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By Jamie Frew on May 06, 2024.

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What is an invoice in medical billing?

A medical invoice outlines incurred medical visit costs for patients and is used by clinicians, physicians, healthcare professionals, staff, and insurance companies. Costs may include medical supplies, equipment, and various medical services that need reimbursement.

Invoices ensure that the healthcare practice's finances are based on their investments and that patients pay the required amount. Insurance companies may cover healthcare costs depending on their medical conditions, so invoices must be accurate and appropriately detailed to recognize and award all healthcare and emergency services expenses.

Some businesses use software such as Carepatron, which provides medical billing processes for healthcare professionals. With embedded resources and templates, you can ensure that you implement the proper practices to fulfill your business needs and prioritize your patient's health. Especially considering that up to 60% of errors in medical practices are commonly due to medical invoicing inaccuracies, you must understand what they are and how to produce them best.

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Template for patient invoice

To help you with the process of patient invoicing, we have provided an example of what this may look like for your health care services business. The great thing is you can always customize these templates to suit your business needs best. 

At the top of your invoice, before your tables, you should list the following:

  • Doctor/medical practice + patient
  • Name
  • Street address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Telephone
  • Fax

What information to include in a patient invoice

To create a comprehensive patient invoice, here are the usual information fields that should be included:

  1. Patient Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Gender
  4. Weight
  5. Height
  6. Date
  7. Medication
  8. Medical Services Performed
  9. Rate
  10. Total

Benefits of adopting a patient payment software

We acknowledge that producing medical bills for your invoices can be difficult, especially with constantly changing laws and regulations. As a result, you should consider implementing medical billing software to make these processes more accessible for you and your team and to ensure a higher acceptance rate of insurance claims.

  • Inexpensive: Medical billing software do not have to break the bank. Finding the right one can be very cost-effective for your business, with many free plans available, meaning that having faster business processes does not have to incur a large expense.
  • Increased efficiency: The software can automate a billing statement through its advanced software, meaning you can ensure more accurate invoices and claims while saving time to be spent elsewhere. Increased productivity can also reduce labor and administrative costs, which is a win-win.
  • Highly user-friendly: Healthcare professionals, regardless of their technical ability and skill level, may use the software to create patient invoices and ensure they get paid for their service. The systems do not take long to set up and can easily support patient payment and billing services.
  • Innovative technology: Because technology is continuously developing, medical billing services use new approaches you may have never considered. They can significantly elevate the quality of your care without compromising details.


Patient invoices are essential to the operations of any healthcare business, regardless of their discipline and needs. It holds patients accountable for their required reimbursements, as well as for insurance providers who may need to cover costs. Invoices ensure healthcare clinics and hospitals receive the pay necessary to continue providing high-quality patient treatment and meet business goals.

With intuitive software for medical businesses, you can boost productivity and efficiency with automated medical billing templates and resources elevating your services. Implementing these systems will drive your business to success and help you achieve your healthcare vision.

One patient invoice template to rule them all: Try Carepatron for free today!

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