Best BetterHelp Alternatives 2023 (Pro, Cons, ratings and Costs)

By Katherine Ellison on Jun 16, 2024.

Fact Checked by Nate Lacson.

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What is BetterHelp?

BetterHelp is a telehealth platform that healthcare providers can implement into their practice. It provides extensive telehealth features that are designed to optimize the operations of your business and help patients receive high-quality care. Individuals that are seeking counseling services can access BetterHelp and be connected to a qualified counselor that can virtually assist with their needs. The system offers two different payment plans; a flat rate or a pay-per-usage fee that allows businesses of all sizes to maintain financial comfort. If you are a healthcare practice that is either looking to introduce telehealth services or find a new management software, then BetterHelp may be the option for you. However, despite the evident benefits associated with BetterHelp, there are certain limitations that you should be aware of, particularly in regard to a lack of practice management tools. To ensure you are equipped with all of the right information, we’re going to outline the features, benefits, and limitations of BetterHelp, and then provide you with some optimal alternative platforms.

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BetterHelp benefits 

BetterHelp is used widely by both businesses and individual practitioners. By offering messaging, calling, and video conferencing options, it is a telehealth platform that is perfectly suited for delivering virtual care to patients. Some of the benefits of Better Help include:

Easy implementation: BetterHelp boasts an easy implementation process that requires no physical installation. Additionally, the platform doesn’t have any setup fees, meaning that the system can be implemented within your business within a week. This is a particularly important feature of any new software, as the implementation process can cause a significant reduction in revenue for businesses.

Pricing plans: BetterHelp’s pricing plans vary, and your business can select from a flat fee or a pay-per-usage fee, depending on your specific needs. The coverage that is offered also varies between annual or a shorter-term time period. Flexibility when it comes to payment and contracts can help healthcare businesses feel more comfortable when it comes to finding a new telehealth platform.

BetterHelp limitations 

Despite the benefits that are associated with BetterHelp, there are also limitations that you should be aware of. Some of these include:

No psychiatrists: BetterHelp is a platform that is designed for counselors to use. Whilst the range of counselors utilizing their services is broad, the lack of psychiatrists means that patients cannot receive prescriptions or certain diagnoses. This restriction can result in a reduction of potential patients, as these individuals may choose to use a service that suits their clinical needs.

Lack of practice management features: Although BetterHelp’s telehealth tools are sophisticated and customizable to a range of different healthcare fields, the system itself is somewhat lacking in relation to practice management features. When your business chooses a telehealth platform, it is a good idea to find software that integrates with a wide range of tools, so your operations run smoothly.

What are the 10 best BetterHelp alternatives?

Considering the limitations that are associated with BetterHelp, it might be a good idea to look into some alternatives. Luckily, the recent surge in telehealth has meant there is a wide range of suitable platforms for your business to choose from! We’ve created a list of some of our favorites, and recommend doing some of your own research into the platforms that stand out to you.


Carepatron is a telehealth platform that additionally offers a wide range of practice management tools designed to elevate the efficiency and organization of your business. These range from clinical documentation, medical billing, appointment scheduling, and a sophisticated patient portal. Carepatron’s telehealth features use the latest technology, and with high-end support available, the implementation process is guaranteed to work smoothly. There is a free pricing plan available, or for unlimited features and storage, your business will pay $12 pp/month. 

Therapist app

Psychology Today

Psychology Today is a very popular web directory that works similarly to BetterHelp. For healthcare businesses, Psychology Today can enhance your online presence and establish a better SEO (search engine optimization). The platform is designed to help elevate your accessibility, thus expanding your clientele and generating more revenue. However, given its popularity, you may find it difficult to compete with other businesses that are listed on its site. Psychology Today costs $12 per/month. 

Good Therapy 

Good Therapy is a platform that allows healthcare businesses to list their practice on its site, leading to an enhanced online presence and a higher number of referrals. Good Therapy publishes professional content regularly, which can help you build your brand and expand your healthcare knowledge. However, the platform costs $29.95 per month and doesn’t have a free plan, which may be a financial burden for your business.

Therapy Tribe

Therapy Tribe is another viable web directory option for your business that focuses on elevating marketing and connecting patients with available therapists. It is customizable to a range of different fields and also caters to individual therapists, making it a suitable option for a range of businesses. Therapy Tribe does have a free trial, but after that period will incur a $29.95 monthly fee or a $299 annual fee.


Therapyden’s platform caters to a range of different therapy fields, including individuals, couples, groups, families, children, adolescents, and medication management. The system allows you to market your specific values and qualifications, helping you to get your name out into the world. You can create a listing for free, but if you are looking to achieve growth (which you should be) there is a monthly subscription fee of $20.


CareDash has designed a telehealth platform that connects patients with doctors depending on their healthcare needs. The directory caters to a wide range of different treatments and conditions, making it a good option for healthcare businesses that specialize in various fields. The platform offers a free version, meaning your business can get listed without any hassles or financial commitments. 

Black Therapist List

Black Therapist List is a directory of Black Therapists that can connect patients to the care that they need. There are numerous barriers preventing black people from accessing the healthcare solutions that they need, and this directory is a valuable asset to overcoming some of these challenges. The first two months of listing your practice on this site are free, and following that there is a $14.99/month fee. 


Zencare’s directory utilizes modern technology so healthcare businesses can optimize their marketing. With an emphasis on professionalism, Zencare produces high-quality photographs, videos, and profiles to ensure that businesses are appealing and approachable. However, the platform is $59 per month for individuals and $89 per month for groups, pricing plans that may well put a dent in your budget!


With Theravive, your business can list its services in a range of different cities. All of these listings utilize search engine optimization, ensuring your online presence is boosted at all times. The platform also offers customizable marketing strategies for each business, helping you to generate as many referrals as possible. Theravive’s directory services and advanced features begin at $247 per year.

American Psychological Association (APA)

The American Psychological Association is a community of registered psychologists that work together to enhance each member’s professional career. APA is guaranteed to increase your referrals and is a fantastic way to connect with other psychologists and expand your business. Membership is dependent on experience and the type of education and work you are involved in and has a base fee of $247 per year.

Take Home Message

Although BetterHelp definitely has viable aspects as a web directory for your business, there are other platforms out there that may be better suited. Listing your healthcare practice online is a fantastic way to optimize visibility and increase referrals, thus contributing to higher revenue. Nevertheless, when it comes time to decide what directory is most suited to your practice, you should conduct a fair amount of research to ensure the chosen platform is affordable and reliable. Hopefully, this guide has pointed you in the direction of some suitable options, and we wish you the best of luck in finding the perfect fit!

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