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Clinical appointment scheduling

Online Scheduling

Centralize your calendar, schedule, and to-do list in an easy-to-use Podiatry scheduling app. Use our appointment reminders to remove no-shows from your day. Deliver services from anywhere from our completely integrated video calling tool
Clinical Notes and Clinical Documentation

Podiatry Notes & Documentation

Organize your client information safely in a free EHR system. Quickly capture your Podiatry documentation or notes using best-practice templates or our voice-to-text tools.
Clinical billing and Clinical online payments

Accept Online Payments

Carepatron provides your Podiatry business with Online Payment software. Enabling them to rapidly charge credit cards or accept bank transfers, saving both your Podiatry team and clients a massive amount of time and pain.

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“This mobile app makes every day so much easier. I have been using Carepatron for 2+ years and feel very comfortable strongly recommending this Saas healthcare platform. I use the software both on my iOS phone, Android tablet, and PC. Having all my client records and information available 24/7 is very convenient. Carepatron works excellent for my clinical work and financial jobs like invoicing, billing, and online payments. I like how you can use this free Podiatry software, then update to a paid plan if or when you want. Simple, easy to use, and mobile.”
Eric L.
Surgical Podiatrist
“Excellent  Podiatrists software that saves me time and helps me generate more revenue. It's easy to use, fast to set up and makes both invoicing and client management more manageable. I like appreciate the Podiatry forms and templates. I love the Stripe integration, with the ability to manage payments remotely. The mobile Podiatry app is beneficial. I can now access everything I need to manage my private practice from anywhere.  What makes Carepatron a real winner for my Podiatry team is the appointment reminders and patient portal.”
Tina F.
Podiatric Physician
“Carepatron is simple and works. I found it intuitive and easy to use with an extensive range of tools and capabilities. My Podiatry team finds it a superb fit for our growing practice. We heavily use healthcare records, transcription tools, online calendars, and invoicing.  We have significantly reduced the number of overdue invoices we have at any one time.  I have been using it for about two years now and am always impressed with how many news tools and improvements they release every week.”
Courtney P.
Podiatric Physician
Medical Podiatrist
“Great Podiatry software for managing health records, tracking client progress and payments. Carepatron has been an excellent experience for our team with its clean and modern interface. Its organized, reliable, and include a vast range of powerful tools. I find the convenience of cloud Podiatry software huge. We get a lot of value from invoicing and processing payments within the exact location we schedule our appointments and client records.”
Sarah M.
Medical Podiatrist

Podiatry Note Software

With Carepatron, your Podiatry notes and documents are in a highly secure EHR system. By storing your client information in the cloud, you ensure you maintain compliance while having mobile access to all the tools and resources you need to do your work. You can quickly take progress notes with our speech-to-text tool or utilize our Podiatry templates. Track your client's progress in real-time with our patient portal, sharing notes, assessments, or messages within this mobile app. By bring your clients, scheduling, and payments together in one practice management system, you can automate a large amount of your admin or lower value work. Best things of all, Carepatron provides you a free Podiatry notes software plan to help you get access to the tools you need no matter what your budget may be.
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Podiatry Scheduling Software

Podiatry appointment scheduling from your mobile device helps to make your work life much easier. You can book appointments online, create a to-do list, and send booking confirmations to your clients anytime, anywhere. Use SMS appointment reminders to reduce appointment no-shows while providing clients the information they require. Keep your schedule updated by syncing your Google or Outlook calendar. Provide a patient portal to your clients so they can book appointments online, share medical updates, send messages or pay invoices online. You are saving your time while enabling your clients to achieve better Podiatry outcomes.
Podiatry Scheduling Software benefits
Best Billing Services For Podiatrists

Billing Services For Podiatrists

Our Podiatry billing software enables you to manage your invoicing and online payments within a secure healthcare system. You can accept various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, Stripe payments from within the patient portal, or email to get paid online. Our amazing Podiatry support team is here to automate your insurance claims electronic claims. Paperless and contactless billing services help you to remove unnecessary admin and practice management from your healthcare business. Whether you are a solo Podiatrists or Podiatry business, you will be able to increase your billings with telehealth or virtual services.

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How To Save 2 hours Per Day In Your Private Practice, Guaranteed.
How To Save 2 hours Per Day In Your Private Practice, Guaranteed.
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Practice management is always on my mind
Practice management is always on my mind
As a Podiatry community, we're all trying to manage an information overload every single day. Burnout across the healthcare industry has been explored in detail by The Harvard Business Review, one of the world's thought leaders on this problem.
What Is A Progress Note? (+ Tips For Writing Them)
What Is A Progress Note? (+ Tips For Writing Them)
A progress note is an essential document created by healthcare professionals to update a patient's medical records. They provide a paper trail of a client's treatment history and ensure that communication between clinicians within the healthcare sector is seamless and traceable.