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By Jamie Frew on Jun 16, 2024.

Fact Checked by Nate Lacson.

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Appointment scheduling is not the reason you got into the healthcare sector, right?

Well, not to worry, medical appointment scheduling software is evolving at a crazy rate. As automation appears in nearly every nook and cranny of our healthcare, your practice shouldn't be the exception. Automating your appointment scheduling won't only save you money but also 2 hours per day. That's two billable hours each day you can spend with clients! 

Carepatron has heaps of really incredible features that will increase that saved time significantly, but not to worry, we'll get to that soon 👊

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Why is it important for therapists to have an efficient appointment scheduling system?

Many healthcare providers are not large enough or do not bring in enough revenue to justify the expense of an employee whose sole focus is practice management. That means it's common for practitioners to spend a considerable part of their workday juggling administration with patient appointments. So without online appointment scheduling software, this usually eventuates in a situation where you as a practitioner are jack of all trades but the master of none. It usually means that both the administration and the practice aspects of the team are functioning at a level that does not demonstrate best practice, and that won't be fun for you either!

8 ways to make appointment scheduling more efficient

Have a system for online self-scheduling in place 🧑‍💻

Online healthcare scheduling of patients appointments provides many benefits and not just for you or your office staff. Most practitioners also report a significant improvement in patient engagement, especially in specific demographics that have struggled with attendance or no-shows in the past. Online scheduling of patient appointments is excellent for you and them as it means they'll be able to schedule and change bookings at their leisure. And better yet, you won't have heaps of no-shows or DNAs. Additionally, you'll be able to see gaps in your schedule ahead of time, so you can organize other appointments or work to be done.

Incorporate time management and patient scheduling workflow in your daily routine

Healthcare scheduling software systems improve productivity by ensuring the resources available efficiently and effectively. Practitioners do not waste their precious time on low-value tasks. They can spend more time with patients or go home on time. Automation of the patient scheduling workflow allows for a more streamlined and precise healthcare workflow. Although many practitioners are great clinicians, practice management is not always their strength. Resulting in practices running inefficiently, decreased patient satisfaction, and a scheduling system that may falter, resulting in double bookings, incorrect bookings, and forgotten bookings.

Set priorities based on patient urgency 😷

Working in the health field means that you may have a high number of clients on your caseload who are acute. Ensuring clients can contact you in one way or another is important. To remedy this issue, it can be a good idea to block out one or two appointments a day (depending on your caseload and work) for urgent sessions. When scheduling patients, a traffic light system here can be a great way to signal to yourself and other practitioners the urgency of each appointment and help optimize your workflow.

Provide telehealth services as an offering

With the combination of Covid and traffic, it seems crazy not to offer telehealth platform solutions to your clients. Remote healthcare enables the client and the practitioner to work from wherever they need, which means that clients not only have to travel to an office but also that by adopting new software, you can automate all the things you don't enjoy doing. Remote monitoring healthcare means meeting with clients online via platforms either through messaging, voice, or video calls. With just basic internet and Carepatron's remarkable capabilities, you can now practice from anywhere, at anytime! 

Set up reminders and regularly followup

Therapy reminders are the next most important thing once you have schedule patient appointment. And any helpful patient appointment reminder software will have two jobs. Firstly, it'll help patients remember the session they have booked. And secondly, it will offer an option to cancel or reschedule if they can't make the appointment. Giving patients the capability to withdraw days before the booking (or enabling them to reschedule) will save both of you a penny or two. How?? They won't have to pay for the session, and you can schedule a different patient for the session. Another positive is that making it simple for clients to cancel and reschedule will make them less likely to stop showing up for sessions. 🙏

Build an automatic waiting list

If you aren't doing this, you're losing the opportunity to fill those appointments times that become available when someone else cancels! Having an automatic waiting list is the difference between continuing as you are or expanding your practice. Your billable hours are directly correlated to the number of client-facing hours you have each day. You'll want to fill up those hours as much as possible! A turn schedule for patients means that you can help more people with your hard-earned wizard healthcare practitioner skills… Harry would be disappointed! 

Build a standardized process and system 📲

Building the right patient scheduling system will be the make or break of your healthcare practice. Without it, your patients will struggle to contact you, and you'll encounter more administration, making your team and day-to-day life arguably more difficult. Here are some things you'll want to ensure your selected patient scheduling system can also do; 

  • HIPAA Compliance - As a healthcare professional, compliance should be at the top of your list… make sure your software provider has the same priorities  
  • Telehealth - Remote healthcare isn't possible without it. Why pay extra for an external provider when your patient scheduling software can do it? 
  • AI Medical Dictation - Don't type when you can talk. Make sure your software has this capability. Trust us!
  • Collaborate – Working remotely. You need your client and their care team together in one digital workspace. That means sharing information in an encrypted, HIPAA-certified environment.
  • Mobile Capabilities – What is remote healthcare if it doesn't mean the ability to access your practice management app from any device, anytime.
  • Autosave your work - One of my personal favorites, market leaders Carepatron, syncs work, and notes every 0.002 microseconds 

Break Free From Appointment Scheduling

Healthcare scheduling software systems will be a life-changer for any healthcare practitioner. Choosing the right software is the crucial part, and call us biased, but we think Carepatron is the best on the market today. Check out all these great features; 

  • Fully functional free version available
  • Unlimited 24/7 support 
  • Customizable templates
  • Email reminders to reduce no shows
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Note and clinical report software
  • Client relationship capability
  • Stripe payment and online credit card processing

Better yet, Carepatron was co-designed with practitioners, ensuring our needs are always the number 1 priority. Carepatron is a workspace software that enables Doctors, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Nurses, Counselors, and any other healthcare professional to live their best life.

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