Best Psychology Today Alternatives 2023 (Pro, Cons, Ratings, and Costs)

By Ashleigh Knowles on Feb 29, 2024.

Fact Checked by Ericka Pingol.

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What is Psychology Today?

Psychology Today is one of the most popular web directories and can help you considerably improve your online presence. You may improve the quality of your advertising by using real-time data for tracking, in addition to extensive filters for optimal matches with clients. Additionally, Psychology Today is a rich source for an abundance of information pertaining to all things mental health, with content focusing on a wide array of valuable topics for you to learn more about. You can significantly elevate the quality of your services by taking on board information written by academics, and professionals with years of experience behind them, and grow your psychology practice. However, despite its advantageous features, there are various areas that Psychology Today fails to acknowledge, especially when it comes to practice management tools. As a result, you may want to keep reading to better understand your options and the opportunities that lay ahead of you within alternate services. 

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Psychology Today Benefits vs. Limitations 

As one of the leading therapist directories, Psychology Today can offer you many benefits and can work towards boosting the quality of your services. Such features include the following:

Greater online presence - Because many business directories collect entries from larger directories, your company is likely to be included on several websites! This is a win-win, as, without any effort at all, you could find your business listed across various reputable platforms and media websites. 

Boost brand awareness - Every connection a consumer has with your mental health firm enhances their brand knowledge and familiarity, which in turn, leads to increased engagement and stronger relationships. With Psychology Today’s widespread influence in the mental health industry, having your name represented with their services is likely to do you wonders. 

Increase SEO - Elevate your visibility with Psychology Today, as you’re likely to be ranked much higher in Google searches in being featured in their services. You can increase your chances of being connected with others, which is always handy in broadening your clientele. 

While there are obvious benefits, it’s also important to recognize that Psychology Today has certain pitfalls that can work against the integrity and goals of your mental health business. 

Cost - Psychology Today charges a fee of $12 USD per month, which can quickly add up, especially when there are other directories that don’t require any payments at all!

Competitive - Naturally, because Psychology Today is a well-known brand, with a very large online presence, it should come as no surprise that most therapists have their business listed. You may spot every professional that you know! As a result, it can be a lot more difficult to stand out to prospective clients, with there being a wide number of choices for them to select from. 

Troubling links - With online directories, it’s expected that you provide a website or contact link for clients to access your information and details. However, sometimes when users click on these links within directories like Psychology Today, the client is actually taken to a different website before being redirected to yours. This can be irritating to deal with, and unfortunately, there’s usually nothing you can do about it!

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What are the 10 best Psychology Today alternatives?

In the case that these disadvantages are concerning to you, we’ve compiled a list of some viable alternatives for you to check out. These are leading options within the healthcare industry and can help you significantly elevate the quality of your service. 


Carepatron, which is used by over 10,000 healthcare professionals globally, stresses efficiency and productivity to ensure that you can deliver high-quality healthcare solutions through streamlined processes. You can book appointments with effective reminder software, consult with clients through video and chat, store clinical notes and access medical billing and coding tools and Electronic Health Records, for free or at a premium of $12-19 per month. It’s one of the leading options available and allows you to grow your business according to your personal goals and needs.

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American Psychological Association (APA)

As you probably recognize, APA is a global community of psychology professionals and practitioners who contribute to significant accomplishments within the mental health space. Being represented within APA media would place your business in high standing, however, this can be quite difficult to achieve with annual costs increasing to a base rate of $247 per year. 


BetterHelp is a strong competitor for mental health experts as the world's largest counseling service. BetterHelp employs high-resolution video consulting and messaging services to link practitioners with clients and uses smart provider matching to connect practitioners with clients needing support. However, this service does come at a high cost and falls short of delivering basic practice management features. With no clinical note storage features or medical billing/coding features to aid in payment, it’s a large corporate option for healthcare. 


With GoodTherapy, you can interact with bigger audiences and extend your practice through your extensive profile, making it a solid option for boosting your clientele. There are various customizable and interactive features that make it a viable route for you to expand and grow your business. However, with a monthly fee of $29.95, there is no free alternative to this service, which may influence your selection.


TherapyTribe supports and highlights wellbeing across all profiles and is certain to highlight your positive attributes, while also displaying all of your vital information to improve client appeal. You can connect with other professionals, and provide support to those who truly need it. However, this might be an expensive choice, with ads requiring monthly costs of $29.95 after the free trial.


TherapyDen strives to showcase great services without sacrificing the necessities by offering a wide range of services that cater to a range of different groups. You can improve your internet presence, engage clients, and share your skills and expertise, all at a free cost. However, if you want to raise your profile even further, which is likely in periods of growth, you must pay a subscription starting at $20 per month, which can be a dent in your finances. 


For a platform that makes a difference, CareDash delivers directory information from all types of professionals and highlights a patient-oriented approach. CareDash displays very credible reviews that are extremely transparent, without biases, and that accurately represent the nature of your business. With a free profile, you can advertise without any hassle. 


ZenCare prioritizes individual patient therapy and allows you to improve your internet visibility without sacrificing quality by using introductory films for a personal touch, as well as high-resolution pictures and marketing strategies. However, Zencare does charge a monthly cost of $59 for individuals and $89 for groups, which can be particularly expensive in comparison to cheaper and free options!


For therapists of all different specialties, theravive offers a platform for marketing your services using optimized search engines. You can significantly increase visibility by listing your business here, as well as dramatically increase recognition; but, this comes at a fee, beginning at $247 per year.

Black Therapist List

Black Therapist List helps to enhance SEO and boost your marketing when it comes to exhibiting high-quality mental healthcare solutions, starting at $14.99 per month. Although, you should keep in mind that this directory is specifically designed for the black community. It is used to help those gain access to services they feel comfortable with and is immensely supportive of groups that can often be disregarded when it comes to US healthcare due to financial and socio-demographic barriers. 

Take Home Message

After reading this, hopefully, you have a better grasp of mental health directories and how they might help your company's internet presence; regardless of whether this is through Psychology Today or elsewhere. While Psychology Today has proven benefits, it’s important to keep an open mind when it comes to your options, with many other alternatives also attracting clients to your practice whilst simultaneously improving your brand's reputation and visibility. It is absolutely key that you get the word out there concerning your mental health practice, so don’t be afraid to take the time to look into the world of health directories, and what they have to offer!

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