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What is a Modified Borg RPE Scale?

Dyspnea, also known as shortness of breath, is a condition where a person feels difficulty breathing or an uncomfortable sensation of tightness in the chest. Various conditions, including asthma, COPD, pneumonia, and other lung diseases, can cause it. Additionally, dyspnea can be brought on by physical exertion, such as running or vigorous activity.

Treatment for dyspnea typically focuses on the underlying condition causing it and may include medications, lifestyle changes, or oxygen therapy. In some cases, respiratory rehabilitation may be necessary to strengthen breathing muscles.

The Modified Borg RPE Scale is commonly used to assess and monitor dyspnea. This scale assigns a numerical rating from 0 to 10, with zero being no difficulty breathing and 10 indicating the most intense level of difficulty. By using this scale regularly, healthcare professionals can track changes in a patient's dyspnea and provide treatment accordingly.

Printable Modified Borg RPE Scale

Download this Modified Borg RPE Scale to assess and monitor dyspnea.

How does this Modified Borg Scale work?

To start using our free Modified Borg Scale worksheet, follow these steps:

Step One: Download the template

Get a copy of the Modified Borg Scale using the link on this page. You can access it from the Carepatron app or our extensive resources library.

Step Two: Explain how it works

Discuss how this scale works with your patient. Ensure they understand the difference between a score of zero, indicating no dyspnea, and a score of 10, indicating extreme difficulty breathing.

Step Three: Ask your patient to rate their breathlessness

Using the 0-10 scale, ask your patient to rate how short of breath they feel at the moment. Encourage them to use the scale accurately and honestly.

Step Four: Monitor your patient’s breathlessness regularly

Check in with your patient periodically and ask them to rate their breathlessness each time. This will help you assess the effectiveness of any treatment plans you have in place for managing their breathlessness.

Modified Borg Scale Interpretation

The Modified Borg Scale measures breathlessness and can help you track changes in your patient’s breathing. It is a 12-point scale ranging from 0 (no breathlessness) to 10 (very severe breathlessness).

Remember that the scale measures breathlessness at a single moment and may not represent your patient’s overall level of breathlessness. It is important to use the scale regularly, as changes in breathlessness may occur over time. Additionally, it is affected by factors such as level of physical activity, posture, and environment.

Modified Borg Scale example (sample)

We have designed a Modified Borg Scale PDF example to help you understand how this assessment works. You can use this as a reference during your practice. You may view it here or download the PDF version.

Download the Modified Borg Scale example (sample)

Modified Borg Scale example (sample)

When to use this Modified Borg Assessment?

This Modified Borg Scale can measure the level of breathlessness for patients with chronic respiratory diseases such as COPD. You can also use this to:

Monitor and track the progress of patients in response to physical activity

The Modified Borg Scale is a fantastic tool to use before, during, and after physical activity or rehabilitation to measure the level of breathlessness for patients. It can help you assess the intensity of physical activity, measure progress over time, and provide valuable feedback to your patients.

Assess the effects of different treatments on breathlessness

The Modified Borg Scale can also measure breathlessness in response to different treatments. This can help you understand the efficacy of treatment protocols, such as a rehabilitation program or medication regimen.

Estimate the severity of breathlessness in terms of exertion intensity

You can use this scale to estimate the intensity of breathlessness based on physical exertion. It allows you to identify which activities may be too strenuous for your patients and which would be most beneficial for improving their overall health.

Determine when symptoms may require medical attention or intervention

By monitoring the intensity of breathlessness through the Modified Borg Scale, you can determine when symptoms may require medical attention or intervention. This could help to reduce the risk of complications and support early detection of changes in the patient’s condition.

Who are these Modified Borg Scale PDF for?

The Modified Borg Scale PDF is ideal for healthcare professionals and patients. This scale is specifically helpful for:

  • Primary care doctors
  • Nurses
  • Caregivers
  • Physiotherapists
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Patients with chronic illness

This scale can also be combined with a home monitoring program to help diagnose and monitor breathlessness. However, the Modified Borg Scale should not replace a medical diagnosis or treatment.

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Commonly asked questions

How to interpret the Modified Borg Scale?

The Modified Borg Scale measures the intensity of a patient's perception of their condition. Each score on the scale relates to a different level of intensity. Generally speaking, a low score indicates that the patient has low intensity and may not require medical treatment. In contrast, a high score means the patient is experiencing intense symptoms and should seek medical help.

What does the Modified Borg Scale measure?

The Modified Borg Scale measures the intensity of a patient's perception of their condition. The patient assesses the level of their breathlessness on a scale from 0 to 10.

How to administer the Modified Borg Scale?

The patient is asked to rate their breathlessness on a scale of 0-10. Zero indicates that the patient feels no breathlessness or dyspnea, and 10 indicates that the patient feels extreme breathlessness.

Benefits of free Modified Borg Scale Test

Using the Modified Borg Scale is quick, easy, and cost-effective. Here are some of its other advantages:

It's entirely digital

Our free Modified Borg Scale template is available online and easy to access. You can also download the template, save it on your computer and print it out if you prefer.

It's an excellent reference for health professionals

The Modified Borg Scale can help healthcare professionals monitor and diagnose breathlessness in patients, providing them with a more accurate picture of their condition.

It provides valuable data

The data collected from the Modified Borg Scale is valuable in clinical research and can help you effectively treat your patients’ dyspnea.

It helps patients better understand their condition

The Modified Borg Scale also helps patients to understand their condition better and make informed decisions about their treatment. With this information, they can work with healthcare professionals to create a treatment plan based on their needs.

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How to interpret the Modified Borg Scale?
How to interpret the Modified Borg Scale?
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