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Clinical appointment scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

Optimize your healthcare calendar with our intuitive scheduling mobile app. You can book schedule appointments, send booking confirmations, and enable automated appointment reminders. Provide telehealth or virtual services from within the platform.
Clinical Notes and Clinical Documentation

Clinical Documentation

Store all of your clinical documentation and notes safely within an easy-to-use EHR system. Use our clinical templates and forms to optimize your workflow and accuracy.
Clinical billing and Clinical online payments

Online Payments

Remote payments help your clients pay their healthcare invoices and bills from anywhere. This capability allows you to make your services more accessible while getting paid twice as fast. What a great way to improve your client's experiences and cashflow at the same time!

Trusted by 10,000+ Massage Therapists

Massage Therapist
“The best Massage Therapy software out there! Carepatron mobile app is good to use with all of the tools I need to manage my Therapy team and business. I like how clients can use a client portal to book appointments or pay bills. My team remotely onboard new clients,  assign health records and store treatment plans in one platform. They often do video call check-ins or share documentation from within the app. I strongly recommend this system to any other Massager Therapist looking for a complete solution.”
Rana B.
Massage Therapist
Pregnancy Massage Therapist
“Affordable professional-level massage therapy system for small teams or businesses. It's been much easier to use Carepatron than I had expected when starting.  I've had a great experience importing data and health records because Carepatron provides an expert importing and data migration service trusted by healthcare teams globally. I like being able to share notes and treatment updates with clients' security within the platform. The solution is highly professional, providing a full range of tools at a very affordable price. I find the appointment scheduling tool to be powerful, automatically sending booking confirmations and appointment reminders. These have removed all our client no-shows or late cancellations.”
Carley N.
Pregnancy Massage Therapist
Massage Therapist and Business Owner
“Carepatron is the one for my clients and me. I am delighted to build my practice on Carepatron. They have a great message therapy product with an outstanding support and technology team behind it. I feel like they always really care about my needs and experiences. They have always responded within 10 mins of sending a message. What I like most about Carepatron is its accessible healthcare ethos. I feel like this aligns with our focus on providing professional and lost-cost treatment. It's not one particular feature; it's the whole way that they bring all the tools I need together in one practice system. One example is how they recently released a speech-to-text tool, which has quickly changed how my therapist captured their notes and updated treatment plans. Truly brilliant.”
Dora B.
Massage Therapist and Business Owner
Massage Therapy Manager
“Superb therapy software - nothing even comes close. Carepatron changed the face of our small therapy practice. It has made our healthcare work far less painful and time-consuming than it used to be. Having all of your tools in the cloud makes it easier to access client records or schedule an appointment anywhere. It's easy to use, has online scheduling capability, clinical template library, and speech to text - outstanding. Nothing comes close. And trust me, I've tried many healthcare software, and they're all a nightmare to use unless you have a week to sit down and learn it.”
Chaisee C.
Massage Therapy Manager

Massage Therapy Note Software

Carepatron is a HIPAA complaint tool that brings together your client notes and records in one free EHR software. They help you to improve your productivity with a range of innovative tools that help you capture your progress notes, create treatment plans, and monitor client progress rapidly. The speech-to-text tool enables you to transcribe notes quickly by typing with your voice. The note template library provides you with a suite of best practice resources to create professionals notes consistently. You can share notes across your team or clients safely from within the app with a single click.
Best Massage Therapy Note Software

Massage Therapy Scheduling Software

Appointment scheduling from your mobile device allows you to schedule appointments and manage your workflow while on the go. You can enable online bookings, instantly send appointment confirmations, and automate email or SMS appointment reminders. Communicate quickly with your clients from within the client portal, ensuring they always have the necessary information to turn up on time. Keep multiple calendars up to date by syncing with Google or Outlook. With your very own patient portal, clients can book appointments online or use credit card processing— rescheduling or canceling on mobile app or desktop, saving both you and their time.
Top Massage Therapy Scheduling Software
Simple Billing Services for Massage Therapists

Billing Services for Massage Therapists

Our Massage Therapy billing software enables you to streamline your financial management, including invoicing and online payments from within a free Massage Therapy system. You can accept card payments or transfers from within the client portal or send these via email for online payment. Our award-winning therapy support is here to improve your electronic claims or insurance claims end to end. Paperless billing services help massage therapists to remove admin and low-value operational work from your massage therapy practice. Whether you are a solo practitioner or a more significant business, you will be able to focus on billing for more services or providing better treatment outcomes.

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