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Carepatron is the easiest way for speech language therapists to manage their clients, scheduling, and billing from one powerful app.
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The Speech-Language Therapy Software you and your clients will love

Clinical appointment scheduling

Online Scheduling

Take control of your schedule and calendar from your desktop or mobile app. Use automated appointment reminders and our fully integrated video calling tool to maximize your productivity.
Clinical Notes and Clinical Documentation

Health Records

Store all your patient information, clinical notes, and documentation safely in your secure clinic system. We autosave, so you'll never lose work again.
Clinical billing and Clinical online payments

Accept Payments Online

Carepatron online or mobile payments make it easier for your clients to pay for your bills.  You save time while getting paid twice as fast. What a great way to improve your day and cashflow!
Speech Therapists using software

Speech Therapy Software built for Therapists like you

Streamline your workflow within your speech language therapy practice, with Carepatron’s leading software solution. You can optimize your resources, maximize productivity, and deliver high-quality healthcare from any place and at any time. Manage all your client information, including bills, invoices, documents, SOAP notes, message logs, and appointments through an easy-to-use interface, and at no additional cost. You can communicate across multiple different channels, and increase client satisfaction through strengthening professional relationships outside of the office. Additionally, you can also improve your cash flow and rate of reimbursement through quick payment processing, which also works to expand your horizons. Trusted by over 10,000 healthcare practitioners and fellow speech therapists, Carepatron provides one of the best ways to elevate the quality of your care and simplifies your speech language operations significantly.

Discover the Speech Therapy Software you and your clients will love

Carepatron’s software offers a variety of benefits that can help simplify work processes and create seamless operations within your speech therapy practice. 
Appointment Scheduling
From your mobile device or computer, you can easily book appointments, send confirmations, as well as automate SMS and email reminders to reduce no-shows. Clients can book a time that suits them, and you can accommodate as many as you see fit! Additionally, with an intelligent 2-way calendar sync, you can ensure that you’re always up to date with your appointments, and any rescheduling can be easily shifted around. 
Online Payments
Online billing, in addition to mobile payments, make it simple for you and your customers to pay electronically. Carepatron accepts all payment methods, including bank transfer, credit card, and Stripe, which makes for a great variety of options when it comes to client preferences. You can get paid quickly, improve cash flow, receive reimbursements on time, and deliver high-quality experiences for your clients.
Clinical Documents
All of your patient information is combined in one HIPAA-compliant system that securely stores records through bank-level encryption. You can create progress notes, produce treatment plans, note any health documents, as well as track your speech language progress remotely. These clinical documents can be shared safely through the client portal, with only authorized users having access to its features and data. 
Medical Dictation
Utilize medical dictation to cut time on note creation, and effectively capture your client’s condition without fear of missing critical details. As one of the top tips to improve speech language therapy outcomes, medical dictation can help you save valuable business time, and allow you to add value elsewhere. Efficiently jot down all relevant information through just the sound of your voice!
Clinical Notes
With embedded templates, used by thousands of healthcare professionals, you can ensure that your clinical notes are of the highest quality. Never miss the important details, with notes that allow you to follow universal standards and capture subjective and objective measures, keeping you protected as a professional practice. Create SOAP and progress notes in minutes, with secure storage to ensure confidentiality.
Appointment reminders built into your EHR system

Do more of the work you do best

With scheduling hassles and interruptions gone, you can achieve almost anything.
Ways teletherapy adds value to speech language therapy
Ways teletherapy adds value to speech language therapy
Telehealth has changed how many speech language therapists provide therapeutic services. Often helping make service more accessible and cost-effective for many clients.
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Guide to speech language therapy assessment
Guide to speech language therapy assessment
Assessments provide speech language therapists with an effective tool to determine a client's capability level and create an appropriate treatment plan.
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Speech language therapy assessment

As part of every speech language practice, you must carefully evaluate your client, examine the assessment tools available to you, and decide which is most appropriate. There are several different instruments that speech language therapists can use, and each one provides its own pros and cons. It’s important that whichever you choose, they cater to the language, age, values, and functioning of the particular individual, as well as that they are comprehensive. Developmental differences between groups mean that you must spend time considering the speech and language needs that each type has, as adults and children can present very differently! With the right educational resources, you can help better understand various standardized assessments, such as criterion-referenced tests, norm-referenced tests, as well as various scales. This may include the Bayley-III, CELF, DAS-II, as well as observation and sampling techniques. Every SLP needs its toolkit, with assessment guides enabling you to hit the ground running to achieve necessary KPIs.
Conducting a speech language therapy assessment

SOAP Notes for Speech Language Therapy

If you're familiar with any healthcare discipline, you've probably heard of SOAP notes! They are absolutely necessary for speech therapists to capture all pertinent information affecting the client. It's a method of standardizing notes and ensuring that you're using proper intervention approaches to help the client's condition and progress. You can note down all subjective and objective information, and how they work towards effective treatment and future plans that are also in alignment with client goals. Given that SOAP notes can be used in legal situations, it is critical that you have documented everything to demonstrate your train of thought. It's an important protection, which is why many clinics use SOAP speech language templates to boost the credibility and accuracy of their records. Additionally, documentation contributes to more accurate insurance, which is always ideal. Clinical documentation provides sufficient evidence for medical needs and helps ensure that you are properly reimbursed on time, which is critical for the growth of your business.
SOAP Notes for Speech Language Therapy
Building a doctor's appointment reminder email template

Adopting teletherapy to your speech language therapy practice

Teletherapy can be an excellent addition to your speech and language therapy practice, especially within this COVID context. With personnel shortages and expanding waitlists, it's no surprise that teletherapy is swiftly becoming a popular choice, as clients are able to access care from the comfort of their own homes. There’s no need for long wait times or expensive commuting costs, which makes speech language teletherapy services mutually beneficial. You can communicate with clients from wherever, using both messaging and video consulting services, which also makes this option highly flexible. You can cater to a wide variety of needs without compromise, and increase customer satisfaction in addition to improving clinical outcomes. Lest we forget, you can also significantly expand your client list by reaching outside of your clinic, especially those within isolated or rural communities. Because of its adaptability and access to CPT codes, your patients can continue to receive high-quality care at lower prices, and you can fit in more clients whenever a gap pops up. Teletherapy is a leading addition to elevating the quality of your services, and increasing accessibility to those who truly need speech-language care.

Trusted by speech language practitioners

Carepatron’s speech language software is currently being used by 10,000+ healthcare professionals across the globe. These businesses have seen various improvements, including improved workflows, reductions in no-shows, and better communication with patients. Dont just take our word for it, hear what practitioners themselves have to say about it.

Speech Pathologist
“I use Carepatron for practice management and invoicing. This app has been an indispensable tool for my Speech Pathology business. It's easy to use, intuitive to navigate and does critical things: client records, progress notes, medical documents, telehealth, invoicing, and payments. It's beneficial to keep all of my client's information safe and organized. The practice support team is prompt and professional. I recommend Carepatron to any other healthcare professional.”
Meiby K.
Speech Pathologist
Speech Therapist
“Near perfect Speech Pathology tool Great product, excellent customer service, easy to use, simple to navigate, and all of this at a great price point. We have been happily using Carepatron for over two years now, and it keeps getting better. Carepatron is awesome. It does precisely what we ask it to, automates our invoicing & digital payments. We accept payments via Stripe, credit card, bank transfers, debit cards, etc. We also use appointment reminders and overdue invoice reminders, which are very helpful. The easy-to-understand billing dashboard shows us which invoices have been paid and which invoices are outstanding.”
Fen J.
Speech Therapist
Certified Speech Therapist
“Carepatron is an excellent cloud Speech Therapy system. I find it intuitive and powerful for my small therapy business. Signing up for an account is a speedy process,  taking me 30 secs end to end. The interface well organized, look great and load quickly. On the client list, you can see efficiently run through your client records and tagging. We use this mobile app to manage all of your clinical assessments, progress notes, appointment scheduling, Telehealth sessions, invoicing, and payments. I enjoy the mobile app; it's great to do my therapy work from wherever I need it. My clients love the portal. It brings all of their speech therapy in one place. <Making the process simpler for them.”
Evangeline R.
Certified Speech Therapist
Registered Speech Pathologist
“I find Carepatron to be a very straightforward to use and valuable Speech Therapy program. It was effortless to learn and set up initially. It saves me a lot of time by having a simple note, scheduling, and invoicing tool that smoothly integrates with several payment options. This software saves time for a small to medium-sized speech therapy team and reduces energy wasted on admin or low-value tasks. I think it's a perfect tool for organizing and controlling all of your team's work and clients. The appointment scheduling performance very well; it is intuitive and has helped appointment confirmations and reminders. It makes creating SOAP notes and DAP notes quite simple, and the telehealth video integration works well. I also like the template library and the client app.”
Stephen E.
Registered Speech Pathologist

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Carepatron puts your entire meeting workflow on autopilot, sending everything from reminder SMS to emails, so you can focus on the clinical work only you can do. It's like getting an assistant, even if you're a Speech Language Therapy business of one.