders, so your clients turn up on time, every time!

Healthcare teams use the Carepatron patient portal to provide their clients with a more immersive digital experience.

Here are some of Carepatron's streamlined workflow tools:

  • Client appointments: Enjoy the best healthcare scheduling software in the world 🤓
  • Tasks: Share and manage tasks.
  • Reminder: Set reminders, so you never miss those crucial moments again.
  • Automated reminders: A built-in reminder service removes the risk of no-shows and stress from your shoulders.
  • Team meetings: Organise all of your sessions in one place. Whether it's with your team or professional network, bring it all together in one place.

You can send as many reminders as you want, with none of those limits or add-on costs. Go ahead and create an appointment today with Carepatron. 👍

3. Client Care teams

Capture your Client relationships in their patient record. This gives you a way to connect real-time with your Client's support people, whether they are a GP, family member, parents, or healthcare provider.

When you bring a Client's healthcare providers together community, you streamline your healthcare practice's patient engagement while providing a better experience.

5. Medical dictation software

It may surprise you to know that I speak faster than we can type. So why not type with my voice?

Well, I do. We have built the world's leading medical voice-to-text capability into our EHR software. We created something unique by combining the most advanced machine learning capability with healthcare language processing.

6. Electronic medical records

Having a simple, secure EMR software is essential. Carepatron offers a HIPAA compliant solution that combines the worlds leading data encryption to ensure your healthcare data is kept safe while being accessible anytime.

Carepatron pros

Carepatron pricing

Carepatron has a robust free forever plan for unlimited users and unlimited features. Those who want to pay can progress to a paid plan for $12 per user/month.

Practice management software


OpenEMR is free, open-source medical practice management software. It provides users with full functionality EMR/EHR on a self-hosted server, with an option to upgrade to a cloud-based SaaS platform for an additional cost. It combines solid medical records and practice management together in-platform.

OpenEMR Features

1. Open-Sourced user community

They have a highly engaged group of 1,600 users who have co-designed the platform from the ground up. These individuals range from healthcare developers to clinicians and medical leaders. Many of their users come from impoverished parts of our world where they have no free alternatives. Their community really is what makes this product special. 🧑🏽‍⚕️

2. Appointment Scheduling

You can facilitate end-to-end workflow within the product. The patient scheduling tool is limited but solves the core needs of many users. You can always combine this with some manual SMS to make it work better.

3. Clinical Reporting

Generate clinical and workflow reports automatically, selecting specific charting or day operations to explore in detail.

4. Lab / E prescribing Integration

It is tricky to set up, but you can integrate OpenEMR to automatically send orders, scripts, and procedures to labs or pharmacies.

5. Patient Portal

This capability is limited, but patients can log in from their own device to schedule appointments, complete forms, update their patient information, and communicate with their physician.

6. Claims Management

Users can complete medical billing within the platform. This helps those teams to manage insurance claims and clearinghouses.

OpenEMR pros

  • Great community of users. A lot of special people work hard to maintain this platform. 🙏
  • It's free forever unless you need a cloud solution
  • Been around for a while.
  • Includes E-Prescribe and billing services
  • Digital patient engagement

OpenEMR cons

  • The functionality is often fundamental.
  • It feels a bit hard to use, quite complicated to learn. 👩💻
  • Best suited to large organizations.
  • Requires significant technical skill to set up and manage long term.


Solismed is focused on community organizations and small practices. It aims to streamline a healthcare team's operational workflow, including patient records, communication, appointment scheduling, and more. Similar to OpenEMR, its self-hosted plan is free, and the cloud hosting pricing plan is paid. All features are offered free, excluding e-Prescribing, which has a setup and subscription cost.

Solismed Features

  1. Practice Dashboard
  2. Patient information & demographics
  3. Patient Scheduling and workflow
  4. Medical billing software, including clearinghouse customization
  5. Patient check-ins
  6. Administrative tasks
  7. Clinical templates
  8. Patient portal (android, Ipad and IOS)

Solismed pros

  • Comprehensive feature set.
  • Customizable deployment
  • You own your patient data
  • Some interoperability
  • SMS appointment reminders.

Solismed cons

  • Local deployment is complex and requires a healthcare IT team.
  • It's difficult to navigate around.
  • No secure messaging
  • No telemedicine functionality 👩💻
  • The paid pricing plan get expensive very fast
  • The patient portal is not great
  • Scheduling software is basic, with limited reminder services

Time To Move to a Free Practice Management Software 🖊

Don't get us wrong, working from Microsoft office or google workspace is handy sometimes.

But that's about all it can do.

Fortunately, there are now Free EHR tools that'll make you move on from these older systems.

If you're confused about where to begin, why not start with Carepatron? 

Not only does Carepatron let you manage clients, schedule appointments, and take online payments, but it also helps you collaborate digitally with your clients.

From helping with your workflow to tracking your medical billing, Carepatron is the best free practice management software alternative.

Join Carepatron for free today to experience the ultimate management tool and…

Practice management software

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