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Check out our anger management worksheets to work towards better emotional regulation and reduced feelings of anger and distress. Develop healthy coping mechanisms, and recognize warning signs to prevent situations from escalating.

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What Is An Anger Management Worksheet?

Anger management worksheets are an extremely effective tool to help clients gain control of their anger and promote higher emotional regulation in their day-to-day life. These worksheets reduce strong anger emotions, as well as physiological arousal, in order to prevent harm and alleviate triggers. Using these worksheets, clients can recognize warning signs and identify destructive and harmful behaviors before they spiral out of control. This worksheet is designed to be used independently, however, it can be used during your appointments to better understand your client's thoughts, feelings, and experiences when it comes to managing their anger.

Anger management is a surprisingly common need in healthcare, and it's important that clients realize there is no shame in seeking help and completing activities in order to sustain healthy habits and relationships with others. These high-quality anger management worksheets can be downloaded instantly and adapted to suit your specific needs.

Top Anger Management Strategies

To help you with this worksheet, we have collated a list of the top 10 most commonly used anger management strategies. Work towards identifying triggers, and improving your response to situations, as well as inducing a clear head.

Think before you speak

Before you speak, it is important to take a few moments to collect your thoughts to avoid saying anything harmful that you may regret. But it's very easy to let loose lips sink ships in the heat of the moment, however, this can be prevented through careful thought and consideration.

Communicate clearly

Once you've gathered your thoughts, it is important to express them in a way that is assertive, and in a way that prevents hurting others feelings. Be assertive, without being angry.

Take a break

It is important to recognise when you are feeling too overwhelmed, to avoid partaking in hurtful actions. It is important to realize that time outs can be very useful, and the quiet time can help you better prepare for your next conversation.


Exercising can be a helpful tool to help you reduce stress immediately. If you feel the anger coming on, consider going for a run, or any other physical activity that you enjoy. Alternatively, if exercise is not your thing, consider taking a break to simply go outside for a fresh breath of air.

Avoid grudges

Although it can be hard, forgiveness is powerful and can allow yourself to become a more positive person. You can learn from the situation, and move on to reconcile your relationships.


It is important to practice relaxing, as well as deeper breathing. Meditation is a great way to combine these skills, and encourage you to think more presently and more calmly.

Seek help

Learning to control your anger can be a difficult task, and is something that many individuals struggle with. There is no shame in seeking professional help to aid in anger management strategies. Protect those around you, and work towards greater resilience and self-control when it comes to your emotions.

Printable Anger Management Worksheets

Download these Anger Management Worksheets to improve your client's treatment progress and health journey.

How To Use This Worksheet For Anger Management

To use these anger management worksheets, it is important that you follow these steps in order to implement them smoothly.

Step One: Download the worksheets

The first step is to download the anger management worksheets. All you have to do is click the link on this page, and the template should open on your device immediately. It only takes a few seconds and means that you can print as many copies as you want. 

Section Two: Distribute the worksheet to your client

You will then need to print out the anger management worksheet or forward it electronically to your client in order for them to complete it. It is up to you whether this is completed during the session or whether it is assigned as a homework exercise. It is recommended that the client completes all sections of the anger management worksheet in order to receive the highest value, and if possible, this should be completed together in person so you can walk the client through their feelings.

Section Three: Store the anger management worksheet safely

As part of the final step, it is recommended that you store the worksheet safely within a HIPAA-compliant platform in order to protect the patient's information. Client confidentiality should be prioritized at all times, especially as these anger management worksheets contain highly personalized information that should not get into the wrong hands. Ask for your client's permission, alternatively, the patient can keep the worksheets themselves.

Anger Management Worksheet Example (Sample)

If you would like to see an example of an anger management worksheet in action, then look no further. We have created a completed anger management worksheet, as a fictitious client case so that you can see the level of quality required, as well as the amount of information. Of course, this is just a guide and reality may fluctuate depending on the client. We have also provided a blank anger management worksheet that you can incorporate within your practice right away.

Download this Anger Management Example (Sample) here:

Anger Management Worksheet Example (Sample)

Who Can Use this Printable Anger Management Worksheet (PDF)?

Anger management worksheets can be used by a multitude of healthcare professionals, and is not exclusive to a specific specialization or profession. Quite simply, if you are working with a client who is struggling to control their anger, and needs greater practice and emotional regulation, then you can benefit from incorporating these worksheets within your practice. They're suitable for children, teenagers, and adults, and for those who are needing various degrees of anger management intervention. Regardless of whether this is your first anger management patient case or not, many mental health professionals can take advantage of the value that these worksheets have to offer, including the following:

  1. Psychologists
  2. Anger management counselors
  3. Anger management therapists
  4. Life coaches
  5. Social workers

Why Is This Form Useful For Therapists?

 There are various uses for anger management worksheets, including the following:

Higher emotional regulation

Most importantly, anger management worksheets allow you to promote higher emotional regulation mechanisms within your clients. Clients can learn to identify their thoughts and feelings more productively and work towards a stabilized state of mind that prioritizes thinking before reacting. Being able to regulate emotions is a core component of anger management, with this worksheet focusing on improving these at all times.

Save time

Not only this, but with anger management worksheets you can also save time. Healthcare is riddled with time-consuming, administrative tasks that can be frustrating to deal with. With these anger management worksheets, you don't have to spend time planning what questions, exercises, and prompts should go into them, with all of this created for you. These worksheets are an essential template that allows you to hit the ground running right away.

Streamline workflows

With these worksheets, you can also streamline and optimize your business workflows and processes. You can implement a simpler approach when dealing with clients and facilitating greater anger management. You can also provide greater consistency across your worksheets, which is always a big plus.

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Benefits of Anger Management Worksheet Template

Additionally, you can also benefit from these advantages when implementing anger management worksheets within your mental health practice. Take note of the following:

Promote healthier coping mechanisms

Anger management worksheets are excellent for promoting healthier coping mechanisms within clients. Sometimes, simply writing down thoughts and feelings is a great way of processing, and allows clients to recognize and acknowledge what they're feeling and how they may overcome these challenges. These worksheets can highlight negative thoughts and thinking patterns, and point towards productive solutions that can alleviate patient pain and distress.

Recognize warning signs

One of the great aspects of anger management worksheets is that clients can identify warning signs to prevent situations from spiraling out of control. Typically, patients who struggle with anger management have specific triggers, and with these worksheets, they can learn to onboard their warning signs and reduce escalation. Coming to terms with their typical behavior is a great way to acknowledge what is and what is not warranted in specific scenarios.

Strengthen interpersonal relationships

With anger management worksheets, clients can also benefit from strengthened interpersonal relationships. Anger management worksheets force clients to examine how their actions have consequences, and how their behavior can affect others. Using an empathetic approach, clients can better understand not only how they feel but also how others feel, which always helps repair and restore strained relations.

Build client connections

Conversely, clients can also build connections with you as the mental health practitioner. Clients can engage with your services on a closer professional level, and facilitating this trust means that they are more inclined to open up and share their honest thoughts and feelings with you. This is always essential for successful anger management recovery and making improvements over time.

Higher treatment outcomes

Of course, implementing anger management worksheets means that you can also benefit from higher treatment outcomes. Anger management worksheets are a great way for clients to think about their thoughts and feelings outside of the office, and in a forced context which is often necessary for many patients. Half of the climb involves clients grappling with their anger and recognizing that it is an issue. So any step that brings the client closer to reconciling with their feelings is always an extremely effective one, with this worksheet included.

Commonly asked questions

What makes a good anger management worksheet?

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to anger management worksheets. Quite simply, a successful worksheet will touch on the client's honest thoughts and feelings and engages valuable reflections for the client to integrate with an anger management treatment. It's important that the client is engaged, in a good headspace, and capable of recognizing their expressed behaviors.

Who completes an anger management worksheet?

An anger management worksheet is completed by the client, however, the mental health practitioner may choose to complete the worksheet with the client during the session. This is perfectly fine, however, the client must be the one driving the worksheet and is in control of the thoughts that are written down on paper.

What happens if my client is triggered whilst completing the worksheet?

Sometimes discussing anger management can provoke the client, and remind them of upsetting memories. If this is the case, and the client looks visibly distressed, then take a step back, and consider returning to the worksheet another day. This indicates that the client is not ready to express their thoughts and feelings and that further preventative steps need to be taken in order for them to feel comfortable completing the worksheet. Consider breathing techniques, as well as other cognitive behavioral therapy exercises.

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What makes a good anger management worksheet?
What makes a good anger management worksheet?
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