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Counseling scheduling software

Appointment Scheduling

Be in control of your calendar at all times. Quickly schedule client appointments, send appointment invites and automate your email and SMS reminders with two simple clicks.  Use your own fully integrated Telehealth video calling to allow you to provide virtual counseling services whenever you need.
Counseling notes and documents

Counseling Notes

Safely store your client information in your very own EHR system. You can use our progress note templates or integrated psychological assessments to maximize your productivity and treatment outcomes. Ensure your patient records are HIPAA compliant no matter how busy you are.
Counseling online payment software

Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments make it easier for you counseling clients to pay you. Reduce the time it takes to invoice, receive payments, reconcile billing, and get paid in your counseling practice. An excellent way to save time and improve cashflow!

Trusted by 10,000+ Counselors

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“We struggled to find a practice management solution that would allow us to efficiently schedule counseling sessions across multiple counselors and make billing as simple as a couple of clicks. Most everything we used or tried required combining various tools that either didn't integrate or needed a lot of time to manually prep invoices and collect payments. Carepatron eliminated all of those issues and paid for itself in the first month.”
Shawnee D.
Mental Health Counselor
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“Our practice has been using Carepatron for the last couple of years. It has a breath of fresh air for both our counselors and clients. It is by far the most simple practice management system I have used. It includes all of the key functionality we require to run our business, like client records, patient portals, SMS reminders, treatment templates,  calendar sync, etc. Carepatron has helped our practice team to provide more virtual counseling sessions and reduce our overall admin.”
David T.
Substance Abuse Counselor
Photo of Marriage Counselor
“I've been the Carepatron EHR app for six months now and love it. Initially, I used it to manage my patient records, session notes, and clinical documents. Then I started to schedule all of my counseling appointments, SMS reminders (which is a massive win for me), invoicing, and mobile payments. My clients love using the carepatron app. They send me messages, share medical history and pay bills all in one place. I would recommend it to any counselor looking for an excellent practice management app.”
Liu K.
Marriage and Family Counselor
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“It is the most accessible Counseling software I have used by a big margin. It has loads of smart features which help me to organize and run my practice. I find it immensely satisfying to know I have been able to reduce my admin and create space for more billable hours while providing better treatment to my clients. It's a true win-win-win!”
Christian B.

Billing Software for Counselors

Carepatron integrates your private practice billing with your clinical and business. It helps you to automate the end-to-end invoicing and payment process. It lets you remove those awkward payment conversations at the end of a session by accepting online payments! You can also stop following up on invoicing with our automated payment reminders. HIPAA compliant billings and invoicing allow Counselors to focus more on billable work. Whether it's providing treatment, writing progress notes, booking client appointments, or growing your counseling business. Help your clients keep up to date with a patient portal, and they can schedule an appointment, send communication or pay for their bills within a single app.
Counseling using billing software

Counseling Scheduling Software

Appointment scheduling from a mobile app allows you to manage your workflow while on the move. You can schedule appointments, streamline online bookings or send appointment reminders anytime. Use SMS messaging or the patient portal to reduce no-shows across your mental health practice. Stay up to date by syncing your Google, iCal, or Outlook calendar. With your very own patient portal, clients can book appointments online or use credit card processing. They can reschedule or cancel via mobile or desktop, saving both you and their time.
Benefits of Counseling Scheduling Software
24/7 security

Counseling note software

Carepatron brings your clinical notes together in one place. Our practitioner community has designed our Counseling note templates specifically for counselors like you. We have hundreds of customizable templates to choose from, including SOAP and DAP formats. Always have remote access to your client information with our secure healthcare app. Use our AI transcription service to write notes with your voice faster than you could possibly type.

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