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Best Clinical Documents

Clinical Documentation improvement with better Practice Management.

Clinical appointment scheduling

Clinical notes

Quickly capture your progress notes in a powerful EHR platform. Use customizable resources such as SOAP Note templates and DAP note Templates to get this done fast and accurately.
Clinical Notes and Clinical Documentation

Patient Records

Store your patient records safely in one accessible EMR system. We encrypt all your patient information to ensure it is always safe and private. Access your patient records from anyone, anytime.
Clinical billing and Clinical online payments

Go Mobile

Carepatron is built to work how you do. Use it while on the go, deliver healthcare services from home or remotely. What a great way to improve your work-life balance!

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“We have experienced significant clinical documentation improvement since migrating. Carepatron provides our private practice with a Cloud-based EHR system to store all medical histories, intake forms, clinical assessment, and treatment plans. It is highly secure, HIPAA complaint encrypting all information within the application. The phone app loads fast and are easy to navigate, so our healthcare team can load clinical notes and update health records as they go rather than scheduling admin days to catch up. I find it easy to learn, simple to use, and quick to navigate across. We use google drive and one drive integrations to quickly transfer our healthcare documents. Our clinicians love how easy it is to switch from scheduling a follow-up appointment to capturing an intake form or medical history. The customizable templates and speech-to-text tools are also incredible.”
Nia D.
Nurse Practitioner
Healthcare practice owner
“Better than the best clinical document tool! Its been a real 'wow' experience for our healthcare practice. It has saved our healthcare team time and provides a simple way of uploading medical documentation and updating client health records. We have the confidence now to grow, moving to a paperless intake process and remote healthcare services without bringing in more admin staff to manage this additional work. This healthcare software is easy to use with simple navigation and a beautiful layout. There are no overly complicated command keys, and everything you need to run your healthcare practice is readily available. It has an excellent search capability to quickly find and access the clinical information you need when you require it.”
Min W.
Healthcare Practice Owner
General Practitioner photo
“One-of-a-kind healthcare documentation software. Carepatron is brilliant online healthcare and patient record system. There are loads of features and pros of the tool. System design and the user interface are excellent. Speech to text reduces the need to transcribe information. The digital consent and enrolment are helpful. The patient portal makes it very easy to share documents and notes with clients or other healthcare professionals. We also use the invoicing and payment capability, which is pretty impressive. HIPAA compliance helps us to stay safe and compliant. Whether it's a small healthcare business or mid-size medical practice. Carepatron is one of the best healthcare solutions out there!”
Smit S.
General Practitioner
Therapist photo
“Simple to use document management system. It has been great for our healthcare organization. We find it easy and fast to upload a client's medical documents, intake forms, or handwritten notes. The mobile app helps our team to work virtually or on the go. Accessing the information they require when they need it and updating our client records as they do it. We also use the progress note and SOAP note templates a lot which has been a real help.”
Danny J.

All your Clinical Documentation in one place

Bring all of your client's clinical information together in a safe and secure platform.
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    Store any type of clinical file

    Easily store all of your patient’s images, letters, and any other type of files in Carepatron. Upload multiple files all at once.
  • Another green tick - Mobile document storage

    Mobile friendly

    Take all of your clinical documents with you while you’re on the move. View or write on your laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  • Another green tick - Document search


    Use Carepatron’s search to find relevant documents quickly and spend less time flicking through files
Clinical Documentation mobile app.

Clinical Documentation Software for clinicians and their clients

Occupational Therapists

Deliver beautiful therapy outcomes using the world's best digital therapy workspace you and your clients will love.
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Excellent counseling software that brings together all of your clinical notes, appointment scheduling, and online payments.
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Anul P.
Holland Park Mental Health Center
5 stars
Carepatron is super intuitive to use. It helps us run our practice so well that we don't even need a team of administrators anymore.
Sally R.
South City Clinic
5 stars
We can see our clients and notes anytime, anywhere. We're able to send information to other health practitioners we work with at the click of a button.
Jackie H.
Manila  Bay Clinic
5 stars
The ease of navigation and the beautiful user interface brings a smile to my face everyday.
Kaitlyn D.
University Community Centre
5 stars
I would recommend carepatron for anyone who wants to provide telehealth services with least effort.
Dr. Christopher T.
Bethlehem Family Clinic
5 stars
It's the best practice solution I have used both in terms of features and cost. It has everything I need to grow my business.
Singh K.
Northgate Psychiatry
5 stars
I no longer have to worry about software upgrades, backups or my server going down. I can access my work anytime, anywhere, even from my phone.
Bao H.
West End Medical Centre
5 stars
Carepatron simplifies my team's communication and work. It allows me to have a 360-degree view of my practice.
Clara W.
Life House Clinic
5 stars
I also love the carepatron app. Helps me keep track of my clients and work while on the go.