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Access a free Relapse Prevention Plan and example to help you identify triggers and create an effective plan to aid your patient's recovery.

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What is a Relapse Prevention?

Addiction can be a powerful and overwhelming force in one's life. It often leads to destructive behavior, including relapsing or returning to the same substance behavior after periods of abstinence. Relapsing is common for individuals struggling with addiction and can have physical and mental damaging consequences.

To help patients in their recovery journey, healthcare professionals use a Relapse Prevention Plan to assess the risk of relapsing and create strategies to avoid and overcome it. This tool is a personalized plan that outlines goals, strategies, and resources individuals can use to help them stay on track.

A Relapse Prevention Plan also addresses any potential triggers that might cause someone to relapse and provides ways of responding when relapse does occur. Additionally, it may include cognitive-behavioral therapy, group counseling, lifestyle changes, and self-care practices such as meditation and yoga.

By using this plan, healthcare professionals can help individuals stay motivated and on track to reach their recovery goals. It also gives them the tools to beat their addiction. It might not be easy, but effort and dedication can prevent or manage relapse more effectively.

Printable Relapse Prevention Plan

Download this Relapse Prevention Plan and help your clients effectively avoid relapsing.

How does this Relapse Prevention Plan work?

This free Relapse Prevention Plan template is quick and straightforward to use. Follow these steps to get started:

Step One: Download the template

Access the free Relapse Prevention Plan using the link provided on this page. Similarly, you can download it from the Carepatron app or the resources library.

Step Two: Identify triggers

Consider any potential scenarios, thoughts, or feelings that might trigger a relapse. Ask your patient to think about how they can respond to prevent relapse when these triggers arise.

Step Three: Outline strategies

Using the template, create an action plan for your patient. Include a list of strategies and resources to help them manage the triggers.

Step Four: Discuss the plan with your patient

Discuss the plan with your patient and make sure they understand it. Make any necessary adjustments and encourage them to implement the plan in their daily life.

Step Five: Track progress

Track your patient's progress regularly and meet with them to review the plan. Adjust it as necessary, especially if you identify any new triggers or strategies that may be needed.

Relapse Prevention Plan example (sample)

We have designed a Relapse Prevention example to help you gauge how this template works. It is written for a hypothetical patient with substance abuse disorder, illustrating how to prevent relapse and provide resources when it does occur. You can view the sample here or download the PDF for reference.

Download the free Relapse Prevention Plan example (sample)

Relapse Prevention Plan example (sample)

When to use these Relapse Prevention Plan templates?

You can use the Relapse Prevention Plan whenever there is a need to assess the risk of relapsing and create strategies to avoid and overcome it. You can also utilize this to:

Provide support for individuals with substance abuse disorders

Using a Relapse Prevention Plan, you can help your patient stay on track with their goals and provide them with the tools they need to remain abstinent.

Identify triggers to prevent relapse

The Relapse Prevention Plan includes identifying potential triggers that might cause someone to relapse. Plus, it helps you observe your patient's behavior and adjust strategies accordingly.

Bring back motivation

A plan will help your patient stay motivated and remind them of their goals. This can also be a helpful reminder that they are not alone in battling addiction.

Make patients feel empowered

Having a clear-cut plan gives your patient a sense of control and helps them take an active role in their recovery. This can lead to improved self-esteem and foster a healthy, hopeful outlook.

Who is this printable Relapse Prevention Plan PDF for?

This Relapse Prevention Plan template is an excellent tool for various mental health professionals, such as:

  • Psychiatrists
  • Substance abuse counselors
  • Psychologists
  • Therapists
  • Social workers
  • Addiction Specials
  • Rehabilitation facilitators

This template can also be used with other treatments and therapies to help individuals manage their addiction. It can also be part of an Addiction Treatment Plan to monitor progress and adjust strategies to overcome addiction as needed.

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Benefits of Free Relapse Prevention Plan

Our free Relapse Prevention Plan offers many benefits for mental health professionals and their patients. Some of the advantages are:

It's easy to use

This free template is easy to use and understand, with a straightforward structure that can be adapted to any patient's needs.

It encourages self-reflection

Patients can identify and reflect on their triggers using a Relapse Prevention Plan. It can also encourage them to think about how to respond when such situations arise.

It provides guidance and support

The plan provides guidance and support to both you and your patient. It can provide an actionable strategy for handling triggers and potential relapses.

It promotes accountability

This plan can help your patient be accountable for their actions. It can also help them recognize the importance of following through and staying committed to their recovery goals.

It's flexible

The free template is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your patient's needs and goals. This makes it easier to adjust the strategies as your patient progresses.

Commonly asked questions

How to use the Relapse Prevention Plan?

Take some time to assess your patient’s risk of relapse and identify any potential triggers. Once you have the necessary information, use the Relapse Prevention Plan to create an actionable plan tailored to your patient’s needs.

What does the Relapse Prevention Plan do?

The Relapse Prevention Plan helps identify potential triggers that might cause your patient to relapse and provide strategies for responding.

How does Relapse Prevention Plan track?

You can use the Relapse Prevention Plan to monitor progress and adjust strategies. This helps ensure your patient stays on track and progresses toward their recovery goals.

Why use this Relapse Prevention app?

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How to use the Relapse Prevention Plan?
How to use the Relapse Prevention Plan?
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