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What Is Regression Therapy and Why Is It Helpful?

Discover more about Regression Therapy and its use within the mental health providers space. Understand this approach better in this guide.

By Patricia Buenaventura on Jun 16, 2024.

Fact Checked by Ericka Pingol.

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Regression Therapy

What is Regression Therapy?

Regression Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that includes supporting individuals in revisiting their past experiences. This therapy was primarily developed from hypnotherapy and psychoanalysis techniques, which focus on the past to solve current problems within an individual’s life. Mantracare (2021) suggests that therapists who utilize this therapeutic approach may be more likely to believe that current problems within an individual’s life can be better comprehended by returning to that experience. 

During a Regression Therapy session, therapists support clients in revisiting their past experiences through various therapeutic techniques. Generally, there will be a deep relaxation aspect to these therapy sessions as clients are supported through their recollection of the experience they choose to focus on. It is believed that it is past experiences that are having a large impact on an individual if they are living with psychopathology presently. 

Regression Therapy may be better understood with an example. An individual who lives with severe anxiety might decide to undergo Regression Therapy. During their therapy sessions, the mental health practitioner will work to create a safe environment where the client feels secure and ready to think about their past experiences that may have contributed to their current anxiety. The ideology behind Regression Therapy is that by revisiting these specific times in a client’s life, they can gain a deeper insight into those events. Mantracare (2021) also suggests that Regression Therapy can support individuals to relive those experiences without any negative emotions that may be attached to that experience. The overall goal is to promote healing. Individuals are encouraged to seek insight into their past experiences in order to find healing for their present selves.

It is important to note that although some individuals find Regression Therapy to be beneficial, some noteworthy limitations should be considered. Mantracare (2021) has noted that there is limited overall research about the therapy itself and that it is a controversial therapy that is often subject to debate. Past life Regression Therapy has often been criticized for possibly creating false memories (Loggins, 2023). 

How is Regression Therapy helpful?

Regression Therapy can be extremely beneficial for individuals who are living with psychopathology. Ways in which Regression Therapy can be helpful may be:

Identifying unresolved issues

Regression Therapy can support individuals in revisiting their memories and previous experiences in order to gain an understanding of their current ways of living. By going back to these memories, individuals can break down and comprehend instances of problematic behavior. 

Healing trauma

Regression Therapy can also support individuals who have endured trauma in their life. People who have had a trauma happen may be often left unable to express their feelings or interact with other people how they used to (Mantracare, 2021). Regression Therapy can support these individuals by helping them understand the impact of their trauma and how it has influenced their current choices and behaviors. 

Releasing emotions

Regression Therapy can also be helpful for individuals who may need support in releasing emotions from their past. Individuals who are dealing with psychopathology may have been conditioned to suppress their true emotions from their early experiences. By utilizing Regression Therapy, clients can uncover these memories and experience their true emotions in a safe place. 

Enhancing self-awareness

Regression Therapy can also aid clients in their journey for self-awareness. During Regression Therapy sessions, clients 

Other benefits:

Mantracare (2021) has also suggested that Regression Therapy can be beneficial for individuals who might have:

  • Fears or phobias with no recognized cause
  • Intimacy issues
  • General relationship problems
  • Feelings of guilt/shame that may have no recognized cause

It is important to consider the overall benefit that Regression Therapy will have for your client. As with other psychotherapies, not all therapy goals will align with all of your clients. Regression Therapy can have positive benefits for those whom it sits well with but may not suit the needs of different clients and should be practiced accordingly. 

Types of Regression Therapy

Various types of Regression Therapy can be utilized under the umbrella of Regression Therapy. 

Regression Therapy hypnosis

Hypnotherapy within Regression Therapy includes supporting the individual in moving towards a relaxed and focused state of consciousness. During these therapy sessions, the therapist will support individuals in accessing their memories and experiences from their past through repetition, verbal cues, and imagery (Cleveland Clinic, 2022). Hypnotherapy can be successful in treating common mental health issues. These may include:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • PTSD
  • Behavior control issues 

During Hypnotherapy, therapists may utilize suggestive comments as well as similar techniques that provide support to individuals in uncovering their past experiences that may be currently influencing their mental health status. From here, clients can be expected to start reframing their current ideologies and move towards a healthier psychological state.

Age Regression Therapy

Age regression is where an individual may revert back to their younger selves mind state. This may be done as a coping mechanism. However, Age regression can be utilized as a therapy technique for those undertaking Regression Therapy. 

Age Regression Therapy is a psychotherapeutic process that can support individuals to uncover their childhood memories, thoughts, and emotions (How to Use Age Regression Therapy as a Coping Mechanism, 2021). As with other Regression Therapy techniques, age regression as a therapeutic technique allows individuals to experience past circumstances that are likely impacting their current mental stability. 

The goal of this approach is similar to that of overall Regression Therapy. This is to reframe negative cognitions and emotions about those past experiences. Specifically, an age regression therapist will support individuals in reliving those experiences that have occurred at an earlier developmental age. By reliving past experiences, the therapist can support their client in bringing the associated cognitions to the consciousness and support them to actively deal with those memories, thoughts, and emotions (How to Use Age Regression Therapy as a Coping Mechanism, 2021). 

Past life Regression Therapy

Another type of Regression Therapy that can be utilized is Past Life Regression. The overall consensus of past life regression is that every individual is an eternal soul who brings their experiences forward from one lifetime to the next (Past Life Regression, n.d.). Past Life Regression Therapy also suggests that individuals may carry over negative emotions and experiences from one life to another. For example, the emotions that surround the traumatic death of a loved one may persist in every coming life until they have been healed. 

During Past Life Regression Therapy, the therapist will work with the client to delve into these significant events through a ‘death experience’ and a ‘life review’. During these aspects of the therapy session, the goal is to comprehend the higher meaning of the individual’s current difficulties. The issues the individual faces through past life regression are brought into the conscious awareness for investigation (Past Life Regression, n.d.). 

Once the individual has been made aware of their past experiences, only then can they understand the significance of their past life compared to their current life. Individuals can use the teachings of their past lives to deal with recurring issues and relationship problems and bring closure to chapters in their lives. 

If past life Regression Therapy is a technique you would like to offer in your practice, we suggest that there should be a great deal of outside research undertaken by you as a therapist to ensure that you meet the requirements for offering this kind of therapy under Regression Therapy. 

When is it best to take Regression Therapy?

There may be a variety of reasons as to why an individual might want to undergo Regression Therapy. 

Unresolved trauma

Regression Therapy can be useful for those who are dealing with unresolved trauma. This could be trauma from an accident that they have experienced, childhood abuse, or other traumatic experiences. Regression Therapy can support individuals to identify the root causes of their trauma as well as encourage catharsis. 

Phobias & anxiety

Regression Therapy may be useful for individuals who are struggling with unexplained phobias or anxiety in their lives. Regression Therapy can support individuals to uncover any underlying experiences that may have impacted their emotional state. Regression Therapy can also support individuals in understanding how they may have been led to maladaptively cope in the way that they currently do.

Personal growth

Interestingly, Regression Therapy can also be a tool that individuals can utilize for positive personal growth. Individuals can explore their personal history using regression techniques and reconnect with their past. While this happens, individuals can identify strengths and the factors that have impacted their overall values, goals, and beliefs about the world. 

Recurring patterns

Psychologists and other mental health professionals can utilize Regression Therapy if their client is living with maladaptive coping skills and recurring patterns within their life. By using this therapy and its techniques, individuals can work to identify the root causes of the patterns and work towards breaking the cycle of the recurring patterns. 

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Commonly asked questions

Is Regression Therapy dangerous?

Regression Therapy has been known to uncover ‘false’ memories, which may cause an individual emotional distress. It is important to remain in control when undergoing Regression Therapy. If you decide to undertake Regression Therapy, your psychologist will make sure you are safe. 

Is Regression Therapy suitable for kids?

Past-life regression is not suitable for children. There is also little evidence to support the use of Regression Therapy for children.

What are the limitations of Regression Therapy?

A large limitation that Regression Therapy struggles with is the accuracy and reliability of memories. Research has shown that leading questions can impact memories. This means that patient memories may not always be 100% correct.

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