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Utilize our medication administration form to streamline your record-keeping process. With quick access and editing functionality, this template will help improve transparency and communication.

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What is a Medication Administration Form?

In healthcare, there are a range of different forms and documents that are used to ensure that the delivery of services is transparent and appropriate. Medication administration forms are used to track when a patient has been administered medication. Essentially, these are forms used by prescribing practitioners to document when and why a patient has been medicated. They work in conjunction with consent forms (and it is important to note that the administration form is not a consent form). Practitioners should record the patient’s personal details, the medication that has been administered, when they were prescribed medication, and a brief reason for why they needed medication. They should also include details regarding when the patient (or their legal guardian) consented to the medication being administered to ensure that care remains compliant. These forms can be used between practitioners, particularly for those who work in shifts, to better track when their patients have received medication.

Navigating these situations can be complex, but staying on top of these documents will allow you to prioritize your patients needs while also protecting yourself. In order to streamline medication administration processes, we have designed an intuitive template that can be accessed and completed at the necessary times. In this guide, we’ll explain the different elements of the template before taking you through some of the benefits of using the form – let’s get started!

Printable Medication Administration Form

Check out these medication administration form templates to improve your client's intake process and experience.

How to Use This Template for Medication Administration Form

We have tried to ensure that implementing our medication administration form template within your healthcare practice is reasonably easy. In order to maximize your usage of the resource, simply follow these steps: 

Step One: Save the form 

Naturally, you first have to save the medication administration form to your device. There is a link on this page that will open the resource in a PDF reader, and from here you can easily download the form. Whether you decide to use an electronic copy or print the form into physical copies is entirely up to you, and it should be easily accessible once you have it downloaded. 

Step Two: Complete the form 

After you have administered medication to a patient, you need to complete this administration form. To ensure this process is as seamless as possible, it’s a good idea to have the template ready to use whenever you may need it. Storing it electronically will allow you instant access from any device, and it also makes saving and editing the document easy if necessary. 

Step Three: 

When the medication administration form has been completed, you need to store the document securely. Because these forms contain confidential information regarding the patient’s medical treatment, you need to store them in a HIPAA-complaint manner. One of the best options for doing this effectively is using an online EHR platform that employs various electronic safeguards.

Medication Administration Form Example (Sample)

Sometimes the best way to understand how you can utilize a new resource is to see it in action. We’ve included two links here: one will show you the incomplete template, and the other is what the form will look like once it has been filled in. These should give you greater insight into how the administration medication form may work within your healthcare practice.

Download this Medication Administration Form Example (Sample) here:

Medication Administration Form Example (Sample)

Who Can Use this Printable Medication Administration Form (PDF)?

One of the good aspects of our medication administration form is how versatile it is. We understand that there are a range of different healthcare specializations that each prescribe medication to patients, and if you are one of these then our template will be applicable to your work. Some of the different fields that will benefit from our administration form include:

  • General Practitioners
  • Nurses
  • Psychiatrists 
  • Pediatric Practitioners 

The medication administration form can also be implemented within different types of healthcare facilities, or more general places where medication is administered. These include:

  • Hospitals 
  • Inpatient facilities
  • Aged care facilities
  • Mental health facilities
  • Schools

If you don’t see the field of healthcare or location where you work listed above don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you are exempt from using the form. As long as you are a practicing physician who is qualified to administer medication to patients, then you will be able to use this template.

Why is This Form Useful for Clinicians?

The medication administration form is versatile in its use. Some of the day-to-day uses of the form include the following:

  • Automate medication tracking: As I’m sure you know, one of the most important aspects of working as a prescribing practitioner is tracking the dosage of medication. Prescribing and administering medication to patients is a huge responsibility that requires diligent care and informed data. Using this form will help ensure you are making the right decisions and accurately administering medication to your patients.
  • Organization: Managing the organization at a healthcare practice can be a challenging task, particularly during busy periods. With this form, you can ensure that the collection of important data is well-organized and maintained at all times. 
  • Saves you time: Fortunately, using a medication administration form will also help save you time. You no longer have to manually create notes or documents every time you administer medication and can instead quickly and easily access and complete these forms.
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Benefits Of Medication Administration Forms PDF

In addition to having a range of uses, this medication administration template will also result in various benefits for yourself and the healthcare practice that you work in. These advantages include the following:

Reduce workload of administrative staff

By using the medication administration form template, you will be able to reduce the workload of administrative staff. Although the administering practitioner is typically required to record these occurrences, it can often fall on administrative staff to log the data into systems and chase up any missing information. With the form, you can ensure all data is recorded within the same place, where it can be quickly accessed by authorized personnel at any time. 

Ensure patients are receiving the right medication

Of course, the primary purpose of using medication administration forms is to check that patients are receiving the right medication. This form allows you to purposefully track the patient’s treatment within your practice and ensure that they are receiving appropriate medication at the appropriate time.

Maintain compliance

If an error was to occur during the medication administration process, then these forms can help you identify the mistake and ensure it doesn’t happen again. They also help to protect you against malpractice suits by providing a clear overview of every step you have taken in administering medication to patients. Maintaining compliance is a very important aspect of working in healthcare, and using resources that assist with compliance is one of the best decisions you can make for both yourself and your patients.

Data accuracy 

We have taken the time to ensure that the medication administration form covers all important areas to assess the process of a patient receiving medication. In order for this process to be transparent, it is critical that the data you collect is accurate, which is what using our administration form will enable.

Improve clinical outcomes

All of these benefits work to improve the clinical outcomes of your client. Administering medication is a significant responsibility, and you need to ensure you are doing it accurately and transparently. By recording the process of a patient receiving medication, you’ll be able to ensure they are receiving the care they deserve, contributing to an increased likelihood of positive clinical outcomes.

Commonly asked questions

What is a medication consent form?

A medication consent form is a document that a patient (or their legal guardian) signs to consent to receiving medication. Prior to administering any type of medication to a patient, it is absolutely essential that they have signed one of these documents. This will show that they are aware of the medication, any potential side effects it may have, and have agreed to be administered it.

What are 5 ways of administering medications?

There are a range of different ways that medication can be administered. The option that you choose will be dependent on the needs of the patient and the type of medication that they are being administered with. Five of the most common ways include orally, injection (intravenous, intramuscular), transdermal, inhalation, and rectally.

When do you need to complete a medication administration form?

A medication administration form needs to be completed every time that you administer medication to a patient. This process is very important for maintaining compliance and ensuring that the process of delivering care to patients is monitored and transparent. Completing these forms accurately will help ensure the safety of your patients while also protecting yourself.

Why Use Carepatron For Medication Administration Form?

Carepatron is a leading software in today’s practice management software market. Carepatron is integrated with robust tools and features that are designed to assist healthcare practitioners to deliver accurate and well-informed solutions to patients in need. In addition to offering a wide range of resources and templates, Carepatron has voice-to-text transcription software and extensive storage capabilities. An entirely HIPAA-compliant platform, Carepatron ensures that all of your data is protected behind multiple layers of bank-grade encryption. As I’m sure you know, maintaining compliance is an integral aspect of working in healthcare, and investing in Carepatron will help make this significantly easier. 

In addition to these features, Carepatron also offers medical billing and coding, appointment scheduling, clinical documentation, note-taking, patient engagement, and mobile health tools. Finding ways to elevate administrative and clinical processes at your healthcare practices is one of the best ways that you can stay competitive in the healthcare industry, and if you utilize this platform, you will have endless resources at your fingertips.

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What is a medication consent form?
What is a medication consent form?
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